Flash Floods, Heavy Rain Wreaks Havoc in Northern Colorado

Authorities discuss rescue efforts for those trapped in cars among rushing waters.
20:23 | 09/12/13

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Transcript for Flash Floods, Heavy Rain Wreaks Havoc in Northern Colorado
This is a special report from ABC. I'm Dan pepper in New York which is ABC news digital special report a very dangerous situation. This morning in Colorado where flash flooding. Is being blamed for at least two deaths this is a live picture outside of boulder that -- just northwest of Denver Colorado. Police there respond to this just one of many scenes out -- from washed out roads and highways. Responding to a call of three vehicles. That had been washed out caught up in that swollen river. And as we go from this live shot I want to take a look at this video a man trapped inside this car no rescuers get on the scene. They throw him a life best. Hoping that he can put a gun. Before eventually. They can help him get out of that vehicle and as we just -- -- that live shot that is the vehicle that is in the way that river it's about. You can see almost waist deep as those first responders are getting on the scene there and trying to get everyone out of those three vehicles. That we saw from that scene. And as you're watching this -- you can see the man. Essentially standing really on the roof of his car that's been turned over flipped over. By the power of those rushing waters and that all the result of six inches of rain that fell overnight causing flash flooding a lot of road closures. A lot of evacuations. In the north and -- parts of Colorado. And as he's trying to put this life vest on and those responders are waiting there that the vehicle flips. We sleep over it is now -- you can see. Obviously from the other side of the vehicle that window must be open as late into the water actually rushing through the car itself in the car moving down. That man obviously still trapped inside of there and presumably at this point the only oxygen that he's able to get it is essentially from the foot well of the vehicle he. Is -- standing up or bracing himself up inside there. And with the power of that current keeping both of those doors posters. Likely very little -- -- responders are able to do of course this video was coming in just about an hour ago and you concede. The man does make it out he's able to walk somewhat on his own. But firefighters and rescuers. Pulling him up off the banks there. Finally -- of that over. -- out vehicle. Just one of the dramatic scene that is played out in Colorado. Where that flash flooding -- from -- heavy rain is being blamed for at least two deaths in the state of Colorado. Obviously I'm very thankful man on the banks of that river and just a short time ago. The public information officer that was responding to that seat held this news conference -- hopefully a little more details about just what happened at that -- This morning at five at the -- -- nonaligned caught here but dark Specter of fire rescue responded as well thought -- -- -- Going back to that name never green cars ever in the water the -- have been eroded from all the excess rain that becoming nervous going -- area. And so. We are able to stabilize the cars and -- the victim and each car. We sent rescue about and where -- to rescue the victims fortunately they only had minor injuries and so they've all been transported to area hospitals and lectures -- now is just them. I'm rest of the rescue process for the vehicles -- anything else that he it's never as one victim and each of the three cars at three victims total. And it says they all had a minor injuries and Hamels seemed to be okay -- these big. This season you know that risky -- -- there firefighters are trained to deal. We are able to use ropes stabilize the -- first and then we had to rescue the ads -- evidence that Reagan and then we have moment on the tables of youthful. -- -- -- -- You know I don't now actually. I'm unsure what happened -- -- -- yeah. Well you know we're always given extra challenges -- to get that has seen nothing is ever you know. One way or the other so it doesn't -- did the best we can't say oh you know get everyone out there have a positive outcome. -- -- that that I'm aware of yes big. There are three people involved in this incidence there -- one each of the three vehicles 78. They -- -- able to be investigated and sent to local hospitals with minor injuries just make sure everything was okay what did they think happened at the wild they weren't -- I don't know that information I have I'm amazed at -- home and winning. Pondering. I don't have that information night here -- its. -- -- -- Understanding. It is that would just they -- an amazing amount -- we've had lately it's really just cause of the club but I mean that's what caused erosion of that. Red ten to get way they'll give them on the road just. To my knowledge bad I wasn't here when that that time of the accident -- happened -- -- knowing exactly. David I want to variable and he. Gone from -- night I'm not sure if there is actually dive team that we did have rescue -- so. I'd have to follow up behind I checked on the pregnant man department and -- -- there were. You never read it initially and and it was turning wholly different parlor there. Concerns that that person I know my -- you know great evening again. Ryan that's. Dina happened what got fired make them was there any Jimmy Hayes and sue was. And yet they weren't the last wanna get rescued and -- -- the arcana gateway at the last minute hearing saying I -- -- -- that we were able to rescue. -- I don't know that exactly. What happened adding that -- -- -- thank you it's. Today -- -- -- that message that we like to get out today as you know the extra cautious if you don't have to get out down. You know let CNN's your news station isn't your radio to find out what roads are closed in a -- that's -- if -- DC water on the road. Don't risk it and just think that you can get there -- that you know just. Play it safe find another route. You know follow that instruction from their emergency responders and services. And it's it's just not work trying to -- -- that -- -- that there's any you know potential -- Something like this had happened others are just not taken -- -- space Mountain -- -- you know we've got a lot -- and a lot of different neighboring areas are all working together to respond to eat some incidents so. You know again the best we can't -- got a lot of crews onboard