It's Morning, America: Friday, May 3, 2019

Trump doesn't think Russia will meddle in 2020 despite intelligence warnings, would-be terrorist freed after 10 years and more.
21:58 | 05/03/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Friday, May 3, 2019
Good morning agony norm and I cannot smoke here the top five things we know this Friday number one the battle between congress and the White House escalating president drug is that making it clear that he'll try to keep former White House counsel Bob again from testifying before congress. It's the latest clash in the aftermath of the moment report House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of accuse attorney general William Barr of lying to congress Democrats are considering holding barking content. Number two and al-Qaeda trained terrorist who planned to bomb the New York subway back in 2009. Quit soon walk free a judge has sentenced knowledgeable does not lead to ten years in prison which is roughly the same amount of time he's already served behind bars. Says to the rest in 2009 prosecutors say his cooperation in America's fight against al-Qaeda was quote extraordinary. Revealing key details of the terror group's training and movement and recruitment methods. Lawyers on both sides say zazi is a changed man and the judge agreed saying stop the has earned a second hands on to number three another tragedy for Margaret family trying to cross into the US from Mexico. A ten month old baby has died after their wrapped. Capsized in the Rio Grande that happened along the Texas border were ABC news witnessed scenes like this earlier this year of desperate mainly trying to make the process. The child's father was caught by Border Patrol agents within rescued the mother and sister from Everett. We have to Hawaii for the report tourists fell into or. The crater of the killer whale volcanoes are scary at 32 year old army soldier about seventy feet. Park officials say he was on a 300 foot Clinton wanted to get a better view. That's been around underneath him apparently gave way he was taken to the hospital in critical condition it took more than three hours for rescuers to get him Powell back creator. Finally have a five a British couple has blown all their friends away when it comes to date night Adam and Danny yell a dig ago. To just any old here be immediate spent the night at the Louvre in Paris they dying next to the penis but Milo after sipping champagne a part of the Mona Lisa. They want to contest where they have to answer why it would be the perfect guest for 500 you know paint. I wrote that conservative. Missing mother and an artist. Two lead have lots to talk about it. And I would prepared during O'Connor some fish such a country. Adam and Danny Eller the first people spend the night and the former palace since French theme of stop using it. In the mid fat didn't look. Good body of forty ever want to bailout the five star rating on that they're being beaten when if they did at the Lou. The that the move made famous by Jay-Z and beyonce. I right. At the crowd going. He. That is very funny and I concur. Let's get that big story president job of the attorney general squaring off with Democrats as the partisan battle heats up over. The Muller reports president's now making it clear that he'll block key players from testifying in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now unleash Sheen on attorney general William Barr. Accusing him of lying under both ABC lot of Zach has the latest from Washington I'm Lana I understand that we're buckets of KFC. On the rubber chickens now they're watching their what's going on. Yeah what's going on in Washington any given day right congressional Democrats right now here's there big question whether or not they're going to pursue. Can tanks against attorney general William Barr. There are kind of split right now the person who that the heart of it who is in the Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler says and he's going to give bar a couple more days and see if they can reschedule his testimony. After he stood them up yesterday. But it's he isn't acting cute it accusing him of trying to obeyed their questions. And speaker Nancy Pelosi says that she believes that are actually lied to congress when asked about the special council's reaction to his characterization of the report. And Jerry Nadler also says that that he's going to crack try and pursue some other people to come and speak before his committee including. Of course the special counsel himself Robert Mahler. And we learn similar team in actually in contact with the House Judiciary Committee they're trying to set up hearing even though nothing's been finalized. And then the other person that they are most interested in hearing from is of course with former White House counsel Don again. He told a special counsel that president trump ordered him. To fire Robert Mueller and then he says he was told repeatedly to try and deny it to the press. President troubles on Fox News and heat said that he's not gonna let me gan or any other current or former White House staffers testify. And while all of this. You know in the aftermath of the Muller reports is back and forth it makes a kind of easy to. Forget the sort of well what what was at the center of all of this initially. It it was Russian interference. In the 2016 elections are the president has commented about Russian interference in 218. Tell us what he's saying about that. The did I. That might get a lot of pick up actually because he said that. He told Brescia essentially to knock it off they can't continue to do what they're doing and that he thinks they're not gonna do it anymore than there won't be any interference in 20/20 this is also. Coming as his FBI director warns that Russia is actually trying to upping its game and we've also learned. That former Homeland Security secretary cursing Nielsen was actually prevented from convening seen convening senior White House officials. Tech talk about the potential of future Russian interference and the actions and it sank. Thank you wanted as a reminder those lawmakers a couple of them. Bought back check and I don't want backing. Second I'm going back to that because. They frolic but to the right to dictate that bar. What's chicken and you know what Bard didn't do you didn't take the bite on that date there. How about we get free of all these toppled pine and Mike good yeah I think your. Really appreciate it all right well now this scent has handed down to an al-Qaeda trained terrorist. Who planned to bomb the New York subway back in 2009 he could soon walk free after a judge agreed to give him