FBI director grilled by lawmakers after release of Jan. 6 report

Director Christopher Wray testified before the Senate and defended the bureau’s treatment of protesters.
6:49 | 06/10/21

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Transcript for FBI director grilled by lawmakers after release of Jan. 6 report
Today there's more fallout from the January 6 insurrection at the US capitol capitol police are responding now to that scathing senate report out earlier this week revealing. Their failure in crafting a security plan. Meanwhile the FBI directors facing tough questions today from lawmakers about. The FBI treats domestic terror threats in the wake of that attack. Alice know what that Judiciary Committee chairman Democrat Jerry Nadler of New York had to say. For too long the FBI is downplay the threat of the white nationalism focusing instead on far more distant threats. And occasionally. Imaginary threats like black identity extremism. And nobody FBI no longer uses that particular time I'm just as disturbed by the bureau's current practice and practice. Of lumping together oh wider range of activities. Under the term racially motivated violent extremism. As if there were any equivalence whatsoever. Between black and brown activists marching for justice and the right wing extremists who attacked the capitol police. And tried to hang my bands. It's a question of priorities and of what happened and joining us now to discuss all of this. Elizabeth Newman ABC news group contributor and former official at the Department of Homeland Security under the trump administration. Elizabeth first or get your reaction to what congressman Nadler just said there he's urging. At BI director ray to dual review of white supremacist membership within the bureau itself. As a DH has the Pentagon had done. Do you think that's necessary. Criteria you know it's not a bad idea it mice. My thought that was that he brain might be totally not waiting for the attorney general to do something similar to her why. That we. Seeing evidence especially I don't scenery sic sit me you are our law enforcement. And active duty military records isn't needed and summoned some aspects of the insurrection and people then tied it. So is there is no doubt there is problem. Nobody can only how big armored is eight weeks who you heard is always a great place to start out as a that we can't be sure that people contrast. There are steps that his sister and. And what law enforcement has had a problem. In many parts of the current you being infiltrated by a white supremacists and you know a federal law enforcement may have to take a look as well now as far as the aftermath of the January 6. And the prosecution's. Their ged or to ray was as forceful as we've ever seen him saying all protesters get equal treatment and homelessness. We have. One standard. And I don't care where the Europe's senator criminal justice system whether Europe's that our elections. There's a right way and a wrong way in this country to do it under the First Amendment and committing violence. Assaulting federal law enforcement and destroying property is not the way to do it and that's my standard for the FBI. So what do we know about where those prosecutions. And ongoing investigation insists stemming further from the capital ride the insurrection stand where they stand and earned. Whether former president Donald Trump is under investigation and odd something several Democrats are asking about. She. Yeah I was really Kharrazi and I am so glad that he didn't that I and are you. And you solace are on display today via the electricity theory all I answer that question nor do you know kind of deferred because he is under investigation she. It was important explorer the nation's I was preeminent law enforcement. Organizations it can't say we have a lot of equally each and just because we as security officials Brackins. The previous threats and that I that you. CN brown. Rates extremism is furious Brett blues or country not immediately. To Iraq others were asked which is one in this parking brakes that you heard out of touch someone the right. And likewise I'm at YouTube and chairman Alan Gerson criticism that their T seriously I. When I am Yahoo! at ths. Fortunate that you're writing we already. Nate there arson theory good sense to me ask you to understand how we could have done that matter how you could have. Prevent aging hearing six I don't think it is senseless answer at this. There are two right. Citi's end and law enforcement or should and they only certain crisis and most of the men and women I know are wrong person passionately where their country and are devastated when he attacked how ends. I think that the answers and he works complex in new wants and that's where we really need an Indian mission I'm not sure he answers searing like this so it. Investigations at any rate kept talking 800. Investigations underway right now. Watson Kinney urges. There were questions about whether or not they were investigating trump people around Chomsky. Did not answer that question kept citing how detectives and prosecutors are restricted. Not talking about investigations. Are under way. Larry his right or else maybe they're actually arson and I interest staying in our nation's reiterating we find out later and act turns era. We will and that's a great point you make Elizabeth about the morphing. Nature of the threat the rapidly. Metastasized. And threaten our country from love extremists are on the right and so they the other big question today what would intelligence failures. That led to the inner and sir do you think those are being addressed. She. Yeah I was a little disappointed in his arteries answers he's very focused on the investigation. Completely hurry it makes sense why he is. By at least they're they're there are no doubt failures in his GPS. To. We know from this senator or. Did a great many. The needle and if you will which. Buried many friends on the outside can see that in prevalence varied slightly and he didn't see the curry a little attention and warning. That he has not yet traditionally brings you situations why. Well how Nigeria say more I was. I can be a number of reasons we really need as many answers and I don't know me and they house and our internal underage he's ready to top artists. Disappointments not cure more re about how they're and they certainly don't miss this. It is rapidly evolving threat environment. And in that FBI and others really you have to get after it Elizabeth Newman thanks very much for your insight on the think you.

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{"duration":"6:49","description":"Director Christopher Wray testified before the Senate and defended the bureau’s treatment of protesters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78206835","title":"FBI director grilled by lawmakers after release of Jan. 6 report","url":"/US/video/fbi-director-grilled-lawmakers-release-jan-report-78206835"}