Extreme fire danger continues in Southern California

Red flag and high wind warnings remained in effect from Los Angeles to San Diego.
9:17 | 11/13/18

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Transcript for Extreme fire danger continues in Southern California
Everyone in wanna get right to that news that state of emergency in California with wildfires burning across the state the death poll. Is now rising and the weather is not helping meteorologist Mel Griffin is here with me in studio taking a look. And how this is all being affected Mel we have. Fires in the north. Fires in the south and the winds are not helping the situation. That's right and the winds are the worst part that's really the biggest concern here for the northern California the winds have actually died down some hats. A little but it good news but not so much of the south are ready this morning. 86 mile per hour wind gust reported in the scene eagle mountains and it's just going to continue to see Indiana wind event is still in the fact right now high wind warnings artifact for got sixty to eighty miles per hour for parts of Southern California and red hot warnings remain a fact from. Los Angeles county all we got to see any Eagle County so we still have those very dry gusty winds the low humidity. And that standing in a wind event continues today. The gusty winds today will continue into the afternoon hours and by that time by later this evening those winds will eventually started guy downs a little bit of good news but it does state. Very dry humidity three to only 8% so humidity in the single digits high wind warnings remain it is just. Not at this situation be fighting these fires right now huge challenge for firefighters and we often hear that turn of Santa Ana winds during times like this explain what that means. He has so anytime you talk about hires fest in Southern California talk about Santa Ana wind events this is the worst situation. To be battling these fires and this is what actually creates the rapid fire growth in the first place only when you have a high pressure situated for the creek basins over the central to southern Rocky Mountains it basically brings all of that air flow. Clockwise right directly straight into Southern California and ask those strong winds. New through the mountains they rush to those mountains it contrasts the warm they become even drier and the new threw it sixty to eighty miles per hour in toll eventually hit the canyons. And that's when you have really dry gusty winds beats at the funneling things. Sadly there the wins one helping to spread the spire to. Spreading them erratically because the winds sort of come and go in he's got some directions that you can't predict and they're making the atmosphere dryer which obviously. Does not how exactly all three of those things basically is creates the disaster that these fire and have conflict unfolded in California I'm not want you to hang out for second but I want over to Olivia Smith Olivia is actually in Southern California and like I said the fires are spread across a straight Olivia Anderson you're in Calabasas. Where we're seeing the effects of these winds some homes are completely untouched others completely devastated. That's great country could see just across the street behind me over there homes completely destroyed. And homes right across the street over here completely okay. Residents here had to a actually last. This morning. For the president right now. The receptions a little body out here. Olivia what are you seeing out there how are some of these scenes playing out. Actually it's Ares I seen homes completely. Destroyed completely arts program content and think. When you win the popular when an Easter. Can. We here. When to eat and I don't know we're. He. Actually started on Thursday. We were actually huddled up. Michael stack here watching a rich behind us. Monitor where it was coming from its you know who. And it never did so we stay only. And watched. Us here. And one jump. Street. Side became concerned. In the yeah. I. Watering. And we. Felt your heart. It. Was cruising around here conferees and work with the ocean. No matter and its top it. And then pop over. Vehicles here. Trio where millions and hoopla. Who would water problem on fire and it went into villains survivor mode. It screaming whom the influence of what. It. To a group public art. Or. Some players. And it's and that's fees and Beatrice. And walk the street and ask her home was okay. It was it was standing so we decided to run back down here and and might. Race. There's an area they do exactly what you eat U eat either it completely content at. And it another few predicted across the street. The homes are completely destroyed. All in a row and haven't you thinking of the living in the. Home yes. If you know I have it's gonna sound kind of odd but I feel like I have a bit of survivor remorse. You know Wendell policies. Now and so I feel horrible for some of these people many of them. At least in this community. In in nineteen so I've been going through. Their personal belongings. With them. The past few days and it's been it's been a challenge. You know. I stay. To save Michael L going out of doing I regret the decision of coming back is my new right now I'm not sure it would come back. I did not think I was gonna make this group based on its own and firemen that gave me a quick crash course on. Fight fire with me garden goes. So yeah I was an experience that I choose. Never forget but I am grateful but. Lost because maneuvered street. And of the picture in that we love the art theme across the island home it's. Down structures. Like paying. Him Rick Cheney. Everything else right across the street is our trees are Smart and they now are packing and act here profits at a home you know wind. Came over here. Yeah Olivia were looking at some footage of the flames you know in the general area firefighters trying desperately to fight them. And I mean it just looks like a nearly impossible task it's unbelievable to think what these people are going through. We really appreciate you being out there and you bringing us your story thank you. But. As Olivia Smith for us from Calabasas. You know and this is just the Southern California portion of that that was the Woolsey fire. Just one of several in Southern California right now and then of course in northern California the campfire has already become the deadliest in state. History. Lyndon. This is why we're seeing a state of emergency across the entire state of California. And again Mel you you talked about this but. That's one of the things we're seeing with these fires in both areas actually is that you'll see one home untouched and then you'll see an entire block devastated. I mean in their case they stayed to fight for their home but in many cases it's just because the wind. Com's and then goes so what can people expect. Looking ahead camp can these firefighters expect some help from eleven. Yet you mentioned on you know how you can see one home that is completely untouched and the other one just destroying a lot of that to do with how he Braddock these winds are and they can be moving one direction the wing going so fast that direction they completely shift direction. In a moment's notice and that's why they're so hard to fight these fires because of these erratic winds and because of how fast they are going but there is some good news on the way according to the winds is that it's going to be dying down each day so today we had extreme fire weather threats because of those high wind warnings. Tomorrow it goes down a level it goes down to critical. Fire weather threats in Southern California so we are seeing those winds starring Mickey trees and that's because that high pressure system is going to start weakening of pulling away from Southern California and so I tomorrow we're looking a little bit better situation we're still going to be seeing the dry. Gusty winds through tomorrow another standing in a win and then is expected all and not as severe tonight into tomorrow afternoon. Back after Wednesday that we're looking at each day getting a little bit better so even though the winds are going to be decreasing the so still could get some gossip in the next couple days the erratic and strong winds will. Be dying down and that conditions will be improving. But it's still going to be very dry it's still going to be very humid and we're not expecting rain for Southern California for at least the next week ransom mixed bag from the weather.

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{"duration":"9:17","description":"Red flag and high wind warnings remained in effect from Los Angeles to San Diego.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59172397","title":"Extreme fire danger continues in Southern California","url":"/US/video/extreme-fire-danger-continues-southern-california-59172397"}