Kennedy Cousin Convicted in 1975 Murder

Michael Skakel was found guilty in the murder of Martha Moxley on June 7, 2002.
2:35 | 10/24/13

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Transcript for Kennedy Cousin Convicted in 1975 Murder
In Connecticut -- -- a man named Michael Skakel was convicted of murdering a teenage neighbor named Martha Moxley when they were both fifteen years old. It was in 1975. And this case which is taken so long to be resolved. Has attracted a lot of attention in part because mr. skakel is a nephew of the late Robert Kennedy and his widow Ethel. ABC's Cynthia McFadden has covered this case for us when this verdict came down today a lot of us who -- only -- -- quite surprised. -- Peter it was -- -- a surprise perhaps to those of some of the -- appear to be in the courtroom earlier in the week to hear the prosecutor's powerful. Closing statement. For Dorothy Moxley Martha Moxley's mother it has been a painful 27 year journey to this moment. I just -- so webs and so overwhelmed that we've actually. We we now. In -- this is Martha of the day this is truly Martha's -- Michael Skakel was found guilty of bludgeoning her to death. With his mother's golf club. It was an uphill battle for prosecutors with no blood or DNA evidence and no eyewitnesses linking skakel to the murder. And what evidence existed was old. I -- cases before 1992. When there was no such thing as DNA and we convicted people -- this was nothing but an old time criminal trial. The State's case relied on many little pieces of evidence including five witnesses who testified that Michael Skakel made incriminating statements to them. And an audiotape that until now has never been heard outside the courtroom. It is still -- talking to a writer above the morning after the murder. But I woke up -- that mark was -- Myself. I hadn't been marked. -- Or little. But why. Oh my god -- it can last month. In the courtroom there was widespread admiration for the way the prosecutor won't -- all the bits and pieces of evidence together. The most important moment in the trial for -- was the closing argument -- Jonathan Benedict and mean it was staggering and it changed the. Course of the trial Michael Skakel trembled as the verdict was read his lawyer says he will appeal or what -- it takes to get him. Out of custody and it will happen. But tonight for the first time in 27 years Dorothy Moxley goes home knowing that the man now convicted of murdering her daughter Peter. Will not many thanks to --

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{"id":20668517,"title":"Kennedy Cousin Convicted in 1975 Murder","duration":"2:35","description":"Michael Skakel was found guilty in the murder of Martha Moxley on June 7, 2002.","url":"/US/video/kennedy-cousin-michael-skakel-convicted-1975-murder-20668517","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}