George Floyd bill passes in the House

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, discusses the new bill that bans controversial police tactics as well as her state rolling back COVID-19 restrictions.
8:54 | 03/04/21

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Transcript for George Floyd bill passes in the House
And joining us now. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Democrat of Texas for the latest on. That call would vaccine is among the other big issues on Capitol Hill congressman thanks very much for being with us. Highs last first we just we're talking to doctor Brownstein about the vaccines you representing Houston yesterday governor. Avnet CEO says he's lifting the mast mandated so what do you make of that what are you telling your constituents about these measures. Well let me say he's a Mets had a need to area and that I am I you can see I'm up on the bull trying to get back to my district in the midst. Threats that we're here in. Washington DC. You can imagine how stunned I was. Win without consultation with members of congress without any consultation with the mayors and county judges those are the officers by elected official debit on the front line. Try to get people originally tested we will behind in Texas in terms about testing. We are behind as it relates. To population in as relates to our vaccination as they. Governor did not have a protocol that reach hard to serve areas minorities. Of African American Heritage Hispanic Jarrett did. What hit hardest Michael that nineteenth we're absolutely. Dumbfounded by this irreverent erratic. And since this order that he is. Given now I'm going to be working with the by the administration I think it has to be stronger response we thank them very much calling it yen at the brawl. Let people want to be hurt. There could be more people dying. More people hospitalized. More people who are and in essence. Subject to the very its mutants that are now about. That it now out in him and his state of Texas we understand the scientists that we have all be it a state of Texas. And so I'm asking the governor what is your response I talk to my mayor this morning. I've talked to other individuals and I would say to you that we at the low ebb. Up vaccinations and we need to be so but next week we will have teaming nightclub. We'll have restaurants. Whip. People. There you're good will. Taking their families out what Everett may be feeling this is a great thing that's happening without ads. Have not been tested and not been vaccinated and creating a mass that community spread. This is not. Arm hyperventilating. This is not exaggerating. This is based on science based on a sickness or disease control and limit try to open our schools this is an old time. To promote. And give credence and support to community spread so I don't think that the governor should be conducting. These vaccination. Should have a and control the government. Because he's not doing his job it's a shame to have to say that Texas electric brick failed and now we're failing infighting that nineteen. I am absolutely stunned that all are. And neck congresswoman last time the house passed another major piece of legislation expanding voting rights in reforming campaign finance laws. How do you think this'll make voting more equitable. Oh I think this will be Powell pull as relates to the I dear but voting. Empowerment and that is same day registration. That is more days be able to vote within the law of course. That is to Denton a oppressive actions by state government. And that is to provide more resources for our voting apparatus. To have oversight. And to make sure that we don't have the intimidation. That we saw in president trumps former president's terms sheet back speech which said they should only be one day of voting know only dead it. The apartment. African American voters and Hispanic voters and young voters so. This legislation is guided by all of it is doing nothing outside of the law. It is only seeking to empower boating. And it will be a complement to the John Robert Louis bowed and hands back. That will fix the very bad decision that was made by the Supreme Court that undermine the 1965. Voting rights act so we're looking. Not to do anything but to allow boaters to be able to vote it's really honestly and legally as possible. And and you think it in a democracy and as many people who vote as possible would be part of the point that let me turn. To another major piece of legislation to George Floyd police reform. Bill banning controversial police tactics easing the way for lawsuits against officers who have been violated suspect's constitutional rights. This has been such a pressing issues lit this country up. In so many ways last you think this bill it's gonna make big practical difference in policing on the streets. You know it's very important. To put a human face. On this legislation. And many of us called the names. Of so many. From the genie is eight minutes and 46 seconds from the murder of George stole it. And I spent a lot of time with his family. Well most people would think would be embittered. But they have utilized themselves to go around the country and charging people. Encouraging people to interact easily with the police it's been amazing we spent time with them yesterday evening. But beyond a tale of Stanley and two near rice's family and Walter Scott. That bill. It is a mainstream after it. To enhance the relationships between police and community. I think the police and bills who were exaggerating. Soul. Excessively on the tar last night our Republican friends. Should look at the amount of resources we give to re imagine policing. To get a source says the opportunity for enhanced education. A credit nation. Training as are laced an excessive force training on the duty to intervene I would love to get. Those additional dollars to be able to re imagine my police force. I don't know anybody realizes at 181000 police force is an United States. To many because they would do well to collaborate. And come by what many of the surrounding departments to get the more resources but they have there. And so if there's one department when person department. That person will have the opportunity to get resources to re imagine policing out of this legislation and then. It will give victims and police officers rights because it will hold everyone accountable because it allow everyone to enter into the courthouse barely. Because before. Only the police officer could go into a court. And be ruled. Not guilty if you will the poor victim never got a chance to explain their case. I think this is an opportune any or. New young bright officers are coming in a college degrees. And those who are in leadership. And of course our senior officers are finding new bright opportunity to serve their communities are going to pass to exploit in the United States and it. And we litigated sign. As well so we got really make a difference. In what we're doing and it is going to be one that the nation is going to be able to be very proud out because we did not do this. Alone. We did this is speaking to those who are Republicans and Democrats in Ontario want to say this after George Troy. Those who were protesting peacefully. When that black. They let Hispanic. That when that Asian. They were not Anglo welcome Kasich and they were every one. They work billion in New Zealand in London and Paris on the continent of Africa they would join in the south and Central America. They felt so much pain. And they had such hope and the democracy. That they call the United States of America that they thought if they could be seen and heard. Wall any exchange it would impact does it has impacted as. And it's an impact of these families who still more and about the loss of their loved one not that because people don't pass away or die that happens and out bam lengths. But when it comes to cope in nineteen. That you looked to see how did this happen. These acts include Rihanna Taylor and George Boyd and others family look and say how did this happen why do my job. Have to die at this level of the bile is from the government that's very different. From what happens if you are encountering. Violence and we know that happens we looked up police officers for safety and security so I believe this is going to enhance. I'll service to the nation yeah. All right congresswoman. Sheila Jackson lay on that bill and on a robust agenda in the house represents thanks very much for being with us.

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{"duration":"8:54","description":"Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, discusses the new bill that bans controversial police tactics as well as her state rolling back COVID-19 restrictions. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76260014","title":"George Floyd bill passes in the House","url":"/US/video/george-floyd-bill-passes-house-76260014"}