Doctor who treated shark attack survivor on her life-saving surgery

Eric Toschlog oversaw 17-year-old Paige Winters' surgeries after she was attacked by a shark off the coast of North Carolina.
4:22 | 06/18/19

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Transcript for Doctor who treated shark attack survivor on her life-saving surgery
A devastating story in North Carolina seventeen year old page when terror she was saved by her father after getting attacked. By a shark earlier this month she lost two fingers and most of her left leg but despite the tragedy. She's in good spirits and she talked with our Robin Roberts on GMA this morning so take a listen. I didn't do something directly to the shark. But I was in his blocking you know that he taps I'm very happy. That I was the one who got. Hate thinking about it right and hung. It that was my that I would not have been able to. He wouldn't that you never lost consciousness we're kind of pain bereavement pay Mayan body into shock. So I could really feel any thing I just knew it was bad. I was aware from the beginning. Nothing's. Gonna keep this in the country and it's taxing honest and seventeen you know being stuck in her hospital bed all day. Not really able to do all the things they used to do not having a lake it's really task not to be able to help yourself. Feel bad day. And until that's off again. They're gonna take me for a prosthetic I'm still I'm still BG. Just. Little different. Epson pieces of the compliments and took Sharpton took your spirit it did not. So now we are joined by AM doctor Eric toss slog. He is the chief of trauma and surgical critical care at V dot medical center they are North Carolina and his partner actually operated on page so. Doctor Eric I just want to know when. A case like this comes into the hospital what are the thoughts going through your minds when you see something so severe like this. Well it's important to try to temper one's emotions. Even for their runners it's devastating to see injuries match here particularly. There are beautiful and resilient young woman. But once emotions are super glue obviously first Foreman has the attention is on saving the patient's life. Or her doctor first year recognized immediately that page was in camera action she'd lost probably 33% from global him. The tourniquet was in place. Doctor Garcia activated what we call a massive trees fusion protocol to get products what products available for resuscitation. And then the decision to AP HA is always call it is a critically important decision but regrettably in. Ages case. It was quite evident what needed to be Dolan is the tissue to strut her well are pure ridiculous so severe it was clear that she needed. What we call new mutation. Well yes very different called but as we saw there KG is unbelievably. Upbeat and positive. Despite this situation so how does that help with the recovery. Well I think cage's character. Does two very distinct things her her recovery for the trauma center. Hearst at all. Every per water the cures for page from the trauma surgeons the nurses the so. To the pre hospital providers and old smoothly rehabilitation. Or extremely emotionally impacted. Yes and so to go through something so devastating. Apps abs absolutely absolutely. So doctor air tough slog I just want to thank you for being with us in. We're just certainly happy that page is. Making good headway and she's okay now thank you so much for being with us. Smoke odor U. And in a bit of brighter news about this entire situation I'm Robert Downey jr.'s sent her S passel a special message. On instant Graham because she loves Iron Man and she loves the environment so he asked her to join his climate change coalition so take a listen. Because of your interest in sustainability and preservation of our oceans and marine life I wanna see if you wouldn't join my footprint coalition and be my. North Carolina investor. Yep pretty cool to get us special personal message from Robert Downey junior I'm his initiative. Is set to launch in April of 20/20.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"Eric Toschlog oversaw 17-year-old Paige Winters' surgeries after she was attacked by a shark off the coast of North Carolina. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63787792","title":"Doctor who treated shark attack survivor on her life-saving surgery","url":"/US/video/doctor-treated-shark-attack-survivor-life-saving-surgery-63787792"}