Buffalo Wild Wings employees fired after allegedly accommodating racist customer

A black family was allegedly asked to move tables at a Naperville, Illinois, restaurant after a white customer asked the manager to move them.
5:40 | 11/06/19

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Transcript for Buffalo Wild Wings employees fired after allegedly accommodating racist customer
In are moving to another disturbing story I'm another disturbing incident at a Buffalo Wild Wings outside of Chicago. Two managers fired after asking a group of black customers to move because a racist customer didn't wanna sit next to them in yes. This is still happening in 2019. Comes I want to bring a TJ Holmes for more details. I'm TJ can you just remind us of how all of this went down. With its bazaar. To be honest with you and there's all kinds of outrage right now in the outrages and just. About that possibly there was a racist and a restaurant it's the fact that the restaurant scene. To be accommodating. To the racism. So you have a family there in Illinois a group of eighteen actually walk into a bubble allowing restaurant it was one of the kids think most of the group with kids. Whom they wanted to kids at a birthday they've been out celebrating kids while we're inside the stop Buffalo Wild Wings again in Naperville Illinois. And they sit down but they were asked the head of time what race or you. And so one of the the adults in the group all that was bizarre was offended that say why are you asking and went ahead and set down. But they were told later on that actually unique to move these seats are reserved. And then they were later told them in fact that actually. There's another customer here that doesn't want to sit next to black people laugh so the group ends up giving up leaving. The restaurants and now as you said buffalo wings has made the determination it after an investigation that in fact. There employees did not behave appropriately as fired two managers. And the family is now dealing with. You've got kids in this group who are trying to understand what happened and now they are wondering other places according to the the family. When they go what about my teacher was my teacher think about me what are these other students think about me did I do something wrong. So that is therein lies the the issue in that people are wondering. Why would a buffalo wild wow what a restaurant actually accommodate. Though racism. Yes and so that is the issue of the family gave a press conference pretty emotional that they not necessarily wanting a lawsuit wanting to sue they want both we're -- to do the right thing exactly what that is we don't know yet. But they're not a so that pursuing the lawsuit just want to see some changes and implement make sure nothing like this ever happens. Yeah I hate TJ the point you brought up about the children like this is your maybe not their first introduction to racism but certainly one of them does this this is one story but the reality is this is happening all the time. In this country even though all the stories don't make it to the news fit. It's bizarre to think about really arm Alice high having conversations with folks about this I can imagine here in New York where I am where I live what I can't imagine. The restaurant were most familiar and they love me most as I'm a regular going in and being bold enough to say. I don't wanna sit next to the white people today can you keep them out of my section I can't imagine so tilted think that a customer a regular customer was emboldened enough. To think they could save that and then the rest of what would go as far as trying to look accommodated again Kimberly this what they group of eighteen. Folks who were told that jet up. Because one dude. Didn't want to sit next to black people it is couldn't. Using yeah we whipped through this. 5060. Plus years until in this country about what people Wear black people can sit sit at this county can't sit at that counter help to this restaurant that. It's just amazing to think this happens and yes we knew it was one of the kids' birthdays for goodness sake and I don't think about that in what the kids now have to deal with. Not that adults can deal with a mobilize we've all dealt with some stuff right Kimberly we've all business don't think. But to think that the kids and 2019 are trying to understand wait a minute. I can't sit down next at that guy because he doesn't like me that's a tough lesson to learn maybe one that still may be necessary. What is it that's hard to talk few kids. Absolutely this whole conversation of being black in America and before we go just really quick TJ then you're saying that restaurant was going to try to implement its implement some sort of changes do we know what those would look like and if they would even help this is RD happened so I'm me. If that's a you know the family's attorney was gone scratching his head which. Really to talk about sensitivity training you you haven't done that already. That's something that the restaurant has talked about putting the some there there custom books give me their employees through some kind of sensitivity training. It can really really it it's a shame it's necessary thing. That's you wouldn't need some kind of sensitivity training about how to treat people with respect that's bizarre anyway but still the family saying. Yes OK you're gonna do that it's bizarre you haven't done that any way. But that is what the restaurant is trying to do they have band that customer right the regular customer that was displaying the racist behavior has now been banned. Even though this clearly was a regular that they accommodated and Kimberly get this. The person that asked the family. What race are you. Was actually a young black man. With the host who understood that we we gotta we got a bad dude in here. And I'm sorry I even have to ask you they said that young man was in tears. When they left the restaurant because he knew he felt so bad about it but they were trying to accommodate a regular were displayed this behavior that they all were clearly. Understood so a mess of a story. Surely there's some good gonna come out of this but it's a shame there they haven't talked in awhile and at the same that's the thing we gotta talk about. Absolutely. Unbelievable. But I appreciate you giving us updates TJ Holmes right here in New York City thank you so much good is it good to see two.

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{"duration":"5:40","description":"A black family was allegedly asked to move tables at a Naperville, Illinois, restaurant after a white customer asked the manager to move them.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66794302","title":"Buffalo Wild Wings employees fired after allegedly accommodating racist customer","url":"/US/video/buffalo-wild-wings-employees-fired-allegedly-accommodating-racist-66794302"}