'Miracle on the Hudson' 10-year anniversary

Survivors reflect on the 10 years since the "Miracle on the Hudson."
24:41 | 01/16/19

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Transcript for 'Miracle on the Hudson' 10-year anniversary
First of all who hear can believe it's been ten years none of us and I am. An LA. I heard that it was an anniversary and I thought it was five I'm being honest I said ten how could possibly be ten Israel are still there were no we look at me eating it looks like it was yesterday. No but how you all feeling I mean to have a decade of reflection and here you are in the shadow of this plane. That glided down in this. Very. Steady hands of captain Sullenberger here what's it like being here today. In the shadow of this plane well thankful they're ill. Gratitude from. Grateful always every day celebration. And I asked gee Walt how often you get together probably not that often but oh I was wrong you get together quite often. January 15 every year and Hagan. We have a party in New York a reunion party every year and so we've been doing that every single year and that we get different. Number of people to come to it. But I tell you it really helps give us a forum to get together and to crown it shows shoulders we need to about things to help support each other so it's always been. An important event I think for all of us. All of your lives changed that day ten years ago how would you live differently since then I live differently in small ways big ways. Small ways as you don't sweat the little stuff. Because his life is a gift and we've been given another ten years. Big ways is that gonna rethought my career. Change jobs. Maybe not just because of what happened but I certainly more confidence in doing so. And so it has huge life change in every day is a bit of small celebration. Every day as like a small miracle I like to believe that every day we can find something could be. Totally grateful for and that is America when every day can be something so special because we might not have had a chance to have that day. Turning to live. Have a living mountain every day and acknowledged that not every. And it might be something small maybe ten minister reimbursement touching your child banner and seeing your favorite save it. Like this because they don't get so caught up in the business of life and stress but acknowledged sun has not letting them. Today I think aggressively pursuing. My book atlas from and I have done that and every year I'd check things off. And it's been. Terrific it is to abuse so many Kilimanjaro you yes. Bucket list that's how you live differently when you face. Diet and you lie imagine most of you at one moment or another during that flight thought this is it moved screw it right. It. Was for me the darkest darkest places that are bad just before the impact it was so. Just awful because you thought. I'm counting down the very last seconds of my life. The contrast though was after silly got us into a great spot. He went clear to euphoria and I can never recreate that experience but it went from dark dark dark to euphoria. About 32. It's that you just gave me chills because I think everyone and anyone who flies in a plane. Imagine what would that be like you guys know what it felt like tell blame me what you did right before Portland. So I'm on board has we're going down people around me were pulling out their cellphones and trying to call their loved ones. And just like he sees something fictional films. Where they're leaving no last messages that's really what it sounded like his soul as we were going down I'm thinking let me show last seconds. I've holdouts. A business card. And I wrote on the back of the business card and I have every area then you add add editor wrote soon to my family that to my mom and my sister I love you. Am. I knew that this is B delight the last thing I would be doing and I showed that in my pocket. Because I thought that he aircraft exploded due we're at least it would be here my body and I knew I was thinking of them has been going down. And that's not the first time you're done then. No actually. When he years before that his letter did you know each other. Twenty years before that I'd been on another flight. Didn't actually you know they have impact. But it almost it came within seconds of water of the water out of Los Angeles inside benching them before at that time I was in mind early twenties. And that also kind of shape my early adulthood. And Dan as imagine this what this is happening a second time as the plane is is he good you know how. Twice as it was that a lifetime event and now is happening device while. Do you carry that business card with you. I'm no I carry an image of it and I also carry an image of me on the wing views and a couple of fellow passengers are on the wind and this is. Where we're standing on the wing and is icy because that there was no about 25 degrees wind chill is you can lower the water temperature was right at freezing. And so here we are on the wind up just before we were gonna be kind of. Plucked off by the ferry. And educated as every day with my wallet and seven having a bad dental and I think this is helping out a lot worse. That's it off in traffic. No stress what what are you all remember are there are there. Thing sounds smells that something visceral that you remember from those moments when everything you're shaking your head yes. Know many many things and back of the plane where I was there was. Large puff of smoke that K men. From the air exchanger is I guess and it was an acrid terrible smell and it went out quickly. But I can still smell that smell today and when