Floodwaters remain high a week after Florence made landfall

Massive cleanup is underway in North Carolina from flooding caused by the storm.
4:00 | 09/21/18

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Transcript for Floodwaters remain high a week after Florence made landfall
Let's head over an out in North Carolina way of Marcus Moore of course the storm hit more than a week ago. The state still still working on its cleanup efforts are a markets we have these cleanup efforts under way but I know that people are anxious to get on what are authorities saying. What police yeah that's right those cleanup efforts are underway and that's a great sign but authorities are saying this is not over yet this is still developing and one of the most striking thing shall see when you come to downtown Wilmington, North Carolina where we are. Is the Cape Fear river. It is that historic levels right now leaves he and you may be able to see on the screen there. That strong current. And every down again there are bits and pieces of debris logs and and foliage that is going downstream with that current. And it's been high since hurricane Florence head. A week ago today and the official to keeping a very close eye on that river and several others because. These rivers are expected to continue to rise over the coming days and not only will they threaten homes here in the region. But also potentially. Some of the downtown businesses here in in North Carolina and so we have seen no signs of progress at least in back to moments ago. We saw some of the business owners using. A leaf blowers to clear away some of the debris that had collected here. And we've also seen some of the shops opening back up. But as that is happening officials are saying that we still need to be keeping a close eye on the rivers and the potential for flooding to give you some perspective. At one point on the Cape Fear river which is just behind me. The flood stage rabbit is supposed to crest at about 61 feet. The flood stage is 35 feet so they give you some some sense of how historic this is and police yep why authorities are are so concerned. My guess I gotta tell you for those of us who are or not they are not on the ground watching you walk around it looks like the weather is lovely and must be easy to imagine that this crisis is all of our. How the authorities make sure that people understand that it is not yet seek to go home that there are still complications on those roadways. And how much longer are they telling people that like and in need to wait before they can go and check on their homes. You know Italy still looks can can very much be deceiving and I can tell you that it is a warm day and it is a nice stay relatively speaking that the rain. Has stopped but. Com for some some context here. All according to telling people who have evacuated to stay away and here's the reason why the floodwaters continue to rise and yesterday. Highway 421 which is here in new paint a new Hanover county. It was open while we were here but then. Yup the course of the day officials had to close it and so the concern is is that as this continues to develop officials they even warn people les yeah. That not to drive because your GPS. Could lead you right into floodwaters into this just at this point it's just too dangerous for everyone to come back some market when you're talking to residents and how they cope. All of you know residents are coping as one of they can. It it was I went out last night as a matter of fact on what was really the first night that people here have been able to get out and kind of the things that they. A ordinarily do go to a restaurant listen to some music may be grabbed a grab a drink. And I last night was the first opportunity they had to do that. And certainly it's it's an encouraging sign for people particularly when the power came back because after hurricane Floyd's hit the power went out budget glad walk we'll be back this way. Aren't so it was. A sign an encouraging sign that things are returning to normal and and that's exactly what people want after such say. Devastating storm. But at least you a lot of people still concerned about BR residents we have not been able to return to their homes. Or the ones who have actually. Suffered some there of their home sustained some damage and they'll have a lot to to clean up and a long road to recovery. Markets thank you so much for reporting.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"Massive cleanup is underway in North Carolina from flooding caused by the storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57989249","title":"Floodwaters remain high a week after Florence made landfall","url":"/US/video/floodwaters-remain-high-week-florence-made-landfall-57989249"}