'John Doe Duffel Bag' Arrested in New York City Murders

Salvatore Perrone is charged with murder in the slayings of three shopkeepers in Brooklyn.
5:03 | 11/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'John Doe Duffel Bag' Arrested in New York City Murders
NYPD homicide detectives today there. Arrested Salvatore -- of Staten Island in the shooting deaths of three Brooklyn merchants. After he made statements implicating himself. And -- -- the 22 caliber rifle he used in the -- was recovered from his duffel bag. To subject girlfriend's apartment. -- -- world is the subject him. Ballistic test those tests indicated that the shell casings found at the three crime scenes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- fingerprint also was lifted from the murder weapon. The victim -- -- -- -- was killed Friday sometime. After 7:30 PM and before the 7-Eleven PM. When the body was discovered. And the third casualty of this suspected serial killer to. -- had been captured on video at 6 PM within a block and a half of the latest homicide. The Ruble. 1022 car being -- and -- Was used to kill first. Mohammed -- aged 65 on July 6 at Valentino session in bay ridge. Next I -- secondary. Age 59. On August 2 at an amazing 99 cent deals in Bensonhurst. And lastly seventy year old mr. about a -- -- on November 16. At she -- boutique in front porch. Wrong doesn't recognize yesterday at a pharmacy in bay ridge. And voluntarily agreed to a company responding police offices of the station house. Detectives obtained a warrant to search for -- duffel bag which was found at his girlfriend's apartment. It was the same -- that -- was seen carrying a videotape images of him in the vicinity of the most recent homicide. The crime scene detectives searched the bag. Early this morning. They sounds -- -- being with the sort of stock. And the combination and leisure flashlight attached to its battle with duct tape and to -- Rubber bands. And it -- a single live round in the chamber. They also recovered a box of 22 caliber long rifle ammunition. An empty magazine. 812 inch kitchen knife with dried blood on it. Detectives also found two broke folding knives. Each -- -- and interest rates. The -- and had originally been shocked by the manufacturer. In 1977. To a federal firearms dealer in Manhattan. Known then as did all purchases. Which is no longer in business. It was an independent center of men's and women's apparel. Who cleared -- small merchants in Brooklyn. That is photograph was circulated. We received several calls from proprietors of similar stores to inform us that they recognized -- -- as a salesman. Who would periodically visit this stores. Who was 63 years of age and divorce. Owns a whole room at -- clove road in Staten Island. But resided often on over the last several years. With is lady friend in Brooklyn. If he is a native of Bensonhurst. After a second victim was killer will take 22 caliber gun and August detectives checked the ballistics of prior year's shootings. Involving 22 caliber of rifles or handguns but none were found to be linked to this case. The individual. Who yesterday recognized -- as John -- duffel bag from the images circulated. By the media called the please. -- -- does not want to be identified. -- want -- -- -- commend him for his vigilance and his civic mindedness. -- the others who quarreled with useful in -- We also appreciate the media's cooperation and circulating. Around photograph. District attorney's -- at a family obligation. That prevented him from joining us this evening so Oakland Tom chancellor of the homicide bureau is representing. Join us this evening. We work every day with Brooklyn prosecutors took about violence in Brooklyn. This case had a special urgency. And can TARP and -- -- Gave it their all.

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{"id":17782579,"title":"'John Doe Duffel Bag' Arrested in New York City Murders","duration":"5:03","description":"Salvatore Perrone is charged with murder in the slayings of three shopkeepers in Brooklyn.","url":"/US/video/john-doe-duffel-bag-arrested-york-city-murders-17782579","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}