3 killed overnight in Missouri as 'violent' tornado hits

Missouri rescuers are surveying damage and searching homes after a "violent" tornado hit late Wednesday night and into early Thursday morning, killing three people.
3:00 | 05/23/19

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Transcript for 3 killed overnight in Missouri as 'violent' tornado hits
We at a very large storm come through our city last night and affected not only our city limits but also the county coal. And to the south of our succulent so what we've done since our last discussion succeed him is we have been able to go in and see. Some of the damage that we knew would be there in the dark. You have to understand that this came through at 11 PM last night. Watch calls actually started happening it was closer to midnight we had a dork. Opportunity look at all the things that happen that's changed is more and so were able actually look at something that role. And our last conference we talked about debris so I'll start with that. The debris cleanup in the area. At this point what we're trying to do is working with public works we're going to be able to offer of the city residents and the county residents through different facility. An opportunity when some of that debris to the curb side. And working with FEMA and Sima we are able to identify a were going to be able to come pick that up now of course that's going to be defined to the amount of debris sodden debris. Materials there's a lot of things still need to be worked out what that we are making a plan there's something being done for the amount of debris here in town. As far as the streets. When we talked this morning. We were going off of Madison street to Lafayette street and from the river all the way south to the 2200 block. Occur if you drive which were won are part dealership probably Chevrolet is located at. So it was it. Read my goal scorer that we were trying to you. Determine whether or not we had to spend a lot of time there. We're looking. Were able to open some of those roads we are still navigating streets were closing some streets that originally closed. Open its own streets because the public works is able to go in and some of that debris so we're trying as best as we can allow. Things to go back to as normal as we can pull mark after this happen. Volunteers we have had thousands of volunteers call one hell where we're grateful for that. But with that also comes the we need to coordinate that so right now the united way and their 211 system they are collecting names. For people that want to volunteer. They are collecting those names we are working with them so that when we get to the point. Whether it be tomorrow or the next day when we need volunteers to actually come and start helping with the clean up debris removal. We will have a list or. We are still happy to say that we have no one missing no one has been reported to us or of course a lot of animal members who can't get in touch with their family members. That is not quite missing for us what that means is they just have a minute to reach them we have not identified anyone that is truly missing. As a result of this along. With the phone lines and cell phone lines and opens the goal along with something like this there is a lot of people trying to call. Central Missouri Jefferson City and it's just tying up the system so I think that right now we're still happy to say. No missing. No fatalities. Minor injuries compared to what we would expect.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Missouri rescuers are surveying damage and searching homes after a \"violent\" tornado hit late Wednesday night and into early Thursday morning, killing three people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63234519","title":"3 killed overnight in Missouri as 'violent' tornado hits","url":"/US/video/killed-overnight-missouri-violent-tornado-hits-live-updates-63234519"}