Darren Wilson Confident He'll Be Cleared in Federal Probe

Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson discusses why he believes he will be cleared in the federal investigation.
2:14 | 11/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Darren Wilson Confident He'll Be Cleared in Federal Probe
You still facing investigations. Yes you just Carmen and civil rights investigation. That we're here. Wouldn't Laurie anybody if an investigation opener against the Afghanistan violent and stand on my training. Again. The latency of retirement and their military entire records in different threshold and with your entire record NC is there any way he was motivated. By some kind. Racial hatred or some kind driven. Away fine nothing. You're confident again that they won't even though you. Have an understandable worry here confident. Mentors we've. Yes. You have described of that neighborhood. Where you encounter Michael Brown is an anti police neighborhood what does that mean. There's a lot of from like to me there's drugs guns. And burglaries just assaults violence. Unity that's one of our high crime areas where the city. And and if you want to be every day as she drove that car every day it was attention every single day. Not mean that you're always on guard you have to be generally regard and anyway he being nice neighborhood morally stuffed under guard. Not only would it down moments on the happens to him. They're always watching her I was aware what was the relations likened community every single day as you. Work we talked about a criminal. Drugs and crime things like that. What did you feel any kind of racial tension there. Now first and loafers and back community loves its community. And it when people say to divert community it is a diverse community. No that are pro active community but the police but the police forces overwhelmingly. White and communities. Predominantly African American. That didn't create tension and can create problems now thing. We've ever had any kind of a racial incidents. Now. And never been accused. Of acting a racist manner now. So this is what this was a unique. Circumstance in your life. Has gone.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson discusses why he believes he will be cleared in the federal investigation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27222155","title":"Darren Wilson Confident He'll Be Cleared in Federal Probe","url":"/US/video/darren-wilson-interview-2014-police-officer-michael-brown-27222155"}