It’s Not Too Late: Old beer makes new fuel

ABC’s Ginger Zee takes a look at how Anhuser-Busch is creating fuel from expired beer due to the COVID-19 shutdowns.
6:02 | 08/07/20

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Transcript for It’s Not Too Late: Old beer makes new fuel
Andy baseball stadium shuttered bars in quiet concert halls of the pandemic has taken its told the place is that we would usually go to congregate for a good time. And as result thousands and thousands of cases of beer gone stale. But as junior is he now explains in this week's it's not too late Anheuser-Busch is turning that stale be here. Into fuel. Yeah yeah. I'm Dan disease and it's not too late. Now few weeks ago we talked about that PP eve litter the masks the gloves on the parking lots everywhere while they're still there. And then there was the big ask from dozens of environmental group. Ups meet ten. Have these food delivery apps not automatically include things like. I'm plastic utensils and plastic straws. If they didn't added actually which seemed sound businesses some money. This is spend a lot of waste during the pandemic and wall and now there are much bigger fish to fry. That Amy thought about all the the year that went bad. Me think about it millions of kegs untouched. Restaurants stadiums Arenas closed. Very quickly during the lockdown. So what happens to all the expired be here. Taliban has their bus they're taking back the canteen nearly 250000. K that have gone stale. And now they don't have some Homer Simpson RL Monday let character just wait and dream feel the air they take you back so they can make you. Fuel the 41 million servings of expired beard its return to the very reason is going to be put through a process known. First it's an anaerobic digestion system that creates nothing. Simplest turns cold beer and helps make fuel that fueled the plan to meet the new the end. I'm makes a lot of sense but what are my Blatter not about the CNN basement fill I can show you the track. This is going to be like I'm mr. Rogers. Behind the scenes factory to learn brewery one that we never gotten to know we needed but yeah much that's one of ten facilities here in new art. The and making waves water cleanup and also making fuel. In the Mir. Della October fat this is where the hearing easily goes out but today it's coming in 250000. K they're being returned. Right here at this facility and all the other for Anheuser-Busch. Mattel can't come back and endless string to their true happiness. Real fears treated like any other ways in the growing process. So yeah we don't live here and abroad this one and then wherever the center over to birds. And capture that waste then we use that refresh here we get fresh throughout of those venues here utilizing wait a long track that Canadian. So there's about 35 years ago and was really start working with our with our our energy. With our Arabic to adjusters and what's been interesting was the new vision with -- Obviously the fortunately. Bars and restaurants sports stadiums and music venues they've got good you can use. And so while normal universe system is here to handle some process waste maybe saw spirit here in there now all of a sudden the market is full of a news here. And we don't want that to be discarded. Unsafe lead or causing issues. Fans it's worth it trees says. Spend to get the wholesaler to return because it actually does end up saving. You really don't want cars toys appear just dumped down the drain anywhere. That's what's the right thing to do I mean if you. That standing out there let me just. The keg it's terrible bad don't think people and even on the knowledge that the propriety of a keg of beer going into waste upstream can have seen on dividends back. This wanted to can't sit. The theory goes through their first system from all the process waste from the brewery he'll come down here lovable and of one of these tanks and that's where biomass goes to work. And the biomass we'll we'll take all the organics to my producer methane gas recover that. To get over here are powerhouse where we use it to fuel agree this is not in the air but this isn't the process of Burress right part of it. That's right these are hard workers this is our biomass can kind of sugar any kind of protein into her car. These kids you have been create create methane and negro. And they're able to go for about 10% of fuel we need to remember. They're not just making energy free outdoor that they are cleaning up the water isolate and these little flutter so you think. They are Villa bacteria and it's not pretty but it does a great job is to keep. The clippers system in overdrive Anheuser-Busch is even more commitment to sustainability. Energy consumption has been a 60% lowest in years. Such a recruiter and you're allow water usage is down almost 50%. Oblivion if you're gonna spend our solar array on the roof. Found that there will go up by another eight million kilowatt hours that's enough to fuel enough to power. About 800 homes and home and it gets us closer to 0% renewable energy. An eligible but 20/20 five at sun safety Nydia yeah TW there really can cheer talk about unprecedented times and truly having to deal with the sheer volume at kings of returning the first system is just one part of our poll sustainability effort and and actually conceived with the force sustainability goals it's really touching every aspect of our business. And so that's kind of how we've adopted Steve dissent does well so we start basically from the seat all the way. Today and consumer. I say cheers and that. No contingency and I promise you it's not silly. Each year is indeed a new ways to recycle our thanks to ginger.

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{"duration":"6:02","description":"ABC’s Ginger Zee takes a look at how Anhuser-Busch is creating fuel from expired beer due to the COVID-19 shutdowns.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72225246","title":"It’s Not Too Late: Old beer makes new fuel","url":"/US/video/late-beer-makes-fuel-72225246"}