Mandatory evacuations underway in California due to mudslides

Burn areas face flash flood warnings in the first round of rain.
1:56 | 11/29/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mandatory evacuations underway in California due to mudslides
I'm only decent whereas in lake else now we're just moments ago. Water started coming down rice canyon here this area was impacted heavily by the holy fire. Which you can see from the mountains above his does heavy scars that we're seeing from the burned areas there's absolutely no vegetation on these mountains to hold. Female water that has been coming down this afternoon onto these hillsides and what you're seeing is the result of that you're seeing a lot of heavy mud water. And from what one eyewitness told us when this all started happening there was a loud boom and you heard the tumbling of rocks even saw some trees being carried. Down from this downstream here. Now we've just spoken with the mayor of Lake Elsinore and she tells us that this water is flowing in doing exactly what they wanted it to do that constructed this berm. Just for this very likely cause with heavy rain coming in the water flowing downstream not nearly im not impact any homes at the moment. But they do have some bulldozers downstream where they're reinforcing a portion of this burn that you see here that is close to homes. Now right now the water is continuing to stay here but the community has taken precautions they've erected to heroes and sandbags to help to redirect the flow. A water should some of this heavy mud and debris start coming up. Some of the hillsides I do want to point she'll be here be take a look. You can CDs burned hillsides he'll be here and right below those hillsides. Are some homes and those homes there is nothing really protecting them from the water. That will be coming down off of those back hillsides of there so they're really gonna have an uphill battle in terms of re directing the water away from those homes. Should those hillsides start to give way but for now. The concern is is this it. Area right here the concern is that it should have more water come down it could overwhelm just downstream. And possibly get into homes but Lake Elsinore at mayor tells us so far. No homes have been impacted the water flowing this is some flood basins and eventually Blake. Reporting for ABC news would be so what does.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"Burn areas face flash flood warnings in the first round of rain.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59504531","title":"Mandatory evacuations underway in California due to mudslides","url":"/US/video/mandatory-evacuations-underway-california-due-mudslides-59504531"}