and that won't be -- -- you know hopefully help was -- -- we can't today. So that was a public information officer responding to that rescue scene and we just saw their play out from those three vehicles that she said. Three victims were involved from this scene and from that. Overturned car and -- on the right side of your screen -- one man was trapped for about forty seconds in the back of his vehicle. And that was after first responders are able to throw him a life -- he was able to put the life vests on but still during that time that car flipped over. And essentially the only air that he had to Brees was on the bottom of the car essentially where the foot well is and he was able to make his way out of there with some help from those responders that were on the scene and make its way up the bank there but obviously just one of many situations like this. They're going on across Colorado after the state has received about six inches of rain overnight causing massive flooding. A lot of roads being closed down as you can see bridges being washed away. I want to go on the -- to Liz Dunleavy who is part of the office of emergency management in Boulder County two Liz and I US obviously in the very busy -- -- -- I don't take a lot of -- -- but for -- how many -- are going -- because that obviously is something like this is incredibly dramatic. At this point I don't have an exact count of being number of rescues that we have going on. We did the one that you're just began that he wanted to be evident -- -- everyone was brought here. But at this point we have to -- -- understand that -- different Q going on for a -- writer we're not sure. That at this point -- but complete dead. What they it. I would say there's today that. This machine that's when he wrote. -- at least factions of them backed by the. That have been flooded over or brightest washed out -- been flooded over. -- and the sheriff's departments are asking people obviously to stay off the roads then if unless it's absolutely necessary. However and we need people that -- and their homes as much as possible. And -- that absolutely can't Perrier there's an emergency you know we're asking people to -- -- that it covered these vehicles can accept the road. Asides from roads and highways what else has been closed businesses schools. -- -- Boulder valley school district and a -- green valley school district to have closed for the day and then at Boulder County has closed at opposite for the days well. And the city of boulder have -- could -- but expect. -- we've been seen -- -- reports of two deaths that were caused by this massive flooding. How big of an area's been affected by all this rain. So I mean at this point at the portion of Boulder County has been affected by the rain and it seemed like also Blair Burke county. Which assists in the dark about has also been affected. Pat and has been I mean imagine it's going to be difficult because of the one time you want people to stay off the rose at the same time -- I'm assuming also called if you are low lying area to get out of the area. Absolutely we do have emergency evacuations -- -- so then. For people to go to you -- there'll. -- there were reports of one. Those things but that was because -- was -- an area that needed to be evacuated. So we do have several active or to the evacuation -- -- is there any area that debate is just that you've got reports of that's completely inaccessible because of the flooding. The that would be -- Colorado it's completely accessible at this point because of the flooding. And in relation to boulder where is. Stella in relation to boulder it basically. Ignored. A little last. Are you having to recruit any volunteers anyone -- to come in and helping these kinds of rescue -- story is is is the staffing pretty much. At capacity. So we have we have the staffing and more capacity at that point where we've had a lot of calls were offered the volunteers that -- -- -- in people at this point. That we don't have any of any place to -- volunteer until you people. To just take monetary donation. And that we will make -- call for volunteers what we have. But -- for them. What about further downstream from some of these rivers rivers had do you know of any other. Either bulletins -- advisors -- some of the southern counties. Might have issued. You know I don't know about it this plane I don't have that information and I know that -- beat that and it all of that. Creeks and have overflowed their banks can -- I'm sure that's going to have backed down strain of. What about what do you -- -- -- -- if -- if you're able to get in contact with -- -- first responders that are making their way to these various sites but. It -- up preparations for this mean obviously flash flooding certainly something you can't necessarily. The hours or days in advance prepare for but didn't -- -- it caught some people off guard. You know are -- Really prepared for stuff like this I think definitely this storm was higher intensity than they expected. -- Buy it we have spent on alert for the -- -- for this issue of. He is flooding like this typical for this time of the year for boulder. -- -- -- Really do get rain but that this -- Much higher volume of rain and because of the fires that word in the one mile canyon area. And and what about for annie's whereabouts for any parents that -- that they have kids in school right now I -- they're Manning kind of advice is either keep kids in school go get their kids. All all schools are shut down for today. So I you know I think most people or telling an addiction to keep your kids that died tell my kids can't play in the -- -- -- -- That search at the border it happening any time which is what you have been injured you know he will be -- -- And what is the forecast what have you been here at the office of emergency management. At this point we're still hearing that there's a significant battery coming our way -- Not shirt we we at least have a few more hours of rain and. And it and we of course are working we're trying to get their latest on the on the forecast for that from from AccuWeather as well that the listeners with coalition and again -- I know that your your incredibly busy. Com is far -- any advice for people that going forward for this I mean if if they are in their homes right now to simply stay there. That's really what we want people to do at this point if there in their right. -- location stayed there. All right with -- from the office of emergency management in Boulder, Colorado was thank