the plane hit the water and the water rushed in the back of the plane it was frigid cold and that's how I knew I was still alive I didn't think we were going to be alive. But that's how I knew we were alive because that water I could feel it coming up my legs very quickly in it was so cold I couldn't believe it. The flurry atlas in first class school. I'm I'm gonna go hey buddy Larry how things get into what scare like yeah. Yeah if there isn't telling little kids are working extra money. So that when the water is rushing into the cabin and yes you've landed the planes in one piece but. I imagine that's a whole other set of fears now. And rushing into problems we have the soil. Right. At the fear of drowning. Palace collapsed on the plane solace in the Galley and an eight PE fill out in the water was up to here it was 35 degree water so is. Like needles in the Galley small son thinking. Have survived this impact and now it's around back here but that's got to get out of here. There was salad mass scariest moment even before. Landing in the river that's just. Largest Walton understand to be in first planned 2001. Season. He and it was pretty bad there's two I'm to get back at. It can't Muster animals impact and and then I ended up. The rested deploy it on our side and I went into. Hudson. And I could see Manhattan but I couldn't see New Jersey so when I hit that Warner it was 36 degrees I honestly salted. Maybe I was gonna make it there. And in just going to from the plane coming back which took him all of about four minutes I U policy started to lose a lot of my faculties. And in got a I don't know to this day how god I think Jim use you might have built. No I didn't. He real wet yeah. You're old enough Jimmy also. Held that baby. I had every. Business traveler's dream and I got the last available seat. As a standby passenger. It went to the back of the bus and sat down next to an infant. Think if you didn't give him arguing with his mother had not. And I thought it this is gonna be the perfect. People lighten its think different little that I know as it evolved asked. In that you were gonna make a fantastic landing but that whole relationship but that child that was a very quick bonding. Can't tell me about that you were holding on when he was nine months old. Was nine months old and as we got our one report notice from the captain you better do something now if it is something ever. I asked this very brave courageous woman if I could hold her baby. Because that was obviously the smallest passenger on board and if anyone was gonna survive hopefully it was going to be this one. But then had to think about well that was a Smart move now what am I gonna do with somebody else's maybe. It was seconds away from hitting the water. So it's amazing how tough children orbit and nine month old baby turned sideways can be held just like a football. Netted a 150 miles an hour hitting that water. It was truly an amazing experience at that child didn't even crack until we came to a complete stop him. It was a special. It was a special moment for sure for all of us and you're a father I am a father. And that was just instinctive reaction I suppose but back to best comments earlier when in the mini miracles was that child's alive today. I don't like if we have that youngest passenger flight we had no other woman who have been boarded a wheelchair she had to be helped out by passengers and crew. What do you all think it Tom Hanks playing your hero. Spot on the gas is very good candidate in it was always better looking first of all if I. I'm not qualified as a type a little bit color try to give it a casino news if the what was it like watching the movie who flew TM. Queen little island the passengers native Travis chilling press and Charlotte so we get to watch it together voice came down. About thirty minutes and I lifted my I was sitting likeness like I was hunched over who. And had this problem okay now is Christina I take a deep breath and sit back and China and that talent around and everybody we just had this. Sort of intends. It endless. Impact. Really lust for me and. Yeah I think said it captured the inflight experience really well and so my friends and family that sought as a yes that exit exactly what it was like. Now for me personally. I can play in the was 25 year old with dreadlocks decided. I thought. They get the best thing they just yeah he was your guy's guy again was playing you're playing your interests so that it expects its. Cancer in her age so you talked about these get togethers that you Walden do annually what do you talk about life. And family. Kilimanjaro life and and milestones name that we also sit around at one point during the night closest town and go around the table. And let each person talk about their lives over the past year in the things that hard have been difficult. In seriously it gives is to be very emotional. You know at times because people have different experiences. Is Eric said there or dark moments in with with with most of us there's been through this you know those loved PT SD so. Now a lot of painful memories of that fear is not something that anyone ever wants to feel. Now and and again and there's comfort. I'm by no means am I comparing us to soldiers in combat low light soldiers in combat though when he gets that like the people that went there again. No matter how many pounds you try to explain and or describe it are sharing it. Insulate you don't want me I need to get that so there's a comfort there's a bare feet. It comes from being together would those people that it exactly yet. They don't have exactly. And I've done some videos. Then tape