Boat catches fire forcing passengers into shark-infested waters

Sixteen passengers had to abandon the small cruise boat and head toward the nearest island after a fire broke out in the engine room.
4:13 | 07/31/19

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Transcript for Boat catches fire forcing passengers into shark-infested waters
We went typical Africa it was but countless trip and we thought. Giant sea turtles. And Penguin. Group. The alliance we swam with sharks which was a little fright mean. There's a perfect his trip and told. The last news I hate when the boat caught on fire all hell broke loose smoke filled says of the vote they tell us there's. Catch fire in engine. Yeah. And then they told us to run back downstairs. We then did have to jump. Off from the back of the boat crew yeah. I would bet that they and a burning vote. Or dampen the wiry shirt. I've picked told us that keep the whistle and bats. You get wanna lose it and said dean had this with all her mouth the entire time I would not going to be a lot of very Titanic moment. I don't know I thought that's another. The U. And. But in the first users need for an island because the life rafts did not deployed. And iron are died in the Lena who is great. To assist when interest island and look for the the lighthouse. Yeah. Oh yeah. We've been swimming with sharks earlier that day. I'm so we knew they were in the water there was a big wedding party. The big wedding party who were. Julie and Chris for getting married that's pat Saturday in Ecuador installer families came together and they were at. At a big group on the ship with us. And then there was a family from northern California from the San Francisco. Area. Once it got in the life raft I knew we are going to be safe and we were in the life rafts or probably do and a half hours here yeah. I'm doing and be chilly. The crew was so amazed team. They and did everything they could to keep us safe and one of them actually took office why certain gave it to dean and some of the other girls. We're really cold group for the then they transported us from life raft to use. Boat that answered our SOS. The ship that rescued us of how the Marianne as this big beautiful failed. Absolutely got on the Marianne. Every owner of a little bit shaky we are has seen. We're just so thankful. I don't I hear. You know lead the way to ask this man. We start yeah. There was fantastic. Saved everybody. You know how this lean. I don't see indoors and I would come into my mind I'm it is lot number and these. I went two. See the captain and think Kim that captain hits that that's what I do this is my job. Ladies and radio. Well leasing needing me daily up emergency and thanks John home with a. Fired I was just so grateful I got a little emotional and. There's is businesses living a real good. Think it means and how you feel marries. Early in astronomy. You know me in times of crisis that we fun together. He Austin's parents let. Or says some really. Fantastic. People in the world and I'm I was lucky to have met a bunch of them.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Sixteen passengers had to abandon the small cruise boat and head toward the nearest island after a fire broke out in the engine room.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64681307","title":"Boat catches fire forcing passengers into shark-infested waters","url":"/US/video/galapagos-boat-catches-fire-forcing-passengers-shark-infested-64681307"}