Man Strangled by Shirt Caught in Escalator

Washington Department of Labor investigates death at a Seattle transit station.
1:21 | 04/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Strangled by Shirt Caught in Escalator
It looks just like any other repairs on. Precedent -- but this escalator at the university street station shut down because of a deadly accident. Seattle police say around 5:30 Sunday morning 42 year old -- -- bell came down the escalator. -- -- whites or said something wasn't right appear that he lost his balance. Toward the bottom of the escalator the incident report said -- clothes became caught in the teeth to the escalator and he started to choke. He later -- We can't find them on we can't shut them down labor and industries gave -- sir said the death triggered an investigation. But records obtained by -- for -- escalator had issues dating back to December our folks went there and in the inspection and and -- -- that these things have not been done the record showed unclean parts issued with the stops which buzzer and lack of proper lighting. The state gave an extension from December to late march just a week and a half. Before the accident. They're all safety related. Issues that had -- -- boss are said punishments and fines can be tough to enforce. The state has 161000. Escalators and elevators but only 22. Inspectors. Slights -- said the repairs should continue on Monday. But finding out what happened here may take much longer. So really unfortunate accident tragic accident that happens.

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{"id":18943499,"title":"Man Strangled by Shirt Caught in Escalator","duration":"1:21","description":"Washington Department of Labor investigates death at a Seattle transit station.","url":"/US/video/man-strangled-shirt-caught-escalator-18943499","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}