Man who stopped Nashville shooter: 'I'm no hero'

James Shaw, Jr., likely prevented further bloodshed when he wrestled the gun away from the shooter.
4:07 | 04/22/18

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Transcript for Man who stopped Nashville shooter: 'I'm no hero'
Last night. I went out with my best for it. Went two what to clue about and any the NF area. We have to close at about 230 ish. We actually went to the bill rove. Waffle House first. Mom but it was pretty packed in there. Like. 23 times what was the Murfreesboro. Market for rolled off else. So we left there. Got some gas and then we went to market for rolled while files and got their thinking about 317 ish. We get other vehicles. We both saw the goal. So wrought I actually saw the civil and of the space. But you can't religious. Judge a person just was awful awful that so. Cougars who proceeded in. We sit down at the high chairs. Table tops. I was sitting in like the first chair and my free was sitting in life searching we seen. Share between us. And we just stick distinctively remember the cook. We have the cook was actually. Washing dishes and he was stacking. The plates. He was actually pretty powerful men who have to Wear like both of them a falloff. Well at the same time he was doing that another. What house employee was actually about the Golan is break marriage things I'm disposables cigarette will be right back. So we've first heard. What are known now as the gunshot we thought it was plates crashing because we have pretty much made and I'm miles it was. The place far in the circle one happened in a letter what happened I think that's when the glass most of them broke through in Oslo. LaFalce employees got. Now look back in Oslo. Zone. To a person lying on the ground part of the interest of the door. Com. So they're not joked pretty much sleep for the table talk to the entrance of the store. And I think you let off some shots. Through the glass and he proceeded to coming in and it when he proceeded to community actually went behind this like a push door. It's what would door and he shot through that door we're pretty sure enough reassuring cores more. And it was at that time that kind of made up my mind because no with a lock that door. That if it was. Going to come down to a people have to work to. Work to Q. So. At the time that he was either reloading the gun jammed or whatever happened. Is one ransom who was what would door hit him what's what would door. And then they get that gun was kind of jammed up in it was pushed down so were scuffling. And a managed to get. Wolf one hand on the and in our graphics program threw it over the counter. And after that I was trying to get out the door and I think he was pretty much an interest was just took him out with me out of the interest. Holloway outside. And then I proceeded to run around and he had like a wall. Truck pace type of joked that he was going. Trying to get away and that's. I don't know what happened.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"James Shaw, Jr., likely prevented further bloodshed when he wrestled the gun away from the shooter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54651082","title":"Man who stopped Nashville shooter: 'I'm no hero'","url":"/US/video/man-stopped-nashville-shooter-im-hero-54651082"}