Capt. Khan's Arlington Grave Attracts Visitors After Trump Feud

Arlington National Cemetery visitors spoke to ABC about Capt. Khan and Trump.
1:49 | 08/01/16

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Transcript for Capt. Khan's Arlington Grave Attracts Visitors After Trump Feud
Dodd's office politicizing. The the atmosphere has taken an ordinance away from general on sacrifice. Don't trump has been. Attacking Muslims you know for a year now saying that became the country and tegra based on their lives alone and it was important for them to be there just to show them. It whatever nationality here. Your ethnic background religion we shall be an American hero and I think that was important as. Don't try to attack a father and mother. We're here. Beyond the news I think the convent is now on long unless you. Apologizes. Panic thing. Someone who's also experience serious similar to the cons we lost our mother our mind. Just I understand now that every Stanley who suffered through grief doesn't deserve any type of criticism over how they handle that grief and how they. Now they choose to move on from that constantly is chosen to promote their religion and promote freedom for people in there. The country from their son's sacrifice I think that's a beautiful thing I think that's it's kind definition the American dream to work was. Thing I learned was just how important lesson sacrifices by for people of different ethnicity skin color. Race and religion background all that because they were fellow Americans who didn't hesitate to save them. Even though all of their differences and I think it's a symbol for what should we should be doing and acting more like him. You know making sacrifices for political platforms and getting things up to give the other side work on bipartisanship and sacrificing the things you love and things you want for that things of this country. Not just to.

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{"duration":"1:49","description":"Arlington National Cemetery visitors spoke to ABC about Capt. Khan and Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"41053188","title":"Capt. Khan's Arlington Grave Attracts Visitors After Trump Feud","url":"/US/video/capt-khans-arlington-grave-attracts-visitors-trump-feud-41053188"}