John Oliver confronts Dustin Hoffman on allegations

"The View" co-hosts discuss whether the confrontation was appropriate.
4:57 | 12/06/17

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Transcript for John Oliver confronts Dustin Hoffman on allegations
sexual harassment. John Oliver asked Dustin Hoffman about the allegations about him. Take a look. Do you believe this stuff that you're reading? I believe what she wrote, yes. Why? Because there's no point in her lying. Well, there is a point in her not bringing this up for 40 years. Really? Oh Dustin. There isn't? This was a panel discussion about a movie. He wasn't the only one on stage. Should John have invited him on the show if he really wanted to get into this. I guess it went on and on. On his show. On John Oliver's show as opposed to a panel discussion about a film. The underlying -- the secondary story in the film is that this has happened because a president has messed around and they start thishole thing to take attention away from it. It's allegedly based on Monica Lewinsky and the koz Vo scandal. I think it misses the argument that people didn't have power then. Two, the people I felt for were the people in the audience. I think you have to ask the question. It's the elephant in the room. The reason people go to the 92nd street Y is to honor a piece of art. Part of me felt it was the wrong time. They were talking about an anniversary of a movie. The the director was there. It was supposed to be a conversation about something. I'm not saying let him off. I felt bad for the people that showed up and had to listen to this. I think -- is there really ever a right time to address these issues? Yeah. I wonder -- what happened men Nate parker rather than getting Oscar buzz every time he was interviewed about the movie he was enter Rued about an old rape case for which he was acquitted. I thought at that time it was fair game as well. Even though he was acquitted? Yes. To broach the subject because there were rape scenes in his movie and a lot of allegations arou around. Same with Dustin Hoffman even though he apologized. And let's be clear. He's not been accused of rape. He said he didn't think he did anything wrong. But his question was why 40 years? You're confronting me with this now and you're not asking me what happened on my end. You're telling me that I did something. You're going in this direction. Could John have just said I want to have you on my show? I think certainly he could have done that as well. Uh-huh. I don't know that there is ever the -- that he should have missed opportunity to address the elephant in the room. The you know what, there's a certain sandbagging element to this also. Not to defend Dustin. He didn't expect that. He expected to talk about the -- There was a director there. A question would have come up because that's part of the film. Uh-huh. It didn't just stop with one question. It sort of a parntdly went on and on. Isn't it fascinating that Dustin is so tone deaf that he would show up at this? I'm sorry. No. This is the bitch about allegations. Do people who have been accused -- if they don't feel that they are responsible for something and they say no, I didn't do this. This is what I recall. So does he stay home now because everybody is going to ask him or does he -- Wag the dog as you pointed out has this element in the film. There he is a sitting duck at the 92nd street Y. Who expects this to happen? Why not just say I didn't do it? He didn't say that because he probably did, didn't he? No. I don't know. I think he actually -- I actually do think he said I didn't do that and I don't recall this. He doesn't remember it. He would not respond to John Oliver. He responded. This is the bitch about this. You have to continue to respond every time somebody asks you which is fine if you don't mind that. If you're going to talk about a movie, one question you expect. Do you expect to have to do the whole 90 minutes at the 92nd street Y.

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{"id":51620809,"title":"John Oliver confronts Dustin Hoffman on allegations","duration":"4:57","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss whether the confrontation was appropriate.","url":"/US/video/john-oliver-confronts-dustin-hoffman-allegations-51620809","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}