Jury set to deliberate fate of 'El Chapo'

Details emerge from the alleged drug lord's trial, revealing murders, kidnapping, torture and bribery surrounding the 10 counts the jury is set to review as the case comes to a close.
4:15 | 02/04/19

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Transcript for Jury set to deliberate fate of 'El Chapo'
Now up to another big story here the very latest in the helped topple. And trial Aaron Cook Turkey following all of that. And we understand that they L toppled jury is deliberating now Aaron what can you tell us. They're about to get the case lot of the judge is giving them final instructions and after a trial that has spent several months it's going to be up to the seven women and five men. In Brooklyn federal court to decide the fate of the world's most notorious. Drug lords there is no bigger criminal. In modern times a DEA agents have told me Lana. Then Joaquin Guzman just based on the sheer number of deaths they attribute to the drugs that he said two of one of the country we did and and and includes Osama bin Laden or or any in a modern day gangster. I'll chop O they say is number one and over the last several months federal prosecutors have set out. To prove it and the jury has heard. From more than fifty prosecution witnesses. They have heard crucially I'll chop O in his own words bragging. About his offenses and and and even about the brutality that's been associated with the Sinaloa Cartel. Under his control. Karen what is it about this case and so has that has so captured. Everyone's interest why it wouldn't tell us some of the things in Baghdad for somebody he's just tuning in right now. The highly paid I there were some really terrible charges leveled against Hilltop. That the charges probably are that he ran this vast conspiracy to flood the United States would drugs but. The underlying crimes include murder. And kidnapping. And torture and the testimony has been anything but boring it includes. Naked narrow escapes through underground tunnels that includes spying on mistresses and girlfriends and and and even his wife that includes. Pay a boastful. El shop low talking about plastic surgery. About. The sex that he's had with the women. And it is also included the rather novel ideas that he came up with to squirrel drugs into this country. We think of it is almost quaint now but before all shop all. There were no plastic banana is filled with cocaine or how to pay no cans filled with drugs that were being imported into the United States. Those were all his invention and in those the last part of his. Life running the Sinaloa Cartel that's when the DEA says. He rather in seriously. Enabled fentanyl to come into the United States because he figured out how to hook up with. Can this in China. Get the raw materials to Mexico and then from there into the US. Really when you read these details and hear about it it sounds like a fiction writer and I get to it's something that you could tune into on Netflix perhaps but. It seems like a slam dunk for the prosecution Aaron any sense of any sense of how long the jury might deliberate on this one. Always a fool's errand to read jury jurors but one I think there are a couple of things that could perhaps draw this out because it does seem. Is so notorious as the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel that the jury couldn't help. But convict and that may well be true and after all the prosecution offered more than fifty witnesses over eleven weeks in the defense testimony. One witness thirty minutes so the defense really didn't even put up much of a fight except to try and discredit all the government witnesses. There could be jurors who were scared they're kept anonymous. For their safety and they may feel like. Internally they don't want to be responsible for convicting someone that they just heard for the last three months is is so brutal. There are also it just. Reality of it is that the jury form is quite complicated there are tens separate counts. Each of those counts has underlying crimes that the jury must decide. Whether the prosecution prove or did not prove and so does going through the facts of the case and and deliberating together. It could take some time. Thank you Aaron kick her Skinner you're gonna stay on top of all of it and bring us the very interesting details. Banana as palate he knows all filled with drugs and every other piece of the L chapel puzzle as it unfolds thank you Aaron.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Details emerge from the alleged drug lord's trial, revealing murders, kidnapping, torture and bribery surrounding the 10 counts the jury is set to review as the case comes to a close.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60832885","title":"Jury set to deliberate fate of 'El Chapo'","url":"/US/video/jury-set-deliberate-alleged-drug-lord-el-chapos-60832885"}