Rev. Al Sharpton Speaks at Michael Brown's Funeral

The civil rights leader delivers remarks to mourners at the funeral of the teen shot and killed by a police officer.
37:53 | 08/26/14

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Transcript for Rev. Al Sharpton Speaks at Michael Brown's Funeral
The browns -- To all of the -- Ministers. To all of the officials that it together. Want to go to the book. -- -- Six -- -- -- He -- show you -- man. What is good. Work does the law requires. But to do justice. And to love kindness. And to walk problem. With yoga. There have been molasses. In the last. Few days. -- -- Says there. Michael C. We'll have to do something. That is out of bought. They will have to -- this two wrist. All those stairs. Children. Very. It is out audit David -- of what children. To be pared back. We should not sit he would fit. An act like we are watching something that is an -- -- all of our religious and spiritual celebration. Let -- not move salad defect. That this young man should be doing his second week in power. -- -- It didn't ought to all of -- What we are growing that. The in this game -- -- From what is done. And some of us also hit it. That we had no earth -- coolant. What you put on the low road. What you walk down the street. You got to do it wouldn't streets and Ferguson and Saint -- It is not going to -- you. But it's not -- -- out. What should do order. We -- packed -- about what visited the reds. What just what did it to -- -- -- I want to have what -- detective. Not our style with what it came -- -- so it couldn't come. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like we have -- -- -- this. Threat. Is some by. But. What I. House. Are required to respond. -- this. And I let us must solve the news. Watched as it went back it. -- I've got a call from -- -- Revenues tune. Less action over its field office. -- has said there's little man estimates Brett. On the phone -- His grandson was killed in the Ferguson. Muslims. As a way Ferguson was soon. -- right outside a Saint Louis. And -- -- what -- -- you know let off he said no he's that you add up. -- -- -- -- He told me what to punch at him when I saw. -- -- -- -- -- Your books. Would just couldn't -- not. How. We what else. -- and allow ago. What -- circumstance. And investigations. Lead you to that -- let you. But nobody -- about. -- -- Not set for August -- -- address I don't know what -- But we do. What we could do. -- -- That -- violence. Date night bat revered changed. And we went in front of federal courthouse would -- let us. And wit about him and they had them right there won't. To follow us to stop looting in right. Can you imagine they're hot -- This. -- -- This god did bought the last and they have to stop mode. Did you. Took him shall all hang. Like you wind driven job. Don't -- us today. My cold ground does not want to be remembered -- right -- He wants to -- The one that made America. -- you -- went out we won't put these and. -- -- This is about justice. A group of about France. He's gonna have to -- the giants. -- -- -- -- we have. To get upset. What is thousands. What we. But imports right. We look. When the war. -- to see you -- come up. Ordered police -- But to kids -- and I'll yield. Wouldn't. But it's not. Asked -- what -- a free. -- And duplex I don't know -- -- -- -- -- The office. And they have a right to do regret ever not against a big field. But it is somewhat you know this -- house. But. Not doesn't -- the friend. See what does god require. Above us. In three weeks. -- -- -- -- A woman in the -- and its. Let it out -- freeway congresswoman Maxine Waters. August outlook -- -- Highway Patrol. You don't have to -- to absorb video. -- -- that he. She's correct. -- -- -- -- Not his that I can't breathe. And Amanda what is -- what let -- call. Yet we we -- Michaels. On the ground up back up is glad that Diego -- what -- -- What -- the. Us but -- cherry and apple picked. Movement. Of the and a groundout. Woke up a good night's vote. -- pleased with the -- Sort of -- hall. She hands it to change its Britain's price and the. Just -- it wouldn't have got to stay on ads -- we can't stop. We need to congress. That displaced. About. It's. It would that is. Rooted both ran -- plus the best days. All of that compromise. Would not be repeat. We need -- got a bad cops. Can't -- of these. We respect what needs. But else but what is that -- wrong. And it. Better. All day that you act. -- -- the facts. Don't. Best is good acts. -- -- you don't take the rotten apples out the -- One make and cops look bad is that. Once. That you won't eat out the course. But then that this is what. We're quite what we got that he stood. Community do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About skills edged I'll go. We. Back out well. This respect each. -- -- -- -- -- -- to sue me. And run that -- gun don't -- up. So it. It just the -- traffic. Because some of us. Like that to happen is in the black this is how well you go. That isn't enough but then it. And objects don't. Is what -- How low we went went back and we -- wrong happening. Just wasn't that -- written. Out a slew of accidents. It was. It wasn't -- that La. -- some -- -- act happens. And diet and a half. When we -- put out -- -- objects. Not only a yearly checks. About cracks. And don't read it did. -- important that we hit 200 -- -- -- -- -- We don't -- we got -- since the pop. It ain't no -- these steps. That you want to be. -- -- Don't want to -- hope you -- -- -- Out of the candidate so we -- The united states of about. -- now. -- understand what -- -- and as I understand it. But I understand. -- going to help us. But we don't want help us. It's plaza won't solve the problems right. -- -- Ditto needed month's. Rent and