Sinkhole Swallows Brooklyn Intersection

Officials say the sinkhole formed due to a water leak under the road.
1:27 | 08/04/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sinkhole Swallows Brooklyn Intersection
And now to a developing story in Brooklyn nice huge sinkhole swallowed intersection. And sunset park and now we are learning what may have caused his giant crater Eyewitness News reporter AJ ross'. Is live near the scene right now maintain. Charlayne this sinkhole is indeed Hughes I'm talking about forty feet. By twenty feet if you take a look behind even C it's almost. The entire width of the street here now this all happened earlier this morning it was all caught on camera outside this commercial and residential buildings here on the corner of sixty. Fourth and Fifth Avenue. And as you to see it's going to be some time before this area is deemed safe again. We'll take a look at this amazing surveillance video capturing the first moments of what would soon develop into this massive sinkhole on sunset park. He sealing asphalt suddenly splintering and crumbling as people walking nearby parts taken off guard. Officials say a water leak undermined the road causing the concrete above to collapse. Fortunately no reported injuries but the other facts of the huge hole are being felt throughout this community. With utilities being cut off near the intersection traffic is also being diverted Andy and train which runs below is currently operating on a delay. We talked to a nearby building owner about the ongoing massive cleanup. It appears to be some sort of water leaked that on the morning of the road washed away the yards. And that's why the the street gave way I guess this is part of an aging city and mother nature.

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{"duration":"1:27","description":"Officials say the sinkhole formed due to a water leak under the road.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"32879466","title":"Sinkhole Swallows Brooklyn Intersection","url":"/US/video/brooklyn-sinkhole-swallows-intersection-32879466"}