California wildfire latest

ABC News' Diane Macedo and ABC News Meteorologist Dan Peck give the latest updates on the deadly California wildfires.
5:27 | 11/19/18

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Transcript for California wildfire latest
Fires and within two or three days on have to prepare for Raines. They don't have time. To do that although cities are cleaning out some of the areas. Where the mud usually flows into there's some channels that they can clear out of debris just so they hopefully the mud can go in there are not affect homes. But again since is happening so quickly it's been a 12 punch of of those fires that literally today I think is when they're finally getting them completely under control. And now they have to prepare for the rain so they haven't have much of a chance to do that so the only thing they really have. By these sandbags and that's what they're going to be doing. Residents themselves are just getting these sandbags placing them around their homes trying to divert the mud. Away from homes and that's really all they can do right now since this is happening so quickly after the fires. And Carlos you then I mean you're from the area say do you not used to this kind of thing necessarily but you have seen things like this before. How does this fire in this situation and now this month's flood risk compare to some of the fire issues we've seen previously. Well it's it's frightening because every year we say the same thing we've never seen something like this before we've said that last year. With the fires in want to see go near Santa Barbara where the fires they're destroyed so many homes and then the mudslides. Literally what these boulders the size of a vehicles down the hill so much destruction and that was the worst we ever see now this one this fire is. The worst we've seen here in Southern California it seems every year they're getting worst. And that's what's so scary is because so much. An area was devastated by these fires are were very worried. That these mudslides could also be worse than they were last year last year was incredible mudslides that we had that cost so much destruction. Now we're certainly hope things did not see repeated that Clough has been an agrarian hills California coast. Get our thanks to the students behind you two were working hard to try to help the community and thank you for their reporting we appreciate it. And I want to bring back in the largest impact on this day and you heard Carlo saying that every year. We say we've never seen anything like it is the worst you've ever seen and it feels like every year were re topping and away we obviously don't wanna be twice that. One we were seeing a lot of factors at play on one of the biggest ones I think there is making these recent fire so compelling or where they're burning. We start to report about fires that are you know excluding California people think about it because that's also where they're burning the peace hit populated areas in Southern California. And you know areas where we have lots of friends lots of developments so we saw that really immediate this destruction but also see overall pattern in California. What's on as much temperature temperatures a factor but it's just that they've been very dry. We're always thank you several Tugnutt drought was about dry conditions we get those those wins the dry conditions and we seals fires you know exploding. But now the rain is on the way which you would think they're insane and ran into some degree they are I mean this is this doesn't think a lot of good news. To those trying to fight these fires however. The fire creates issues with the ground which then makes it vulnerable to mudslides yet once you get on to a heavier rainfall. Particular looks like this time around in northern California. Basically what happened was these wildfires change the composition of the soil. So those charred mountains now. Are basically no water repellent liar so once that rain falls and insanity going into the ground getting soaked up when we get these heavy rainfall rates that range I was just gonna run off the mountain. It's gonna create debris flows possibly mudslides has no roster Gus is gonna go downhill. And does that create a flooding risk as well it does it also increases the try to flush buddy and I should mention not just for these recent fires all the fires that we've seen in the last few years. They're still recovering. You know there's a lot of farmland to grab those areas are doesn't have to be just these two fires we have an increased risk for flooding and mudslides and is there anything they can be doing right now to try to prepare for this is really how much you can do it's in once the wind has burned. You really does need a natural process. To take over unfortunately years. For about to happen Graham unfortunately the people of California don't have said Dan. What can we look forward to present a lot of this will depend on how heavy rainfall is how much rain again. I think they're making personal beyond we have the rain moving into California early on Wednesday it's gonna first of all clear the air out which is gonna be good news for so many communities. There we're gonna get the rain initially being you know private wrapping up the containment on the fires now right along the West Coast been moving into inland locations. Tonight also want to mention to is this mother pattern change we start to get. The water the winds pushing off the Pacific Ocean in his overall change is gonna get colder too there's actually something else to bring up while we have the rain the most high risk. And when that doesn't have a home or in some of those ten community needs. In shelters it's actually been hit Chile because snow in the Sierra mountains in a man about forty semi to ourselves what my guess is you know what that. Many people are displaced straight out of their homes and like you said some of them living in tents at that actually could pose a pretty big problem for that area. I can't pack meteorologist with ABC we appreciate it thank you to all of the west front and reporters out there in the field who are helping us keep an eye. On this just absolute disaster hoping for good news for California. As this rain comes and in the meantime don't forget. You can checking headlines Ali along at Or at your ABC news app we of course will continue to keep you updated. As we get more but for that for now that does it for us here at ABC news last thanks for watching everyone. They said.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"ABC News' Diane Macedo and ABC News Meteorologist Dan Peck give the latest updates on the deadly California wildfires. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59301635","title":"California wildfire latest","url":"/US/video/california-wildfire-latest-59301635"}