Shooting survivor smashed club's window to save others

One man describes the shooting that unfolded in Thousand Oaks, California.
3:17 | 11/08/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Shooting survivor smashed club's window to save others
I'm Michelle are talking with a bad here he was inside he helped save some people too dramatic and tell us. You heard the shots you saw the suspect describing. Physically hurt decides there's a tall probably 6263. Dark figure all blog for this had on hand he. Physically was unloading. And Nicole Lloyd did to us grab as many people as I could then pulled him underneath the table and then until I heard the shots. Tow truck to order to break in the shots and then we got people out of there is as much as we could it sounds like he smashed. Yeah we did. Described. Parcells go through windows. It works I mean I interviewed somebody went through that when he helped get them out so you people's a lot of people out. So he could do the only thing that I could have wished forest to have something. Better than a bar stool look at this guy look like. Tall. Bill spit bigger figure may be wearing a vest or something possibly. All dark blacked out. And what was he armed with good music. Smaller caliber handgun with light or laser attachment on the bottom and that's all I could see it. Any idea how many shots were fired. Probably ten to fifteen in the first round and then he. After that we got out the window when it wasn't until we were probably we don't. The parking until he heard shots again and then another another break and then lots of shots and I think at that point us. Police sent him back and forth and how long did that ordeal belong. We by the time we got down people down this street knows probably made in the past two minutes maybe. And then as we ran that can and we're just pulling stragglers who were still in the parking lot calling people really do need to get out of here right now. How many people. Did you get through that window. Have probably pushed its thirtieth 35 people through that window. And down. Wordless this person shooting you guys want you were doing that was not shooting at us not that I know of no one around me was going down he was focused more on that front area. Until he got done a death. It sounds like you knew pretty quickly what was going on and as soon as I looked up and as soon as I heard the shots and you're exactly what was going on. Dizziness confusion it's crowded at this music but you you've figured out pretty quickly why. Instinct I guess that's all that I can do but it was just say. Here to protect tonight. My friends my Fam leave my. Fellow. Humans and no I'm going to find guys so I was not worried that sect but so far wanted to do is get as many people out of there as possible rigors hopeful. I heard that also but by the time we were out of there yens or anything and it hadn't hadn't gotten there yet. And I'll mind. When we were going back to grab more people someone was being pulled out what day it test win. And the guys can have more tired so we took over and Kate into the paramedics. That's only person. That I should actually came in contact west. And injuries from. Tucker.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"One man describes the shooting that unfolded in Thousand Oaks, California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59052336","title":"Shooting survivor smashed club's window to save others","url":"/US/video/club-shooting-survivor-smashed-window-59052336"}