Florida braces for Hurricane Michael

Pinellas County, Florida, residents get ready for Hurricane Michael.
0:35 | 10/08/18

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Transcript for Florida braces for Hurricane Michael
I'm Sarah Honda with WS TS for ABC news life it harping springs Florida where right now people are starting to Phillips in bags you can see this thing into right here. Third getting ready for hurricane Michael the big concern here in Pinellas County Florida is storm surge. They believe that there could be storm surge that impact a lot of neighborhoods and here in TARP in spring. Several of those neighborhoods are in low lying areas and that's why people are taking every precaution. We're gonna keep you updated as this storm progresses out here and Pinellas County.

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{"id":58366253,"title":"Florida braces for Hurricane Michael","duration":"0:35","description":"Pinellas County, Florida, residents get ready for Hurricane Michael.","url":"/US/video/florida-braces-hurricane-michael-58366253","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}