Jury deliberates in Van Dyke trial

Chicago braces for protests once the jury makes a decision in the case of a white police officer who killed a black teenager.
3:02 | 10/05/18

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Transcript for Jury deliberates in Van Dyke trial
And now let's go over to Chicago where we are awaiting a verdict in the trial of officer Jason van dyke who is charged with murder. In the shooting death of seventeen year old look on McDonnell the cases now in the hands of the jury an ABC's Alex Perez is there. Outside the courtroom Alex what's the latest on all that's. Better than yet jurors just resumed their deliberations here at the Cook County courthouse just a few minutes ago they deliberated yesterday for about five hours. As you mentioned they are weighing the fate of Chicago police officer Jason van dyke he's charged with first degree murder but. They could consider a lesser. Charge of second degree murder now van dyke is charged with killing seventeen year old would want McDonald the entire incident captured and that now. Infamous police dash cam video you see van dyke Hugh McDonald sixteen times. MacDonald had a three inch knife in his hand the van dyke argues that he repeatedly told McDonald to drop that knife and he ignored. Those demands and that he lunged at him countless sick of quick listen. But if you look at the video I should tell you look at it closely and appears that MacDonald is walking away. From van Dyk when he is shocked now one should take a quick listen. To the closing arguments and how the prosecution and defense and made their case to the jury. Yeah had been about it yeah. The red and trying to. I want. Burst. Out. We have to look at this from Jayson midnight respect. Probable guilt is not an. The video. Is that enough. Now when. Now when that video was released about three years ago it is sparked weeks of protests and of course officials here now are preparing. For anything any decision in that verdict in that jury. Room they say the police department here all 121000 officers are standing by at ready to react two whatever it is that jurors. Decide but at this point it's a big game of waiting Diane the jury. In their just a few minutes ago and we're all here standing by. And Alex is there any sense of how long it might take have they asked for anything that led off for any clues on the front. You know everyone's trying to pay attention to every legal. Really don't have any idea just where they aren't due deliberation process they've asked one. Question that lawyers seek testimony from Jason van dykes a partner who testified during the trial. I'm we do know that if they do not reach a decision. By the end of the day today they will be sequestered in the just as they will work through the weekend. Until they are able to reach a decision Diane. Alec dressed in Chicago Alec thanks.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"Chicago braces for protests once the jury makes a decision in the case of a white police officer who killed a black teenager. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58311627","title":"Jury deliberates in Van Dyke trial ","url":"/US/video/jury-deliberates-van-dyke-trial-58311627"}