all that bad -- to. -- differences this. Dance got young and oh yes we got things that we don't like about -- what is it that -- -- ego. Is split. The -- sat down. We talk about what I -- ask how much money Uga. I don't at what this new rule. I don't but it caged in you yet. If we were so. -- often about street in practice. And it worked. Just this all you got. That nobody puts. -- -- -- And -- that. My goal. Must be remembered -- mole. That disturbs us. You must be remembered what this is what it. Its -- change. What was going home. Oh yeah there been other taxes just. Yet he changed some moments. And this is -- moments. In this young man. For what he's. Peres appealed to all -- us. We got to softness. And not continued his parents -- This woman this house is their plan. -- go all rules of real thousands of each. -- line took column -- -- all content and news. -- -- top it is all the books. That we can not fault case. Do what the law required as the months. Be right back -- but he. Let me say this. And curled. Up -- of seats. This country. Cannot. Go on -- We -- not. Oak crest of police. Of -- without craps. And -- you know what I end up so this morning. Yes but. You couldn't get all these guns into the -- Quick to run Iraq Jason quotes government rules and cigarettes. At Walter -- builders to eat this not crazy about that kind of. Read now now he's been a human yes -- -- -- also have. Different kind of commitment. Because once you put on that statement it's. And that -- That is state backed up you cannot let them notices. Loose ball will be trying to -- And weeds -- spread. And how community like they did it in any other community to the -- -- Cook what I'm outraged that they need help blind and industry sought an outlet that we've not -- the -- beat them. Well it. But we -- bus southbound. I want to say it took a plan. -- -- -- -- Won't be -- sort of crowds. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ought to and others to look. But I want should know that there is a -- Oh god -- told Michael but he did. Get a what everybody else has gone. And he -- -- this. Of you. He -- him and -- you distrusted him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did -- god that -- back. -- quote bishops and -- hundreds you. Got. All that. Up arts. And -- just -- it -- -- but before him. Away. -- -- You don't speak out a -- -- because he's. The challenge for me. When did that you must be -- bit. Debt for what at least. Got chills. Vegetables -- Michael's gone on -- rest. -- quiet in his late. To change the current. -- -- And -- Baptist bishop Jakes. And thought about where. And what was the meaning of -- -- this. As I was sitting in the grown here in Saint Louis last week garden get -- -- -- unity rev. -- -- job to figure out what made sense tend -- crop. And -- -- figured out there. Violence -- report and in Ferguson there was. These rallies. Some brokerages was bad that some about the differences -- -- Some other leaders. -- about that these all this back stabbing. And backed by. -- what worried about giving up on the program bed developed and it won't work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Decided together for me. He says that I was read none not one that. He said no more I'll read the law. -- couldn't put it that the boy and -- It's edited by police. It was need to go to B. Did he returned in a -- of this added I'd -- -- What it down goes up. The deal what -- -- -- a story about couldn't figure to plot out. He's abducted the truck it was twelve -- backed. And I want to put it down but I couldn't figure out the -- he's a big candidate got one in the Monica -- -- bridge. He's -- -- hot seat. I've heard today did that it will. And I saw how the story and and that's not got progress. I want children don't Michaels yacht want to know visited. Oxy. I -- open to hold out until got Bob lap. Enacted into the end bootable. -- investigation. That we I don't majority of me but historically. It. The flats will -- and asked. God we. Weight puts children. -- Well just visited don't know just isn't as well. -- -- don't. Justice is going to come that's -- Al Sharpton. For -- his speech he brings the house tomorrow -- get your thoughts. Yet -- this is. I'm sorry they were engineered into his remarks. Doing so often. -- I walked. A special for -- out for this man. Special -- -- -- -- And a special prayer for our young people. We have so many prominent people -- all the members of congress then aren't we -- -- from Kuwait. But passing Maxine. Waters. He bit -- -- thank. Johnson. Al Green Bay design and that S congressman out. Senator -- school. -- -- -- -- -- And today's going I just want them. I -- -- let mrs. dean -- quick right now you. -- to pray to god that not congress not -- on the used alone it is real. Special for the -- And the nation. But I don't want you to know that we we have. Broderick Johnson stand up represented President Obama this is secretary of the -- He's here help them falsely. From the White House and spike and others that he get in trouble call it but I tell you what I've got -- domestic it -- -- to your right. And shaky at first direct sake we're glad you came as a dignity here to the -- -- That cover their -- is so somebody say -- didn't recognize and tell them yes he did. -- -- -- Don't forget this is movement brought out -- called up by 200000. Of the August 3 problems. -- -- -- -- -- We don't we go about -- but. Don't -- When. He was talking attorney Carl Bob it was so right although we have not. And Shelby is -- whom wanted to a three business stroke. We got a hold a job. This. Dot up to bomb the -- -- -- -- the king the third. Do. Gro products. Each of what -- rev Jesse Jackson is here. All of us. Struggling together. Lot of folks just go to ground