Jue Lan Club Restaurant Opens Next In Limelight Landmark

ABC News' Charli James heads into the kitchen at Jue Lan Club, a restaurant that has opened in the Limelight building.
12:28 | 03/03/16

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Transcript for Jue Lan Club Restaurant Opens Next In Limelight Landmark
Every lunch early came back here in New York City outside what it used to be Richards used to ease the limelight if you're joining us back. From before Ramirez's David Barton gym was inside the association. We are just around the corner now at a new restaurants is just opened a couple of months ago it called the Q Lan club. Named after a Chinese art society from the 1930s. And ready to take you inside seemed pop went. The restaurant floor not open this up. NN headline as well he's executive chef. I'm gonna do demo for a little about it that. First let's start with this is a mixture name I got is more important purpose great and he would be restaurant toward that. That open up this day and that's restaurant just a couple of months ago. And so we were just ended in the art gem that I'll be apart Richards and the old clubs in my mind. They covers on this from that students who worked out look at a chart. Apparently out at the. Audi can come hair and and that and get your energy back the third you also need a point you keep some of the touch point from the church from. And the limelight club which I understand yours you yourself. Had been sued back in the day and it. Many nights. Some forgotten by yes men united for viewers and the limelight for the twenty years. Did you are it was we keep all the history. The the beautiful architecture that we inherited. From the upper walls the floors in the city. Yelling. And a beautiful gothic windows from the 1840s. And a legendary irreplaceable. Architecture that we heard it here limelight. So let's site. Get a little torment and the hammer rounds and let's stratus can take a lead on an instant he is the acts records. Here we heard it actually did attributes its over the great artists that started here key Aaron is its original. He actually start your side. There. And we should. Architecture. All wrecked war. It is estimated its entry to what was once here. Certainly thank you are action engine unfortunately this is our equities. Are. This would see a traditional courtroom. The sheriff recruit here is where it led to the dance floor. Where was basically a bubble machine at dance floor. And the folks aren't exactly selling persistently. You know embrace the beauty of what one might cause a beautiful mountains. Mobility for. He's art these are from Shanghai he he. And you know. The original architecture. And brisket there has been. Incorporated there. You know like those. And so how much I'm clean gunning. Did you did Clinton. The party throughout. Lisa I think all the fallout they go back to the traditional brick and mortar. And the artwork from us jobs around here. And I salute. Restaurants and retailers aren't they didn't have access to us. This was first time correct this room after the ship her about the legendary Atlanta limelight nights and days. You know this room was never used again. So this group brought it back to life. Are you done a beautiful job and you're definitely. And touches from that the limelight green bush. Reflects. And it Chinese change. Color is also really nice usage. All kinds of different and. Correct really did change you wherever you completely changed the whole the whole limelight was was once one we want to embrace what it once we want to run away from. That's what the whole idea design and architectural. He only got together with the design them you know. We didn't want to run away this into a completely different restaurant we wanted to know once you're here you're in the limelight. And hey you guys are open seven days a week I heard also. I really great things about the origins come brunch your eyes can you tell our viewers a little bit about that they're thinking coming. I we have two did a chef we have the rolling carts like coach additional Chinatown. And we've you know basically it all all morning from 11 to 4 o'clock we're doing brunch. And that no debris like certain week. We didn't respond to the brunch on Saturdays and it. Yeah you'd. Haven't experienced in some. Great New York tradition and the a little bit of modern place to try it out. It one more race. It's great experience for you here at this new restaurant and take you inside the kitchen clearance. And executive chef here Oscars for out is gonna give us a little bit a look at one of their dishes. If you don't let me in they're I don't. Coming up we'll run and no telling the little bit first liberally in the downtown about that when you're creating a net. Modernize. Previously done. Later. Wrong. A letter land. Starts important rock right. Little bit and work right now. Like I'm some numbers back and once we get that worked out. Come right back up. OK Ingrid Rivera RA. Next. David raising event. You don't. And mark Kelly is not great and good like mark Kelly what I. Right gold card. I know what is right. Okay. I would love to try to actually and it's taken out of time so when of that evening. A look at me I'm the lucky and hit. Front and out of the last thing I want to show you. And there's a cool back Alley here. That they have read god is you know at some dark alleys India little Ryan Nece but stratus and crew have. I had done something cool with that ends in two race you pack your. Turned it into an outdoor dining spot. In the summer it's obvious little warm her but they've got he glanced out here as well. And stats tell us a little bit about this law artwork that we're seeing behind us. What we can't be found them undesirable space and we embrace him part of Brooklyn. Where he. We took three graffiti artist. We get about four cases of Britney. We looked at here for a weekend and it you know this beautiful masterpiece of all. Graffiti artworks from the great they observed David Johnson. All very high reputable. Graffiti art artists I want the freedom inside the restaurant won't take me outside. To show how great these guys aren't what they can do with the problems a couple of chances for him. I'm sure it didn't take that much on holidays and it nights and long every night okay. Go sounds like an artist's dream. So I'm going to neither of us do not backing him that this case aren't worth our viewers. So back here this I think you know it's so beautiful inside pump but this also hasn't really cool. New York feel. And for outside and you know in the summer months New Yorkers loved. Outdoor dining that this is let's look spot just. Give the little 360 degree tour here and for people looking for instant Graham friendly places sit Zion. This is definitely a great spot. Tickets. New York in the ground where the next. And snake. One last look at. He did here so I'm the lucky on that details that. This amazing fried rice. That is on the menu near sucks. Systemic gravest do you. And give its case as they signed on airs. Slobodan. I'm. He can get that up. The shrimp and that pork belly taste is a little ice guys really nice thank you sometimes do. Everyone here at the restaurant is look it's inadvertent gem for giving little tour this New York landmark that is being kind of outfit life and Alison. In New York City and if you live in the art I'm sure you already know about the history of the same time might come down a check out its new. It's new reincarnation. And if you don't live in New York mixture to stop highway art at Chelsea that avenue and onion street sense. If you come by and not make a reservation test out the chairman a little shopping. Thanks so much for joining us. On abcnews.com. And enjoy a little more up next senate strategy game.

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{"duration":"12:28","description":"ABC News' Charli James heads into the kitchen at Jue Lan Club, a restaurant that has opened in the Limelight building. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"37369572","title":"Jue Lan Club Restaurant Opens Next In Limelight Landmark ","url":"/US/video/jue-lan-club-restaurant-opens-limelight-landmark-37369572"}