LAPD Call Simpson, Goldman Murders a 'Horrendous Crime'

LAPD briefs the press on June 13, 1994, about the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.
3:48 | 06/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for LAPD Call Simpson, Goldman Murders a 'Horrendous Crime'
On June 13 1994. Approximately ten minutes after midnight. A witness discovered the body of Nicole Brown Simpson 25 years of age. -- and on the walkway leading to a residence located at 875. South Bundy drive in the Brentwood district of west Los Angeles area. The Los -- police department was notified. An investigation was conducted by responding officers that reveal the presence of a second body. An individual who has now been identified. As mr. Ronald Goldman 25 years of age. Out of concern for any additional victims. Ms. Simpson's residence was checked. And two children a boy five years of age and a girl seven years of -- were found asleep in the residents. The children were taken into custody. And carefully removed without being exposed to the crimes it. Victim Nicole Brown Simpson is the ex wife of OJ Simpson. During the course of the follow -- investigation. Detectives went to mr. Simpson's residence on Rockingham drive in Brentwood. Where they learned he had flown to Chicago Illinois. Mr. Simpson was contacted in Chicago and voluntarily returned -- Los Angeles. To meet with -- investigating officers. Mr. Simpson accompanied by his attorney was questioned by robbery homicide division detectives. At Parker Center. That question in was completed at approximately. 430 this afternoon at which time mr. Simpson and his attorney departed. The investigation is continuing. Detectives are pleased with the cooperation they are receiving and anticipate. That that cooperation will lead to an early resolution of the case. Over the next few days detectives will continue to interview possible witnesses and gather and analyze evidence. Detectives are requesting that the media not attempt to contact potential witnesses in this case. As those contacts may delay and negatively impact the course of this investigation -- he distrust that. Critically important. It the department is anticipating a timely conclusion -- this investigation. Ms. Simpson's children are being cared for by relatives. Anyone having any information regarding this investigation. Is asked to contact robbery homicide division at 2134852531. Obviously this is a matter of great interest the median has requested that all inquiries be directed to press relations. 4853586. Well obviously this is -- horrendous crime we have two people dead at the scene. It's our position of course that we will investigate any and all leads until we successfully. Determine who is responsible for this. Terrible crime and that that party -- then brought to justice. I'm sorry to hear -- I'm not aware specifically -- what I can't do at this point is get too specific. On any of the evidence itself needless to say. Others tremendous amount of evidence involved in the case as -- indicated that statement. The detectives have to be very methodical and evaluate everything that they have found -- will continue to investigate and we will pieces together until we bring. The responsible party that. -- Well obviously weren't -- rule anyone out and we will pursue whoever we need to pursue until we bring New -- Party to just yeah.

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{"id":24030572,"title":"LAPD Call Simpson, Goldman Murders a 'Horrendous Crime'","duration":"3:48","description":"LAPD briefs the press on June 13, 1994, about the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.","url":"/US/video/lapd-call-simpson-goldman-murders-horrendous-crime-24030572","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}