Closing Seattle’s autonomous zone

ABC News’ Kaylee Hartung reports from Seattle where the city’s mayor says the ”CHOP” zone taken over by protesters will be dismantled.
3:13 | 06/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Closing Seattle’s autonomous zone
Let's move out west it is time for people to go home those are the words of the mayor of Seattle pledging to work with community leaders to peacefully dismantle the part of the city and it's still occupied by protesters better known as chop. ABC's Caylee hard time is live on the ground in Seattle and she joins us now with more Caylee. What are things like where you are right now. If so Lindsay it was now two weeks ago it. Seattle police left the east precinct just a couple blocks behind me here in these barricades came up and it's. Tivoli is hard to answer very simple questions about what is going on here because it is a complex situation. With a lot of layers to it I was really struck when I walked up to his own for an exciting Sonos listed. Demands here. From protesters some of whom were the first to be any street saying they want this Seattle police defund it. They want that money going back to black communities and they want all protesters street in those charges dropped against them they're still artwork here that reminds you why it is began you'll see this incredible. Black lives matter mural on the street behind me here. But what we're also learning is that the violence your hearing about happening here the violence that the mayor is citing. As the reason why the police need to come back many people are saying we're hearing a major American city this is an imperfect. Society and violence and crime happened because there is a spotlight on this community on these six blocks is giving the mayor. One reason to use that as an excuse and bring police back here from India's becoming harder and harder to find voices here who can articulate. Why they remain what is clear here is that there's no leadership and there is no longer the unified message that once brought people into the streets. So what happens next saying how can city leaders peacefully shut this area down and. I so that's the question that no one knows in answer to right now is that. They told you that he's precinct in just a couple blocks this plane out keep your tell me they knew eventually the police would come back and now the question is he say. How will they come here and and have these people legal if you look around here looked to my right here these tanks. They have popped up on this park you can hear a man playing drums he's assembled here behind me and if it's unclear. It's cool race taken hold. Of this space like I said a complex issue with a lot of layers to it in. And now when the police had as a police chief his said that that the use of pepper spray and and any chemical agents that that is bay and through September force cannot be used here police are only allowed to use. Any sort of those chemical weapons if their life is an eminent danger so this will be if they used process as the police chief as saying it will take days there is no timeline. Whatever timeline they have is. Not many explain it lasts and Kara lot of questions here. What he seemed right now this atmosphere that is very calm he's streets fairly empty that's not. What we're told it looks like at night and now that's the question is is what happens. As different people move and depending on what hour of the day it is and how the police choose. To meet. The protesters they statement. Can no longer that unified message okay Caylee hearts and thanks so much for your reporting.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"ABC News’ Kaylee Hartung reports from Seattle where the city’s mayor says the ”CHOP” zone taken over by protesters will be dismantled.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71417745","title":"Closing Seattle’s autonomous zone","url":"/US/video/closing-seattles-autonomous-zone-71417745"}