doing an interview for the veterans administration's. Makes a connection program it's an outreach program. To get to. Two veterans who are experiencing those kinds of difficulties in life. To say first of all that it's normal to feel this way based upon your experiences in life you're not the only one who's felt this way. And there's help that you can get that you need to that your families deserve and so I think that's much of what valleys. But you don't want to feel like you're alone that you're in it together and that you've had that shared experience can I have you all go around and tell me what your seat number was twelve pass. You know needs only to do it right. The best you can and try to indices. If RNC and Alice seeded into when he six. I was seated and threatened DC was sitting in one city and so those numbers that number. Is forever. Identified with you and who you are and who you became afterwards I that's how passengers often know each other figures that put to a large extent determine what kind of experience they had whether they got derby prep. For underwear. I know you all have had a chance to talk to Sally but anything you'd like say publicly. To Sully about Sally while he's here. On this tenth anniversary. I'm mostly the same thing I say every Thomas saved thank you for saving Elofsson. Thank you. That's what I think everyone of us with say that's what I said to Saleh the first time I've met them and gave them a hug away thank you. I'm here because you saved our lives and thank you forever thank you for eternity. Team and an all that is true of all of us are thankful of course but you've always been such a kind and gracious and dignified. True. American hero in the most difficult of circumstances. You simply served in did what was asked of you. I think we all different jobs my I think. Even though I served there early on that everyone involved was doing their jobs I think that was. Selling a short of that I think in this dire emergency of a lifetime. I think everyone involved did their jobs extraordinarily well possibly better than might have been expected. Certainly in my crew are first officer Jeff Skiles are platitudes dollar debt to re Welsh and Sheila dale. New York waterway whose vessels coldest from the frigid Hudson and all the first responders. Responders of New York futures. Everyone wants a humble here. Can you ask me about placing Hattie to scrap selling messages when those people that come and terrorists that went out trash. He has a home of illness but he'd just in Olympic hero goggles on he's still just as a compliment that coming your respect. And I'll say to that there are hundreds of thousands of airline employees. In this country and around the world who have had that same dedication that same professionalism. And the same field same obligation. To do everything they possibly can to keep those in their cares are we still really really lucky. If you think it not if how many pilots and airline 101000 pilots we have the one who could really nail it and it really well along with the team. And I am Chastain and the flight crew the first responders that we wrestle. Lucky that day and it came out just beautifully and every day I think about you guys there in ten years on. Wow and it's you were alive because of our guys as a bona. We found a way to do something. That worked even though we've never specifically trained for this glory we took what we did know. Adapted it and applied to new way to solve the searchers have problems to reach final result enough of it all live. And silly speaking to just everything that had to go right including your incredible expertise. To have the outcome that we had. If the same thing or similar similar thing happened today with the outcome necessarily be the same mean could you do it again. Wasn't once enough yeah. I think it. A lot from the Schiller. Like you know we we all approved in the most public and dramatic way possible. That all the things that aviation professionals have been working on for decades. To make aviation so resilient. Really work in the real life even the most extreme emergency and that's successful recruitment. It's a meaning I still can see the emotion and every one. Of your eyes. It's it's it's it's great here even though is ten years ago. Every day is their data goes by the you don't think about it. Salute him time day. Never and I have never is that day because if Clinton is things at least for me that Dolly sweet calibrate me. A start to sweat the small stuff from get upset about something that. Played a minute and then transmontaigne. You know me I'm still here. I don't think we're deface other representatives of something very special little creature from. Because of when and where this happened a time in the world's history during their financial meltdowns of 0809. When it seemed like everything was going wrong and no one could do anything right I think some people have begun to doubt human nature. Wondering if it was really about self interest finger you. And then along cutting this group of strangers who rose to occasion and made sure that everyone survived and I think at a time when we donated it gave us hope. And so I think being the stewards of this story and am a part of this living history. I think is what gives us purpose to. That's beautiful I was going to ask. In any view Karen at that could that was so well but what you want people to take away remembering this now ten years later. I think times are still chaotic. And so the if if anything this ten year anniversary can be celebrated as the fact that that hope still lives continues them. And to Sully has been in addition to all of things