FBI Determines Jewish Community Center Shooting Was a Hate Crime

Alleged shooter Glenn Miller was reported yelling Nazi slurs when he surrendered to police.
7:13 | 04/14/14

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Transcript for FBI Determines Jewish Community Center Shooting Was a Hate Crime
This is a special group. -- leaders -- who were local and agencies that was. That bold statement authorities with the evidence they need to call it shooting Rampage outside a Jewish community center near Kansas City. I hate crime three people are dead community shaken up by this crime and the suspect a well known -- -- promised. Behind bars after dinner and Dan Butler in New York here with more on the story CBC's Michel France show. And certainly as you heard the FBI and the police now determining in that this case was a hate crime. They say based on the suspects beliefs. Police and FBI confirmed the deadly shootings in Overland Park, Kansas Sunday were motivated by hate. Officially we believe this to be a -- The suspect 73 year old Frazier -- -- who goes by the name Glenn Miller surrendered to police. After his arrest he yelled Nazi slogans from a patrol car. The first deadly Rampage took place in this parking lot of a Jewish community center. As children and parents gathered inside for singing contest. It was a scary and mean people are calling -- -- police say fourteen year old read Underwood and his grandfather doctor William Lewis -- Were gunned down in their car. But it didn't stop there police say the gunman went to a Jewish assisted living center about a mile away an open fire. Killing a third female victim -- Romano. Allegedly shot it to others and missed the Southern Poverty Law Center says Miller is a known white supremacist. Is literally. One of the most hardcore anti -- I have ever spoken -- In 2000 Danny launched a senate bid making this radio campaign that you should McEnroe -- you to take over our government banks and our media. This morning President Obama condemned the shootings. Heard on the eve of passover. And offered condolences at the White House Easter prayer breakfast. As Americans we not only need to open our hearts to the families of victims we've got to stand united. Against this kind of terrible violence which has no place in our society. Cross was formally charged with first degree murder but he did not appear in court the FBI and police now working on another list of charges. That could come out in the next 24 hours dance and -- I understand that -- of the victim's parents had said something this afternoon news conference. There we heard from family members of -- Underwood and his grandfather doctor. Louis Williams and we also heard from his mom's telling telling us about more of about his son saying that he was there to compete in the singing contest that he was. Going to try out for Jesus Christ superstar there. -- says -- she says that her son and her father were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And also. On this and in this was something that I believe that we -- heard that she was saying if in fact there is to be any good from this she was hoping -- -- to donate some of her son's organs. That's true she says she's. Waiting to hear back from doctors and she's hoping that some way some good can come out of this to make sure that they are honored in their life and death. ABC's Michelle Franzen. Latest on that Michelle thank you I want to bring in now ABC's Ryan -- legal analyst and correspondent they're right we know that the suspect Frazier going -- Who is a very well known white supremacist didn't hide it what else do we know about him. Well we know that he's in his seventies and we know that more than anything he was a man -- -- negativity towards different groups and that's gonna play heavily into. What looks like federal hate crime charges and maybe even state hate crime charges because what really matters for those charges are what was in his mind. Doesn't matter what the victims affiliations were anything like that but what was in his mind so at this point we're still learning more details about him but he had a long history. Anti Semitic comments. And views and had been raised the attention of the FBI in previous cases correct that's right and so they had been keeping an eye on him. But that's the tough thing with a lot of people they're keeping an island. It's hard for them to do different things and -- those people are active so what they do -- they watch they maintain records they try to figure out what these people are doing. But it's it's very very difficult for some groups to say okay well now we know he's going to act we need to move in. So while they were keeping an -- they were doing the best they can to make sure he didn't cause a problem for society obviously. They couldn't know that this was going to happen he was a -- contribute to appear in court today that changed what happened well what happens there is -- they want to get more time. To figure out. What charges they will file whether additional charges will be filed. In kids about 48 hours to determine which one of file and you never want to rush you want to make sure you have all your ducks in a row will there -- gun charges what about the state hate crime charges if any. So in situations like that you know that he'll be charged with first degree murder at least three counts. But the question is are there more charges to come and you don't want to rush in there. Just to make a statement just to make those charges sure you can add them later but you -- -- get as much as you can now given his history that authorities say that the suspect as well known. -- obviously. Against as you pointed out there. Hate against certain particular groups and the government that -- that strengthen its case. It absolutely does and what's key again is what's in his mind that I think there's going to be some argument of well. Not all the people that he went -- were Jewish that doesn't matter if he believes he has a bias. He believes attacking someone based on that biased. That is enough to get that conviction based on a whole litany of other things that happen in hate -- suits -- hate crime charges. So when you look at a federal hate crime charge which is likely to happen here the maximum penalty is the death penalty. On the state level in Kansas for first degree murder with aggregators in this case. Things like heinous atrocious and cruel behavior or putting others in danger. That also carries the death penalty you're looking at two different systems in which he might be eligible for the death penalty if convicted that of course the legal aspect all of this that right now the community still obviously grieving and very shaken up. By the loss of those three people ABC's Ryan Smith with the latest on that -- certainly appreciate the time. And of course you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news that star in the store for exclusive updates on the go. For now though I'm Dan -- New York. The very quickly -- realized that it wasn't that. Many of -- that hasn't happened within seconds. And I ran around the track and I saw my son lying there and they're already two people with 1013. Men whom I don't know. There are holding him and it did not get against linking him I saw. I'm just that he seemed a little lifeless that I did not get significantly get him before someone named Mickey you. I'm very blessed for him grabs me help me very tightly pulled me away from the scene.

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{"duration":"7:13","description":"Alleged shooter Glenn Miller was reported yelling Nazi slurs when he surrendered to police.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23323085","title":"FBI Determines Jewish Community Center Shooting Was a Hate Crime","url":"/US/video/jewish-community-center-shooting-fbi-determines-glenn-miller-23323085"}