Facebook CEO grilled on Capitol Hill

Mark Zuckerberg faced questions from Congress members on fake ads, election interference and Facebook’s cryptocurrency platform, Libra.
3:40 | 10/24/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Facebook CEO grilled on Capitol Hill
Back here in Washington now FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Are recovering today after quite a grilling on Capitol Hill yesterday for many hours pressed on the company's privacy policy political lads. And a lot more one exchange in particular is getting attention. This one with New York congresswoman Alexandria a cost seal Cortez take a look. Could I run ads target teen Republicans and primary saying that they voted to create new deal. And if you're not fact checking political advertisements and are trying to understand the balance here. I don't know the answer to that up to tuck my head teased a potential problem here with that complete lack of fact checking on political advertisements. I think if you were to run an ad that had a life that would. Could I hate to target predominantly black zip codes and advertise them incorrect election date. No congresswoman you couldn't we. We have. Even for. These policies around the newsworthiness. Of content that politicians say in the general principle that I believe that but you said you're not going to pack chat. My path we have if if if anyone including a politician is saying things. That can cause that is calling for violence or could risk imminent physical harm or. Voter or census oppression we roll out the cents a suppression. Policy. We will take that contents. And our deputy political director Mary Alice parks joins us now live here Washington you covered the hearing Mary Alice we've talked about this. For a couple of days but FaceBook is really in a bind here on the one hand. They're trying to tell congress that they are police seen this information being pushed on their platform but then you hear from Democrats. Complaining about these very false and misleading political lads. That FaceBook is standing by. Love Democrats say that FaceBook has a real credibility issue here. When it comes to those political ads which are already flooding the platform ahead of the twice when he cycle. FaceBook has said that it's not going to engage in any fact checking. Instead they're going to work with an independent outside fact checkers to needy full lagging misinformation but not take political contact down. But you see that answer is just not enough for a lot of Democrats instead they are pushing the company really accusing it FaceBook. Of fostering an environment of misinformation and even hate speech. You know again veterans that does not about the money they doesn't wanna be in the business of censoring political speech we can see how that could be a slippery slope to. But this is that tough battle right now because Democrats want real answers and they want to know what exactly the bounds are. And they're staring down the potential for some real stiff regulations which they don't want to some of these democratic presidential candidates. I take office. That would be you know the real purpose of the hearing Mary Alice was about this new crypto currency. That Mark Zuckerberg and FaceBook want to launch it's called leave brook it would help people pay for things all across the platform. It did. Give us the level of support in congress for approving such occurrences are dead on arrival. A hot navy look members of congress might not get the final say on this one but I was surprised by how many members use their time at the hearing. Two announced that they were planning to support or introduce legislation to try to stop this from happening at all we saw both Republicans and Democrats. Come together and agree that they are really not fans of this idea. They are very worried that more traditional financial institutions are not working with FaceBook on this one. And it think it has the possibility to really upset. Global markets. Part of big story that will continue to reverberate into the campaign or else parks a deputy political director. I think you Mary Alice.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"Mark Zuckerberg faced questions from Congress members on fake ads, election interference and Facebook’s cryptocurrency platform, Libra.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66503986","title":"Facebook CEO grilled on Capitol Hill","url":"/US/video/facebook-ceo-grilled-capitol-hill-66503986"}