Justice Stevens remembered for 'transcending partisanship'

Kate Shaw, ABC News' Supreme Court contributor, looks back on clerking for Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who died at age 99 this week.
2:45 | 07/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Justice Stevens remembered for 'transcending partisanship'
Our rights I want to bring in Kate shawl she's ABC news Supreme Court contributor and former clerk to Justice Stevens. Kate you knew him well what was it like working for him. Yes thanks you know all of everyone and a former Justice Stevens what family is heartbroken today but also. I think you admit that an opportunity to reflect on this incredible life and legacy in the law on so you don't. I government doesn't seven to do not and Ian people who don't. Know what it's like to clerk for justice it's a really intimate experience there for a law clerks in every justice's chambers and operating conditions a total secrecy that is really despite review. I kind of network everyday and so you really get to know one another action and he was just a joy to work for all of his former clerks say Dutch. You know Justice Stevens left the Supreme Court opening gas station one day we would follow and pumped osprey because he was just got spectacular to work or. And on top of that you know you got to throw it help him grapple with some of the hardest and most important questions. In legal and constitutional sort of world so I'm so is an extraordinary experience circuit image. And Kate you know just looking back at your time with him is something that you can Telus on the that you learn from him that you keep with you. You know I think the justice com is a relic of another air in a certain respect that he really did. Transcend partisanship I mean if he was a moderate Republican when appointed to the court. By the timing he it was about how Qwikster his nearly thirty fighter tenure on the court he was really unquestioned leader of the liberal wing of the court. And so you know I I think that partisan affiliation for him. Both before he became a justice and and and even more after I had very little to do with his view on any particular legal question I think. That's sort of how he he saw the world every legal case to him. I'm was one in which he believed that all of his colleagues on the court had a genuinely open mind and that the party the president who appointed justice. I didn't necessarily dictate the way they would vote in a particular case we strip approached every case that way. And yet even when it seemed to some of his locker with states are obvious how some of the justices are gonna vote in particular case that. He always believed that everyone was open to persuasion on each and every case should be approach on its own merits and even when he lost really. Hard it is important 54 cases bush vs gore. Heller which is the Second Amendment Kate. I'm Citizens United so he wrote that dissect the dissenting opinions in these five port gates is on but he started got a the next day and a sort of continue doing his job he never really let those things shake him. Andy I think that serve. It's what weathering losses no matter how big entered getting up and stripped. I'm hitting the ground running the next day it was a huge legacy you left for everybody who worked with them you know and maybe for. All of us are right Kate shall we appreciate you giving us your memories very very good so thanks for being with us today. Thank you.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Kate Shaw, ABC News' Supreme Court contributor, looks back on clerking for Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who died at age 99 this week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64393437","title":"Justice Stevens remembered for 'transcending partisanship'","url":"/US/video/justice-stevens-remembered-transcending-partisanship-64393437"}