and as we do want to saddened should speak. You just -- here. -- -- -- -- -- President says want just -- Friday night. Double holy ghost and a -- I want. Reverend Freddie Haynes. The rest of friendship west. Baptist Church. The -- -- -- mass action network to do a special prayer for this man. Did I want wanted to preeminent ministers of -- -- The bishop TD Jakes back. -- -- -- -- -- -- Did not want it to half brother reverend Jamal brass. By young. As he brings. Friends and the next wave. Of this moment -- -- justice. I want us to all take -- But a person next to you. Take it and whoever uses that don't -- -- -- somebody you don't like. Let us freight revenue -- Oh god we thank you -- -- you that you are -- healer. We thank you and praise you for the death. Defeating victory of Jesus Christ. We thank you and -- that death cannot have the final word. Thank you for the conferencing ministry of the holy spirit. And now we cover this family and -- Maybe they feel that you are -- fix me they feel that you want their stories may they feel that you what the source of peace and hope they they know -- god each and every day that they are not in this by -- sales and comfort them as only UK and as they -- god transformed. This senseless murder into what's outfit big movement and we yes gave him the name of outweigh healer and a whole even Jesus Christ we play. Trouble while we are. Yet in the spirit of lift up before you. -- -- -- Country -- celebrate so much diversity of so much would be missed. We celebrate that is will. And we appreciate the fact book that you have left us. True that we can that the government at horse like this speak like this tall like this the and we -- ritual gone up. But to provide actress -- blogs about sustenance about life and supported which we -- so -- -- with them. It is our -- it hostility -- incredibly we're actually what we -- will be thankful. Yet. Thought we would ask -- today that our country would have the kind of justice of the kind. Liberty of the kind of experience that is not defined. But zip -- -- or circumstances source resort -- we will we. -- what we started out. The free -- of justice that the founding fathers say that -- look at what we ask you. This we're not the rule of to bring peace to this nation. Please of his marriage to -- out -- to this -- -- -- she asked instruments benefit. But we laugh at age we don't wanna sacrifice justice ordered to a statement let's -- -- -- But -- local -- They're right but that doesn't stop -- Which. -- -- Forget -- this frivolous things go over. We all -- free atlas. And the -- say it took homelessness. If you lift up your hands. -- have picked -- Lift up your hands. As high as -- people go. Lift up your hands knowing that race is given to this we have no into the strong but took the -- the window into the all hits a pound all eyes are closed as -- hands -- lifted goodness gracious god -- Q. That you only make up bureau cold -- there's a mess. You want -- quick optical. We've got our hands lifted out because we know we like lets us down. You'll always lift dust -- I'll bring you -- for generation of believers who are looking for pick up. They're tied at being alive -- and -- -- being disenfranchised. And -- being broke. But we lift up our opinions not because we got defeated but we have to take up our hands because we are expected to. Got our hands up lifted up for purpose and to date no gone home to Los Angeles, California to Chicago. To Baltimore because average. I don't Knowles went to -- -- yet. Guns you -- -- it to Q well. -- please pick us up. Don't leave us we -- we we believe the worst is back and a the best is yet to come -- to god because my hand to those that we've had many -- but -- -- not defeated. Gold supremely bad things that we getting ready to be picked up to one another place which opened up yet now they do. -- -- -- -- I wanted to to drain we bust. Bank to separate -- Baptist Church. -- -- -- -- -- -- Plus space put this son yeah. -- -- We want to record. -- -- -- We had it one generation. -- -- Thank god footprint crop. Daryl Cox. Kennedy grave. At -- fastest split up all the way from Tallahassee. Rotted out -- an accident -- reverend RB Holmes is what is where home. Today as we geographic took gold. -- -- man -- -- does galvanized from the shop bill. Movements of the -- -- are bought. And shared it takes every day award help. Galvanize around. The solutions and legislation and justice. For Michael Brown. The voice of Black America brother Tom Jones. When we. For bad some days where do what master Jones instructed us. And then did get to speak you can speak to repay us. I've gotten. Certain -- about -- father -- we going to -- with dignity. We got a big push it and ship it this is going be a hot Jennifer's friends. These respective. We want -- to work brother eye ball to Derek. National -- opened last -- watching to listen. I want us to support each. -- -- have to agree but we all have to be united. Extract. As well it is it -- That we support each. These efforts. The friend is that exploit silence today. No protest. For about this as the greatest -- the risks. When they resume their backs were to be peaceful. If you can't control yourself. You don't Stewart and Michelson including -- it. They want to establish justice. And respect -- they want to do. Best -- Jones who got us toward the.

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{"duration":"37:53","description":"The civil rights leader delivers remarks to mourners at the funeral of the teen shot and killed by a police officer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"25120916","title":"Rev. Al Sharpton Speaks at Michael Brown's Funeral","url":"/US/video/michael-brown-funeral-rev-al-sharpton-full-speech-25120916"}