Judge to hear arguments on Dakota Access pipeline project

ABC News' Maggie Rulli reports from Washington talking to Leaders of Standing Rock.
9:59 | 02/13/17

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Transcript for Judge to hear arguments on Dakota Access pipeline project
Hey guys Maggie really here for ABC news digital and we just caught up with members and leaders of the greats in nation who. Are about to walk into the courthouse behind us you have traveled far to bring your fight bring your case here to DC. Why are you here where you going inside to do. We've. TRO temporary restraining order against reporter the juniors two hopefully. You know deny that these men. The corps of engineers approved in Long Island accord access to go to pipeline across a river slow. That's not true reached a little bit more explained he'd been a part of this now. For months what are you fighting for what's happening back home. Well you know back home I think there's lot of concern in lot of feared. This pipeline may go through a river. And that rivers that are is our life that water is there live from our people and for lot of us tribes its only source of fresh clean water so. It's important for us to stand up and then stopped as pipeline. And just last week the trump administration. Granted that that it access could in fact start building this pipeline again what was it like for you to hear that announcement at what do you hope from the new administration. Well. Were lied to me we expected it to happen. We've been preparing for months. So you know we knew was common and does little shocking that a council soon. I hope and you know this administration. Leagues. Do environmental impact statement to really look at facts that is by playing with their Google threw into brutality that's. Solving really when you look at all the walls and all the regulations to protector. Our water our environment. And open that whose reeling from the judge isn't. Eagle inside this courtroom in just a few minutes what are you going to be argument what do you hope to achieve it would be opening for you. How about that to the judge orders the construction to stop. Until and Byron complete environmental impact statement is conducted because I believe god. With that. Environmental impact statement as well. Scholl but that pipeline shouldn't cross fresh water soul sort of hopeful for. Even fighting this now for quite some time why was important for all of YouTube. Bring the fight here to DC Amy we have the United States capitol just two are left the courtroom behind as he went and saw. The actual treaties that. Members of your community signs years ago what why you bring it to wash need DC what's so important about being here. The for assists in wahpeton Sioux tribe bids success bicentennial year. Of our treaty. And it shows that. As a duck quote we we we still speak our language whoever culture where over history. Whatever way of life and to stand in. Unit to you with. Our sister tribes. That's why I'm here. And to share our concerns. Water I think for everybody. It's reasonable to say that that water is. It's it's needed in in in the military. It's needed in agriculture. And fresh clean water. Is important to to everybody not just American Indian people but to all Americans. And I think it's a valid concern. And it's and it and it needs to be you. We're optimistic. You know where where I'm I'm very optimistic to work with the new administration and to keep those lines of communication open and and those treaties are binding documents between nations where nation who we are we are sovereign nations within a nation. That's the way I've understood or treaty that's what's been. Shared with me. By the federal government throughout the last twenty years. That as as as a as a reservation we are we are a nation within a nation and and we honor that and and we and we know that our congressional leadership honors that as well so. So that's why I'm here and just to support the chairman and and the other tribes and in my tribe would be impact if if this pipeline were to ever leak. Are freshwater source opened the Dakotas would be impact of farmers would be impact there. There are. Crops would be hurt if there was. You know contamination leak so that's why I'm here. How do you feel like the rest of the country has been responding to weather beat the protests or the temporary restraining order that you just filed what's the response been like. From fellow Americans. Any and it and. There's been. Literally thousands in mile into people and counter rocked a whole the United States standing up for. And in rejecting that. Oil pipeline on the Chaffee California or New York. Denver summit of the largest cities in. In the United States you know Los Angeles sound. We got a lot of support this past summer this past fall due to winter there's been nearly thousands of people standing in support of no pipe right corner need to water you know and I determines mentioned you know that's an. That's part of our life it's always been and always will be. Unit downstream it's also server C. Millions of other people not that are not native Americans. But. As native Americans. Our job is to protect its land. Protect mother. It's were raised in that fashion every key natural about it. Sunday they're gonna find out that they can't eat that dollar bill. Are they can. Jury or eat and it is Seubert come from me you know. So. I keep today bill dollars I know have filed also most recently in a past few days so. We're not a re here to support chairman of Frazier. And I'm Schoen river. But. We're we're here. And strong support of pocket trying to get it stopped. And Nike got it arbitrary actions that president trump has put out. You know it's it's not start not as a good relationship. At this point. And I think he needs to reap the conductor on earned and treaties and and we're here to. To show on that we have treaties and it's Monday. Each other treat morning miles yesterday. But at a trees say. That treaty as a whole lot to say. Be in specific. What article would you like to be quoting home where it went stuck out must free from the tree. To sheepskin that chairman Frazer road. And it ended living doctor Meehan every day 1851 in the 1868. Treaty. Two actually Butte dam in CO mom in person. Who has a great honor. And since literacy and record cause made of them aren't you actually got to see the actual document that was signed. You guys have I know you have to get in there because this is happening rate now before I have you go though. Diner you've been a part of this for awhile as well I was it's so important for you to to keep fighting and when you've been doing this month after month in the cold weather. Eighth eating cold here in DC right now why are you still part of this movement. Can't talk from a personal standpoint as an elder of the standing Max and track I understand our treaty rights those kinds of things. That we we're spending and why we. Established camp two began with. But right now I you know. The thing that. I'm hoping that there's there was still be some kind of rule apply this country because that's what the treaties are. But in the meantime we had thousands. Of people come through art camp this past seven months. And they are away at home as water protectors. And they're the ones that are standing now for divestment. Many of that banks around the country. Aired there clue having them pull their money out of divest from. Pipeline. So those ongoing struggle does nothing new we have to do this. Every you know decade or whatever what regime in politics in Washington so this is nothing new forest of battle has always been around for us. So yeah I'm out there in am glad to see the younger ones coming up at an apt to Kerry's. And today is not the end it's no matter what happens whatever happens with the ruling and just a few hours in this courthouse unit and a stay stay here and keep fighting what's gonna happen. When evidence of the Western Hemisphere that analogy including warehouse sit stress this is our land just over. One cause of the epic so we're gonna always that always be. To maintain what we have left. Larry I know you read do have to get going it's the hearing starts in just a few minutes inside so. Go in there best of luck let us know how it goes will be out here we'll keep you guys updated on ABC digital whether it's today whether it's. When we hear more from the hearing throughout the week. Good luck in there. Once again this is not really for. Any outside a courthouse in Washington DC wearing just a few minutes here it will begin. And their elders and members of the greets a nation of optical an inflight. Four at the rights to their land added an anti seen here for a couple days and it will continue to stay here and by.

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