A conversation with Black women: Self-care: Part 2

ABC News correspondent Deborah Roberts leads a candid conversation with Yvette Simpson, Dr. Leah Wright-Rigueur and Angela Yee about the importance of self-care.
9:53 | 02/20/21

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Transcript for A conversation with Black women: Self-care: Part 2
We're gonna switch gears now to the topic of how and we were talking about this a little bit earlier we don't innocent to the isolated for. About a year now and this a lot of anxiety out there I have to say personally I am not sleeping that well. I don't know about you all and I have put on a couple of Kobe pounds and fixing cocktails more than they shouldn't be dealing. So how are you all doing with self care because we know the traditionally I was raised by a mom who raise nine children. The idea of self care was never anything that whenever like cart to her shore. How are you all doing with self care at this moment. You know it's hard I think Leah talked about it they think that they are safe there were used to the sister who's having your friends close by your natural anchors and not having that it's been really really hard. And so Fred me I have to be really intention on makes our work out every single morning does it how I get up in the morning how I do it in. I have given must sought permission to just take that day. That's how might seem like I'm not good you I can't do this I remember just a week ago I had a whole day is scheduled meetings and I just wasn't feeling it. And I decided OK I did my work out and I was gonna jump right in a calls and start talking to some of our members and as I know. And I just put on this meditation and I decided to do fifteen minutes of yoga meditation told my team mama below late today he could get us started again I just I just started again and you know and where where black women so no you power through right it's right that's right I did apologize for my team that you don't have to ever apologize for that I just need a fifteen Mormon and I think for a lot of people. Who we represent an even some women who can't be at this table because they're dealing with even more staff just for them to know just take. 51 minutes in traditionally we don't really do that and we don't pay attention to our emotional health. Home re doing to you think is frantically black women. Right now we admitting that more because we have been seeing more cases people who aren't showing up at places hospitals and things like that. We are we doing that are you acknowledging that you need emotional care. I think of myself when that the pandemic breast added I had no idea how long it would last. And here we are almost a year later Wednesday though uncertain as they're going to be in others say it's. And so when a fresh data outlets like okay I get to be home I'm never home I was reckon that every single day Alley is make its Moody's and mom I was being really help the out of doing deep tax is yeah and this is a great opportunity and lead and my guess humans and acted completely found and that doing on of those aims. That homes this lay. Lane on a cal it's making straying speeding would have wrath like eating. And I really fell somebody even send you messages like are you pregnant and as I got K attack he's coming up back to get there. But it is billion granting me a to take care myself but one thing I always like to do is we chat to my friends. So because I wanna Mason ended their day ended makings I have those conversations epic giving myself. You know we do fallout sometimes and sometimes we do need fifteen minutes so we might even need a whole week and it's okay to take that and to give yourself than that but then. Figure out what do I need to do for myself to get it back together and to me that's eating happy end and also. Doing yelled that now I dismay Saturday I'm doing these objects is in the morning I don't let him from home so why they're playing music I'm like I'm my rent because. I don't know I've yeah he's valid just let everybody know. I'm Brett. Assistant that I have yeah exactly ever OK and you only need to make the mistake one time he never have a right ready get your. Mike Hsu sold out everywhere pellet cons are you have a waiting list had you have any view up your game I go out running I'm not much of an indoor person. And have been days where I just didn't feel like and I just did it I didn't run as much a walk but are you taking care of yourself. Well OK so now we're one of the pilot Tom households can I have not worked up that current. Huge giant man. Click I feel like I'm not cool enough for you and the one is gonna fall off the bike or something like that it's my goal is in the next couple weeks to do one ride would also say about is that. We are going crazy in our household which is one of the reasons having at the palace time fate we weren't like. We have three kids we have lake might might the only lives with us to extended big village. And so we started doing things like we built an ice skating ranked in the backyard oh yeah they'll. I'm Steve. Yeah. Yeah. That this massive inside an outlook. But we did all of these things were and and during the summer like. My hasn't put together this like pools slash slate jumping things we do have a backyard and he was like let we're going to get through dance. And we're going to get through this together. And we're gonna get to throw it as a village in as a family. And that Hispanics are saving grace and then the last thing is really getting out of the house grain and that was really hard affairs because you know everything you're saying like staying in hunkered down like don't go outside don't. You know big bad world. But even just getting out of the house to take