a second chance sane he's earned it. This morning a would be bomber is about to be set free a judge in New York's and does not you bullets -- to ten years in prison. Roughly the same time he's been in jail after his arrest in 2009. This attempted attack on our homeland was real. It was in motion and it would have been deadly. At the time has plot to attack America was Cole one of the most serious threats that the US says the September 11 attacks. Zazi traveled to Pakistan in 2008 and train with al-Qaeda and we weapons and explosives. We return to the US he and two friends playing the attack. Their mission and rush hour suicide bombing from the New York City Subway on the anniversary of 9/11. Saw the drove across the country and into New York but later backed out after learning the FBI was onto his plan. He was arrested on September 12. Pleaded guilty and beef life in prison but then prosecutor say it's corporation and America's fight against al-Qaeda was quote extraordinary. Revealing key. In this instance a federal judge tolls Ozzy does once unthinkable second chance has come your way in you earned it. Lawyers on both sides his Ozzy is the change Meehan missed. Zazi who I met. A long time ago was ten years ago. Who was a young young. Man. Has changed dramatically and the reality is that the light at the end. And a letter to the judge is not the apologize worse choices he could go free in a matter of days. But will be on supervised release for the rest of his life as a the other Menem bald in the plot they're still in prison. Hundreds of passengers on a cruise ship owned by the church of psychology remain quarantined after a confirmed case of measles. After several days are free wind has finally departed Saint Lucia it's reportedly. Added to its home port of cure us out. Meanwhile a trip and an event in Dominica has been canceled. How many the crew and passengers are being monitored by a ship's Doctor Who has requested a hundred doses. Of the measles facts. Please your ever arrested three teenagers were conspiring to detonate a bomb had a Long Island high school investigators were tipped off a pursuit is overheard the three talking about building a bomb. During a bus ride home the school was evacuated while police checked for explosives. Elbow checked the homes and so far they haven't recovered any bomb making materials. The rare Baltimore has resigned amid a growing corruption scandal appalling distilled herself publish children's book. Got there abuse resignation came a week after the FBI raided her homes in city offices. She's under investigation for allegedly selling the book series to disguise hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks. She's apologized in a statement for harming Baltimore's. Image we'll FaceBook is cracking down on extremists the company describes as dangerous individuals banning them from its platform. And from insert Graham FaceBook says high profile people and organizations from the left and the right who paddle in violence and hate violate company policy. Civil rights groups have spent years trying to convince social media sites to take stronger action and they are celebrating the move but others see these bands. Amount to censorship. The Pentagon is calling for sweeping changes following a dramatic spike in sexual assaults in the military. An anonymous survey conducted every two years found more than 20000 service members. So they experienced sexual assault that's about 37%. Higher than we sixteen. But only a third of the victims filed a formal report be acting Defense Secretary directed officials to enact new programs to combat the problem. He said they must and will do better. To take a look at this fire rescue in the San Antonio an off duty police officer smashed his way inside a car that caught fire after looking over. Sargent credit Yeltsin broke the windshield just in time and pulled out to Dreifort air. Police say she'd lost control the cart hit a guardrail and suffered minor injuries over it that opts to count the action. The CDC yes we did a warning about raw chicken. The CDC says don't wash it. The agency says watching that can actually spread germs to other food or utensils in the kitchen. Many consumers believe washing chicken book war preparing it is a safety measured the CDC also says it's best that the chicken disposable bag before placing it. In your shopping cart. Should also use separate cutting board for raw stricken American things amends CDC got right for shore. Right and the personal opinion of many people. Yeah they say that they're gonna keep watching last year you the watcher chicken and they sure are obviously you clean up after yourself in this thing right on the counter you don't keep everything else fleeing enemy should be kicked it right. Exactly. Bring up the lights all white so that brings us the question. The day does you wash your original answers you can. He still gonna watch your chickens are you still gonna do it go with that the CDC. Do you eat it politics. Are unit could do you gotta back it up up up up up there your British Salmonella in part board that they act do you. Are you an area where the keyboard and doing ward centuries. AA and watching their chickens. And being okay. Going out to he gators swimming in Florida swept up to see how their prayers were answered. When we come back. Welcome back we turn now to a miracle at C two teenagers becoming stranded off the coast of Florida. They were prayed before rescue and then helped the riots with a boat from a boat with heavenly game. It'd have life jackets on and they're treading water. Both of them are barely keeping their heads above water at that time. There's no doubt that it wasn't him that despite. Plucked this water with the boat in the payment. And later today you can hear the captain of a man sharing his story right here is being eaten. Alive. Paying. A man a man it give up. But they're picnic I look at what. All right well. This amen corner is now gonna head across the pond to ABC news London bureau we're doing the crawling. It's keeping an eye on the biggest international news good morning Julius let's start in Venice where where more than. 200 people been detained in protest against president Nicholas the bureau. Hey guys he SA today Inman is where that pivot discounting the cost of the last several days of violence just a song about how he got hit. One by day here is a self declared interim president of Venezuela the opposition leader he has when he tried to give a renewed push this week. To try and get people on the streets protest against the government trying to add to pressure against the regime. Now we are getting numbers