Meet the foster mom on a mission of hope

Liz Hope has her hands and heart full during the coronavirus pandemic.
2:48 | 05/29/20

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Transcript for Meet the foster mom on a mission of hope
We're back now with the Foster mom on a mission in the middle of the corona virus pandemic ABC's Kara Phillips with the story -- family named hope. Yeah okay. The clear next mirrored their lives. Yeah. Smiles. And you see them everywhere in this family but unfortunately. We have to protect those smiles for now though remember everything. Because this is no ordinary family and this is no ordinary mother Liz Howell has quite the story. When you are Oster mother to six kids and your last name is hope I mean this was meant to be gas. You think away. So why are you doing exactly somewhere along the way in spirit acts is that you decided poor me that I would give back because somebody didn't let me. Those people were mr. and mrs. Lacey Liz in his childhood Foster parents. Yeah not. Now Liz is taking on the same challenges becoming part of a community known as SOS children's villages Illinois. Her village is here in the hardy Chicago. Where there is no shortage of children and families in need and the SOS mission. Kim back child abuse and unite siblings in which Foster care. And now Liz is strength and togetherness. Has taken on an even bigger challenge. The corona virus outbreak has put adoptions and family reunification hearings across this country on hold. As courts are either closed or operating on a limited basis. Threatening a backlog of custody cases for thousands of children. You know your kids have already experienced uncertain. And a sense of broken this and now the role in this pandemic. How do you help them make sense of Dennis. Look at things. Idea to help him was not a bad a movie unseen wound down Ali how great. We see talks on ten so why do we have to Wear and that's why do we have to keep watching ninety and why do we have to not collapse like you bulletin like we used to. So the family name is hope Howard dean's staying at their family has. Embraced that name and is living truly that last name. You know I always say everything starts with how faith starts with don't you have to first believe that killed display could be okay. He's going to be our right and we're going to get better and like this ploy to get back to wouldn't mob wars. And hope giving us hope. We want to thank your for that report.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Liz Hope has her hands and heart full during the coronavirus pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70954063","title":"Meet the foster mom on a mission of hope","url":"/US/video/meet-foster-mom-mission-hope-70954063"}