FBI completes investigation into Kavanaugh sex assault allegations

Senators review FBI report as investigation into Kavanaugh sex allegations wraps, while Senate Democrats cry foul over scope of investigation.
4:58 | 10/04/18

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Transcript for FBI completes investigation into Kavanaugh sex assault allegations
And let's take you to Washington right now because the big story that is happening right now the FBI. He's wrapped up its investigation into Brecht happen all remember the White House gave them a week to look into allegations of sexual. Assault and sexual misconduct all of which were Kavanagh has staunchly denied the FBI took six days and apparently interviewed. Nine people and got has got some Democrats. Seizing right now. Let's take you to Capitol Hill Mary Bruce our senior congressional correspondent is on the hill right now and Mary. We've heard Republicans say let's get a move on with the vote. And at this point it sounds like some of these swing senators might be okay with that. Yet have really big development up here brats and encouraging signs for Republicans. Out of those key swing votes to all of those key senators. Senator Jeff flake and Susan Collins have come out and made some comments to reporters they are still reading through this stock you need to make that clear they have not announced. Yet how they're going to vote but but for those of you heard carefully reading the tea leaves of interest in what they sat. Jeff flake told our reporter Trish turner it's so far what he he has seen no new credible corroboration no corroboration at all and Susan Collins of Maine said it appears to be very thorough investigation. So. And that based off of those comments like that that's I'd welcome news to Republicans who desperately. Need them to get on board they want to get Kavanagh confirmed on the other side of the aisle no surprise here. Democrats are blasting this process there taking issue with the scope of this investigation they also are crying foul about the time. Timing here Pratt had to say the pretty remarkable scene playing out at over in the basement. Of the capitol right now in a secure room one by one we're seeing senators coming in to take a look at the FBI's findings here they are. Having to share one copy of the report all taking turns to read it as you can imagine there are a hundred senators that takes quite. Sometime forever and have a chance to absorb it of course they're also being briefed by staffers but Democrats are saying look this isn't enough time. To day day days are fully digest what the FBI has found here in order. To to do that before Republicans on ahead for a vote which looks to it to be on track for sometime this weekend. Republicans that we talked do no surprise many of them say look. They're ready to get this show on the road I was just talking to Lindsey Graham down in the basement he of course has been a staunch supporter of the president and object have a not. He said and enough already. Let's well I am. And so Mary it's a fascinating scene that you paint their right this idea that senators are sort of huddling around a single document that outlines. These findings but you'll walk us through what happens next now because what we're not gonna see a vote today or tomorrow this in earliest this could happen would be that we can't. Well you are some procedural vote for at what I won't bore you to tears too much and all of the pursue. He did it has to go on Europe on capitol they just take awhile to get to that final vote you could be looking at a procedural vote to advance the nomination. Sometime tomorrow that would set up a final vote likely sometime late Saturday afternoon. And that is pretty interesting when you consider that they've just getting the report today it's why Democrats say well well well that's it the brakes but remember this is a let's just be a one week. Investigation they knew when they agreed to this broad that it has been going to set up this this clock ticking down. To a vote sometime late this week. Well and we are seeing protests right now on Capitol Hill and it it's getting very intense BC Elizabeth Warren in this large group now. Of people that are. Chanting you see the safe stowed assigned there Mary. What are Democrats looking for here. Because some people have said that you know that mean that that they would just wanna keep delaying and tell the mid terms essentially are they're looking for specific things today. But look at that weren't option I'm sure they would love that. Yes yes they are the major hanging and loom very large over this entire process and I think we have to be honest and in many Democrats before it even as FBI investigation. What's completed being it would where they're going to vote which was not for judge Kavanagh. So Democrats of course want to use this as a political issue heading into the mid terms and Republicans are doing just the same thing they want eases the political issue as well. Those who are rallying around judge Kavanagh. I have to tell you brother the tension. Here in the hallways is something really I haven't seen before you can feel the tension and you can see protesters. They're clogging a lot of always appear that they are they're making themselves very vocal you can. Here protesters there are following senators through the halls in fact just now when I was going to be talking with some senators we were in erupted frequently by protesters you know they they know that they can have an impact here as we saw with Jeff flake who had a very tense interaction with the protestor just before he he came out it sparked this FBI investigation so. A lot of you know everyday Americans average citizens are up here. On the hill making sure that their voices are heard on both sides of this debate. The I was gonna say we've seen so much emotion on Capitol Hill over the last few years whether it's health care immigration but this really did seem to strike a personal chord and continues. She was with so many Americans right now Mary on Capitol Hill thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"Senators review FBI report as investigation into Kavanaugh sex allegations wraps, while Senate Democrats cry foul over scope of investigation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58290304","title":"FBI completes investigation into Kavanaugh sex assault allegations","url":"/US/video/fbi-completes-investigation-kavanaugh-sex-assault-allegations-58290304"}