Government shutdown's real-life impact

Federal worker Darryl Brown shares how the shutdown has affected his life.
4:38 | 01/02/19

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Transcript for Government shutdown's real-life impact
We're joined now by. About one of those federal workers who's feeling the pain actually went to the White House this afternoon to say a few prayers. Hopefully raise this issue into the spotlight Darryl Burton of Maryland. Is an investigator with the Postal Service inspector general's office which is a federally funded top arm of the of the Postal Service mr. Burton thanks so much for. I've been with us you're also pastor of the church we should say Christian church got up and Maryland appreciate your time. On and give us today we are very personal view into what do what the impact this shut down has been for you and your family so far. Greta so it down for me that happened on do some 22 has been very tough on us they'll say family certainly. Having to supply and having to meet them these from a family paying mortgage and paying all the bills that we have to pay. The thrill of this strain is doing this holiday season. And going into the new year but being a man of faith from grateful that god done though they musical. Turn things around four seem that this country will come together import ago like I'm though they were going to. And Europe. Other. Six mr. Burton and know why. Red beds a number of your kids are in college which is an added financial burden. Have you had to take some additional steps to kind of keep that financial. Support line going have you been admitted they had to cut. Cut off some spending take on new jobs and easing of the like so far. Well among from a followed three I think he still follows victimized who have followed three. Where it at any rate Iowa followed three. And certainly have a son missing college of the new York and he has some expenses that we need to take care of and that we are in communications with. To what the creditors whom own departments to see how we can. Make very minimum minimum payment if necessary to keep things going in the mission that the credit rating and I'll make this stuff. It's right in the way it should be and so we made have to make some adjustments with our creditors we called them reach out to see how weekend. In maintain nine vice doubt without it being too hard on those certainly we've done. We've done that to make sure that the firm is taking care and and that my son can't continue his education and they get the school in the that he needs to get. RU. A U sounded a little optimistic about has amassed faith that this can get resolved relatively soon. You've also been a relatively nonpartisan about sister that it that it is simply speaking to the fact that has an impact that's how many families what's your message to lawmakers. In that building behind you is a try to come to some sort of compromise this afternoon. Whether methods where have for a lawmaker says simply this is that girls come together and unite together. Because we all our people died and as you heard me say a little while ago I am a man of faith and I certainly believe that. Testing policy is if we were humble ourselves and turns the lord he will hear. Our cry and he will heal our land. And so I'm optimistic and hopeful that we can put aside. Political views and differences that we have. And come together and unite this country together because that's what we need right now we need to close this you nine it. Together moving in this same direction instead of moving in different directions we may not always agree on their thing but we certainly need to poured together if the country. To come together and to. Resolve this issue of the government being shut down because there's thousands and thousands of Feller a workers across this country who are hurting. Who need them they should that families are being a supporter who need to make sure their bills are being paid who can't put food on the table can continue. To make sure that their children get the education that's needed and as so many other things we do really to focus our resources on the on the stand. Was Bono what what the president is asking for and what we should be doing and Taurus. Take care of our borders and in protecting our borders which I'm all for. Where those come together and do it together as Democrats and Republicans and independents if you will. Those all come together people in this country to unite in that way. All right Tara Burton very well said we we are thinking if you and your families your going through this difficult period we hope for all families that this gets resolved soon thank you so much are happy new year to you. I Gerald Burton again investigator at the Postal Service inspector general's office also pastor of the church father of three.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"Federal worker Darryl Brown shares how the shutdown has affected his life. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60125038","title":"Government shutdown's real-life impact","url":"/US/video/government-shutdowns-real-life-impact-60125038"}