you for that realist you get on a loop with your exam want to bring in AccuWeather is pretty ran out to talk -- -- on the spring because as we just heard I mean obviously this is something that. It's become a very dangerous situation out in -- Yet as an -- fortunately the weather pattern. That has produced for the flash flooding in boulder it's been a problem all week in the southwest and that the main problem is twofold number one. In the western United States is. -- these -- rain events do happen not only because of how the ground is it's not the ground there doesn't exactly absorb the rain number one the number two because of the terrain in the southwest here's the upper low. It's been very slow moving so that means the precipitation shield. Around the upper low doesn't move either here at the thunderstorms that produce -- they anywhere from 46 inches of rain in the boulder area earlier. That is now lifting northward but there's going to continue to be additional thunderstorms I think. As we go through this afternoon and deceiving now isn't going to be in boulder is it going to be -- other locations. Can't tell right now but certainly boulder has the potential for additional rain over the next 24 hours -- Visit -- looks and we look at the live show -- their agreement does seem to be somewhat tapering off but these these that the -- these flash flooding -- -- just. -- in an instance. Well it certainly -- and again the way the which the pattern is set up that is that upper low to -- west across Nevada so what happens is. The wind flow in the upper part of the atmosphere comes out of the south the reason I'm mentioning that is that thunderstorms are steered. By the wind flow and since we're getting thunderstorms moving from south. -- north they continue to form go over the same areas so instead of a thunderstorm producing it happened your brain. In half following that it moves on it continues to go over the same areas we've seen other flash flooding throughout this week in the southwest from Phoenix. To the Albuquerque area and unfortunately until this upper low leaves and even through the weekend although I think it's gonna try out a little bit we're still going to be susceptible not only in boulder. Denver across parts of the southwest that thunderstorms rolling -- the ability to produce flash flooding. That is the way the weather works unfortunately in the southwest we've been in a drought across much of the southwest. But in this part of the country it seems like drop always -- in flood. So really shows such as of -- to the ground has just been so dry that it's not able to absorb that massive amount of water in -- -- that short period of time. What I and I I was I was asking list from the office of emergency management as far as the concern for any of those southern counties. Does that threat continue to move down hours the waters start to get absorbed and dissipate somewhat out of Boulder County. I think you do have to be a little concerned further south but over time. The amount of flooding will diminish a little bit at least from the rain that has already fallen. But again the problem is is the way the pattern is set up today. There's going to be additional thunderstorms I think we have a break as we head for the rest of this morning in this -- but those thunderstorms. We'll go like that some warm milk this afternoon in this evening so hard we're not done we -- the monitoring. Yes obviously the message do not get complacent all right Bernie -- -- from AccuWeather Bernie thank you for that. I want to go to a reporter from KM GH that was on the scene describing one of the rescues that was going on. We've been standing and it for the last about two hours or so it's been -- lightly notice has met with photojournalist later king comes around here. That clocks and -- that class right there and that steel beam. The one was not that -- when -- light hit around 6:30 so I am telling you this water is increasing. By that mating we've seen several people coming by -- distant -- like normal looking right now staring at all the debris that's been flying down here. We actually have some video that we shot earlier this morning that shows perhaps I believe -- -- strong. Moving through that big Thompson we are here Aetna mop -- -- and leveling that would DD seven Knapp -- quit when they met -- like this measure by Cuba. Her seconds what does that mean well right now there releasing more than 17100 QB. Feet per second the way it was explained to me. Imagine that's 17100. Basketball that -- late seven. It's moving through here every second that's how powerful this river is right now. Some very dramatic scenes that are playing out in Boulder, Colorado where at least two peoples deaths are being blamed for the flash flooding that occurred last night more than six inches of rain. Rescue personnel in Boulder County are responding to scenes like this -- you -- three vehicles. Overturned in that swollen creek -- from that bridge that washed out and from that vehicle on the right one man that man right there. Didn't make it out after first responders got to the scene and threw him a vast and his vehicle overturns. Almost completely submerged. From those swollen waters there he does make it out almost on his own but with the help of some of those that were in the water getting him out in responding to that call of three people. Three victims in all with minor injuries that we heard from the information officer that was on the scene responding to that. The sheriff's department is asking anyone in Boulder County to stay off the road in lesson is actually necessary and that is allowing for emergency personnel to make their way to scenes like this. And as we heard from the office of emergency management is going to be -- very busy day as the thunderstorms have taken a break for now. But. It is expected to pick back up this afternoon and the threat of flooding. Will continue. Of course we have a complete report on abcnews.com. With the very latest on the developments on the forecasts and the rescue situations that are going on in Colorado. For now I'm Dan that's our New York which is ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":20235412,"title":"Flash Floods, Heavy Rain Wreaks Havoc in Northern Colorado","duration":"20:23","description":"Authorities discuss rescue efforts for those trapped in cars among rushing waters.","url":"/US/video/colorado-flash-floods-heavy-rain-wreak-havoc-northern-20235412","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}