we talked about today. He's actually been a wonderful spokesperson for a kind of common stance in a very turbulent environment. In and so that's what we can also take about it today is ten years on we can still have that hope. How does president Sally sound. So really all the fun if you didn't I think I'll vote if it's an honor to be thought of by the you know I. Would you ever consider Rick and I'm not running. I am I wanna I I I do feel just just says Jeff Skiles lie in those first days. But we figured out that this was going to dig a big story that was not going away in that we were going to be. Public figures and we are going to have a greater voice. To be spokespersons for our profession. And so I'm encouraging everyone to be actively engaged this is as citizens and and to vote. And to do what we can make our horses heard but I'm not going to. Our and is hoping for any BC news exclusive but RA up what's. What's on your bucket list for the next ten years says this is now become you know you you only. When they see you only die once you live every day rate and you know one knows that more than this group. So what's on the vocalists for the next ten years. And more chum I'm let's take my family to India we're going to be that don't wallow. You know we are my wife is going to be teaching in China. And I'm going to be going over with or your hands. There's many many items I'm actually gonna jump out of a plane. If from 181000 feet are still five feet. It and I think if you Huntsman. And I think it would be a lot more safer. I if it could become an empty Nester in the next ten years now we really embrace something loved writing math and lamp slung rising match in the not quite done that. William Gray seventeen Hester. That he sent in ten years out in. I live overseas and so I really want to continue to expand my horizons and seeing morning gains in morning places he. The country where I live in France it really enjoying the team members myself even more. I do a lot of art pieces as a hobby so I want to expand that as well and when it came dangerously. Yeah Sherri go. My thought Felix's shorter than these other folks take it. But I'm going to go back to Paris to visit Eric again that was a bucket list item I got to take care of thanks to him. I want to travel some more and I would love to take my grandchildren to Ireland when. Very cool it's only two young for a bucket list I'm. It's a one day at a time for me more positive improvement. Impacting people around me when day one person at a time I've been given a gift. So every day to me. It's making a significant. Positive influence on some line. For their benefit for my benefit for the benefit of all of us. We have been given something special to me and I think. Ten years ago we get we'll ask the story in the news. Think now we've had ten years to reflect on it to see the impact it's made on others think it's important to their responsibility. Is bigger now at least I think now that anything was ten years. We didn't know he didn't know they pray. We now hear you isn't it it's so beautiful and to think it that the children and grandchildren that have been born because of the lives that were saved. A captain Sully here that's a pretty remarkable thing to think about in those terms all the all the children who have come. In these past ten years who wouldn't have otherwise deceive that it had so many ripples. That will never be able to count all those ripples that go on and on and on. For the next generation. And I think that's perhaps what makes us so grateful. That we got to have that miracle of Saleh and Jeff and the rest of the crew and all of that first responders that this is an event that has impact. And we'll continue to have impact for generations. And people get to come. And see the plane can hear the story and remember the message. That's nothing of Prius and how do you feel getting on a plane now just out of curiosity. I can play several times a week flew home the night after for the night of my fans for what it I had to get home he thought. I thought how fun 327. Times since that day. An accurate count every walk through into the account every one because that's not a little pat on the back it's not like the fear and to keep leaving my grandmother. If that nanny for this year on the what did you laugh when I was scared to flash she said we'll valiant. If you run away from one thing you'll run into something else. So. He finds. I'm OK to fly but that always try to get the extra room one because as of the ruling but how soon. You've had some may have been twice flexing theft and Medina by stealing the plan on getting off the plane. Yeah here yeah. Equality that area in the third you can be the good luck charm on Monday when it has actually hasn't looked for me except that's a dear leader you fly. Yes and I would classify myself as a road warrior until about a year ago when I retired. I'm happy to say I'm not flying as much anymore than I'm playing more golf and doing other things you find the right can do things differently. Yes but we know you went to Paris sent me I did go to parents that that same year. I probably flew eighty more flights could Cyrus back and forth between New York. And Charlotte and New Jersey every week there's several times that we. And so I flew buddy a flight but it did take me six weeks to fly out of authority egg that's. There is hard to do that let's let I I retired the next year so I don't flyers much anymore but I don't eyewitness I am afraid of flying. Doesn't sound like and you are treated much now at this point why would you be right. I love it.

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