Crew members rescued from capsized cargo ship

Member of the search and rescue mission discussed pulling four men from the wrecked ship.
5:30 | 09/10/19

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Transcript for Crew members rescued from capsized cargo ship
I write we begin with what can only be called a miracle all four crew members trapped inside that cargo ship. That capsized off the coast of Georgia yesterday have been rescued. Alive you see if there was absolutely incredible and our Caylee hard time is taking a close look at the ship in saint Simons Georgia Caylee. Kimberly this is is closes we have gotten to this massive cargo ship and it is. Nothing short of a miracle to see it and recognize that there was no loss of life. Look right there is the latter coming out of a two foot by two foot hole cut in the whole of this. Exposed underbelly of the ship. The path to freedom for those four crew members they are being applauded as heroes by people in the maritime community here. Biggest snowstorm in May just stay on a burning boat they took responsibility for the control room and the engine room in. Tried to ensure that a bad situation didn't get any worse and they spent more than thirty hours trapped. In what can only be described as horrifying conditions authorities believe that the temperature inside the boat as it baked in the sun yesterday was greater than 100. And twenty degrees but after more than thirty hours it was the brave work of those rescue crews. Really navigating their way through dangerous and difficult conditions they brought them to safety again all 24 crew members now saying saying wait that. Well the focus in the US Coast Guard eight transitions to ensuring that this vessel is safely removed from the port. And the longer it stays here the greater the environmental impact as we were driving out here we went through pools of oil paints and validate times in this isn't just. Shipping community. Might be one of the busiest shipping ports in all of North America but it's also a fishing community. And soon the fragile wetlands here they are at great risk as oil and other contaminants from their ship. Affect it and here. It could affect the livelihood of so many people it's something we'll be keeping and I can really. Thank you Caylee it's unbelievable to see that turned over so I want to bring in lieutenant Lloyd Heflin from the united states Coast Guard. Who was part of the search and rescue mission he is a coordinator so lieutenant Lloyd thank you for being with that's I just have to ask you. How did you even begin to come up with a plan to rescue these men. McGregor as I was sort of call on Sunday early Sunday weren't going around 2 o'clock in Morton Samara. Sears you are clear in our commands that are and had been working abroad and it's in Boston initial resources to people who all. Did altered guitars on scene and be able to respond to its first got out approximately twenty minutes of men. But they've got a plan joke broaden and under our. Were able store second rescued of those people or. So bustle. That included to finish 65 helicopters. Two small boats from station Brunswick. DNR was also well that are and and we also CTO. Then Moran has some sort out there as well to help the secularist use. Those combination. Most extreme aggravation from our from our boat crews and our helicopters also part of world there. Because isn't zones and happens everyday. Trawler won't satellites on. But they were able also to Rick fire hoses to help people clogged Al them. Access points in the vessel down to small boats that he didn't helicopter able through. Voiced other individuals rural of course the boat so overall tremendous effort record a lot of renovation and oh broke sewage workers. Did an outstanding general. Yet definitely outstanding and that crew members were actually. Tapping and that's how people were able to identify where they were. Big big help for sure are right. And that was you know all those students whose judicial. Portion of the rescue wrongs on Sunday night and retired reporter where. Reimport been working with going counties are formed at all or trucks and brokers are also. Trying to find those last four people were in the boat and couldn't gain access not restarted also start where there are some concerns stability because sort backed off. Because it was really outside go to you own expertise. Of the resources we don't seem less worried. I'm counsel Donald live to make sure that you're we're gonna put people harm's way don't necessarily. It took to get the best plan also bought the right gasoline to attack the problem. On. To give those guys best chance survival. Tell my direction was use. Especially once we started didn't cut backs and identified. Often on Monday night. And had a pretty good duke crews and there are brokers are Talking Heads aren't I don't know that we were viewed it shall long all of your company. And we're able to get a consortium of experts. Two including five marine. We're live safety teams result region dunked on and Schmidt and cumin and in effect at her and rescued Jews bulls seem just or a news. Well absolutely incredible work on again lieutenant Lloyd to have Flynn from the united states Coast Guard thank you for being with us today we appreciate it. Yes.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"Member of the search and rescue mission discussed pulling four men from the wrecked ship.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65513092","title":"Crew members rescued from capsized cargo ship","url":"/US/video/crew-members-rescued-capsized-cargo-ship-65513092"}