Homes swallowed by giant sinkhole

ABC News' Victor Oquendo reports on the damage caused by a sinkhole in Land O'Lakes, Florida.
5:28 | 07/17/17

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Transcript for Homes swallowed by giant sinkhole
Victor okay do here and Land O'Lakes Florida at the scene of a massive sinkhole that opened up. And swallowed two homes one of the first things occurs had to do. He wanted to make sure everybody was saying they set up a perimeter they got dispense up if taken part of it down to give us a better look sort of walk over now. Take you over to the sinkhole there it is just feet away right over my shoulder. That's the spot right there are opened up Friday morning and officials and keeping a very close watch on this one the news of the day. Crews are going to be going door to door to test. Water at the neighboring houses as you can understand this need in the neighborhood is little fearful right now that the water might be polluted it might be contaminated that's because this debris. You've got household chemicals septic tanks or sewage is another concern here. They're a little worried that the water might be so this morning crews will be going door to door test the waters testing for Tim it's things like E. Coli. And all that stuff now let's go and pushing here fret if we could take you right in there. To the sinkhole where one of the first things you'll spot. Is a boat and believe it or not some people here. Think that that boat might actually salvageable so sit right there on the surface it's been there since Friday morning one of the first things the drop right into the single. Where pan over now give you more than you where you can see just the destruction there this house completely crumbled. Get a good look at the roofing and everything that people I've been watching has just been sitting there for days as well as you have a little bit further over. That bright blue exercise ball. It's just been sitting there right there on the surface in the mud in the water we'll also give you view here from a Barbara taking George roll which has been flying overhead. The cleanup process this is gonna take was you can imagine there's a lot of debris out here you can see it right into the home what's left standing on it there's a bright green bathroom there's. Jacuzzi Erie in the back by that white fence he may got a lot of their high sold items is out as well from that drone video. As for that cleanup process officials can't quite get in there just yet. And here's why. They need to make sure that the ground is stable before they do that again this thing. It's 225. Feet wide and some fifty feet deep it started Friday morning as the size of a small swimming pool it expanded pretty quickly after that. Now it has been to war it has not grown has not. Moved in about a little more than 48 hours which is a good sign of success here with the wanted to see here because of the size and scope but it. They need to go head and make sure that everything is stable before the coming here. With a heavy equipment so quickly replies we are talking about dump trucks and possibly even cranes to get all that I hear and as you can imagine. The lot of heavy debris that they need to remove they wanna make sure that the ground doesn't move and everything is stable here. Before they bring in all of that stuff sure to get that process going now was early Friday morning around seven or 8 AM when these houses first started to come down as you can imagine. Neighbors who all the surrounding houses. They were either woken up so that no is there were out for a morning walk you're having coffee get ready go to work the next thing you know. They looked outside as one near but it they were just looking at the further house. They were now looking inside vacancy a master bedroom. They you know it's morning pixel time to wake up they realized OK something's horribly wrong here that eventually wants things really started to come down. Neighbor started pulling out their phones recording all of it not so we've been able to bring you all that incredible video watching. That earth just give way right underneath these homes and watching these. House is just crumble here lets you quickly about singles singles of Florida it's very very common occurrence. Usually they're not this size this one is unusually large in Pasco County they're calling this one the biggest. In a little more than three decades this one is huge here's house ankles form we are at the bottom layer here there is an over that water. We'll eat away at the limestone that's underneath and eventually what happens kind of forms of pocket a cave of sorts. And then all that weight on top eventually just becomes too much. In the ground just collapse is usually that happens on a much smaller scale and imagine this happening. Top of two homes that's what happened here Friday morning. Interesting nugget here both of these homes showed signs of sinkhole activity years ago the one that partially collapsed I was in 2007. And county officials couldn't give us any more notes on the island but they did say that they had to investigate battle for possible sing collected in 2007. Now the one that pulled the collapse the big one. That was 2012. That would showed signs of sprinkle activity and that was so 2012. That's when they had to really investigate. Nothing was done to it until 2016. I knew homer came in and bought it a year before and a year later that's when they made the adjustments factory mediated so they put in. 33 under pains us like steel rods the try to solidify the foundation here. The cost of a 30000. Dollars the county has records of it and it was. Remediation and they thought that they've fix the problem obviously to see right there. They have not so this cleanup process it's gonna take some time. And it. It's again they're gonna need to wait Nancy. When they determine the ground is stable this everything is good to go out here that's a little comment. Hopefully start getting this area back to normal however officials telling us that could take a number of months. Big joke Ando ABC news Land O'Lakes Florida.

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{"id":48679477,"title":"Homes swallowed by giant sinkhole","duration":"5:28","description":"ABC News' Victor Oquendo reports on the damage caused by a sinkhole in Land O'Lakes, Florida.","url":"/US/video/homes-swallowed-giant-sinkhole-48679477","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}