from my team on the ground that in punt on his team were reporting for ABC today. And equating. And if you. Save that for at least four people have died two in the capital Caracas. And tin another sits in Venezuela more than 200 people have been injured in clashes with police and security forces. And as you say more than 200 people have been detained this week. And Julie India has evacuated hundreds of thousands of people from its eastern coast because of a major cyclone. Officials say could be the worst storm they've seen in twenty years. Yeah extraordinary more than a million people have been evacuated on India's east in case powerful site plan. Is heading to the eastern state of all this. That good pet tourist towns on the case that facing winds of more than a hundred miles and now. But the state and federal. Forces off swinging into action our naval warships and helicopters you've been moved into the area there are on standby to help with. Medical aid. But that I've been pretty strong images that we're seeing out of Easton and down of trees being below your neighbor and roofs of buildings just being destroyed. Really powerful storm that on an old a lot of people in its pot so your father and no casualties yet say. Have played a storm costs is in the people remain safe spot as I say beyond me is on standby to try and and do what it can benevolence of spotting Don Hodgdon. Definitely I'm Julie before you go so we hear you have a new home. Mr. Graham obsession undergo a lot of double taps a Japanese preemption though rob it. Guys this is so rare PO ISO NS this morning and is overrated Q back story now. The pilot served a conscience they he received a very cute present from the Canadian prime minister. Just in to death. And like any other and to gun enthusiasts to kinda seal the deal with this renovated cute paste on his in sick ground it was a cop to wouldn't be buck. From Quebec. And there is a bit like the music consistent kid and he's now is door and his wife is testing it out and it's isn't just this is so there. Here it. But there's a gritty gritty street fight stories this because of medical Quebec wouldn't comment he made that he have no idea what it was four when the prime minister's office. Cold the mop in Austin for a call bank and then he was just delighted to see how clean addition though they would nailing it since doors I just think this is such key. Q wait a and the weak ha. Mean yet beaver door knock are that is definitely a way to have good relations between countries. I would Olson and like old and I've just been looking at obvious and stick around and it's just the sweetest thing election has picked his of his lungs tonight his name went. Parliament that would have been my call and an instance it's one of them can purified blood lead an instant in the ground because I haven't seen get this did seems. Also provide like. Happy meals and hamburgers. A little but it isn't Daryn if all about this app and apple. Brightly that I could only do that here in the US yet area we are they huge area have a great weekend I was very young guys. Coming up a we remember the man behind. Chewy Peter Mayhew the Star Wars fan favorite. Dead at seven. Welcome back. The desert we ask you to pick which video games you thought should be inducted into the hall of fame there were a lot lot there are a lot of option that is so many. But the final four official inductees have now been announced. We'll come back over your Super Mario Kart solitaire. And colossal cave adventure made the cut. It big event gave adventure game had no graphics. Relying on text input in the 1970s what happy they have the quirky he's back. We should ask marker board director you're Smart you know. You give me a good look right now and now you can play it out your bond by texting opponent. All right so some things to watch out for today vice president Mike Pence travels Louisiana to tour the remains up. One of the three black churches destroyed by an arsonist a local sheriff's deputies signed had. Has been charged in the burnings and a crowd funding campaign has raised more than two million dollars for the church's restoration. Plus don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on top stories and the briefing room for freaked out apparently this headline in politics. The world Star Wars phantom is mourning the loss of one of its most beloved actors. He may not be a household name but to millions of his fans he was simply too Bok will Ganz has more Julie. Take here is okay. Can you. The whole galaxy saying goodbye to a gentle giant this morning. Peter Mayhew the actor who played two -- cut in five Star Wars films passing away at age 74 of a heart attack. Nation it's like to these hard times you're. His Stanley issuing a statement saying the Star Wars family meant so much more to him that a role in the film the relationships that began then. Grew into the friends and family Hubert loved for decades to come tributes now pouring in from that Star Wars family. Are her. Things. His millennium falcon co pilot Harrison Ford saying. We were partners in film and friends in light for over thirty years and I loved him there certainly was a lot to love nation towered at seven foot four. John Blake a writing the happiness you brought to my life through two Boko was always enough. But to meet UN experience you're amazing heart was even better Mark Campbell tweeting these photos with the caption. A big man with an even bigger heart who never failed to make me smile. And a loyal friend to I love dearly. And George Lucas sharing these words he was the closest any human being could be to a Wilkie big heart gentle nature. And I learned to always let him win. That would enforce was strong with this one get back to the importance creole word through things. Makes you undergoing two knee replacement surgeries and four months of three hour physical therapy sessions. Fight his way into playing Julie in certain scenes of 2000 fifteens to force awakens. Show. Despite health concerns and now fans paying tribute to make use legacy. Posting photos and arts this Wednesday Julie your home wishing him well in the galaxy far far away. So incredible and he knew that the fans of this franchise working on to keep it here alive and certainly very devoted to them. He will be remembered. That is it for us this week guys yes Rodman yeah. That they didn't know me or did over you is I'll dine out without any time we're gonna play receiver Mario Kart. Well Mortal Kombat yeah smaller com. We would. But they're really gonna. We're gonna watch your ticket to that it. I know well. Yeah.

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