a fifteen minute walk to take a thirty minute walk to stay in outside and scream into the air like. That was super helpful I think in think he an in trying to like. Works through the week in had meanness of the pandemic in traditionally black women don't prioritize that kind of thing going for walk in taking that kind of exercise that kind of time to yourself. Good luck and let I have it out who minutes and Indiana home I want to man my neighbor that I saddened and recommend. Access so many things that never noticed a full out of the apple let's literally every single day and I've about myself so sometimes asked after people who live alone during this time. And I went in my friends that live in LA she came in stayed with me for an a few months literally. But it was nice to have some Monday and we could go for walks together so let him play infamy mentally to do that. And we gotta do it I mean my thing is I'd make wine now I mean yeah. Nice. House and then clean your house if not walking. I'm not I. And it has been a homer for twenty years well I don't always loved want to mention studying from I want educators license Manson may have had Carmel home Obama's three traveling gone back suburban DC and of course I can't do that. And so I decided to make and I learn how to make you may winded though you getting hit grape juice shipped to your house and then like I'm my hope you caught me my little chemist under model boats that arena stepping in the bucket and I didn't. Didn't denigrate. It and you re now this could maybe have my songs in your life. My husband's an artist he made out late both breasts that's vineyard that the name other than. My very first release was on my birthday I have my friends come and we socially distant and a bottle they're. Online community yeah a lot. Expecting that won't be all about this. Cathartic for me like it is something I can control is this something that it brings me joy and at the end of out of got sucked but -- candy and finish it would live friends soon sell at Ed you know people have been baking bread and doing balmy weather I was doing an aching heart and I am I was. Making banana bread and I never used bait and suddenly the we have these bananas are over right now. Show the kids and not. And make this banana bread and has kept making banana bread and after awhile attack couldn't zip pants and doesn't let him make it do want to banana bread defects found time to get out of time to do since self care. What about just overall look and he said you do some meditation mental health care and all of that are we making that priority because I don't feel look at always do and that's probably why not sleeping as well. Is that something that you're doing in you have young baby. Just I have the same whining you know after you have a baby they require that you talk about your mental health yet that very different scene here to talk about your mental health. And I think one of the interesting things has banned. Really seeking through like what do they mean on the literally give you a checklist and LA do you feel okay. Do you have higher levels of anxiety and then if you check any of them they come in and they talk to you. So I think there certainly like there's just extra emphasis on your mental health I was fortunate in that respect. But one of the things I've seen I've noticed much more like an increased since the pandemic. Has been. Black women talking on social media about their council house. So we certainly seem like an uptick in the number of people to mental health. A plea mission is and has been doing on the right with like therapy with meditation and sister circles on things like that. But then I sort of uptick in the number of just black women being like I'm not okay. And I'm going to tell you why I'm not okay. And that actually being part of the Qatar to aching up experience of being in a pandemic together to know that even your strong friends are not that strong. You know and I was gonna say that for me I lost my father last year at bury him during a pandemic and and George for the way you know I think. What are the things that I've been doing for myself as just I just have allowed myself to break. Then and it not be okay and did you bring down you news break just fall apart. And hard to do conveying you know you produce a back to getting like OK well now I've still got to do this and if the myth and as a just you don't lost all this time. But I do think that when you allow yourself to breaking you just let it all allowed. Being Q reassessed and come back together again I'm guessing we're gonna talk about George way but that was as good an example. Because I've been in this movement for a while I was an elected official entry about mart was murdered have been through. In our own city unrest in had the lead in navigate through protests and all of that. But when Jewish boy was murdered it just hit different and I had to hold a team together and I couldn't and I broke. And the day after I sat in my house in did not get I cried for three day strike. My husband went to work he came back I was in the same place and did not realize that I hit literally not moved often. And I think it's in the breaking. It's in the letting yourself just fall apart the U relaxed consist I had this put yourself back together and keep it move it.

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{"duration":"9:53","description":"ABC News correspondent Deborah Roberts leads a candid conversation with Yvette Simpson, Dr. Leah Wright-Rigueur and Angela Yee about the importance of self-care.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76006535","title":"A conversation with Black women: Self-care: Part 2","url":"/US/video/conversation-black-women-care-part-76006535"}