It's Morning, America: Friday, March 1, 2019

Trump denies demanding approval for Jared Kushner's security clearance, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announces his presidential bid and more.
22:59 | 03/01/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Friday, March 1, 2019
Good morning I'm Kenneth movement and I'm hitting army near the top I think saying oh this Friday number one cushion spirit. Geragos and his attorneys denying a report that president trump ordered the White House chief of staff. The grand Kushner top secret security clearance. Against the recommendation of the CIA the president and of output from insisted in the past secretary received no special treatment. Number two new questions following president trumps nuclear summit with North Korea and his interview with Sean Hannity last night president comes at a summit ended after Kim Dolan demanded too much. The president claims North Korea wanted all sanctions lifted in exchange for partially dismantling their nuclear weapons program for North Korean officials say they ask only for some of the sanctions to be lifted. Even though the summit was cut short top administration officials insist progress was made. They negotiators got to know each other better until number three now YouTube is shutting off the comments section below nearly all videos featuring children the move comes after reports that had a files have been leaving inappropriate messages on those pages. I'm prompted several major companies have pulled their ads including Patrick games maker of the popular video game four tonight YouTube says it will take several months to disable the comments section. Some sites will allow comments that they must be strictly monitored we had to Sarasota Florida for number four and dramatic video of a hit and run crash. See your car tumbling down the road into that parking lot flipping several times before smashing. Into a concrete wall in a parking lot to nineteen year old woman who was inside that car suffered serious injuries were told she's in critical condition. Police say the driver of the van that hit a car causing the crash. Took off from the scene and finally and number five using the weekend to catch up on sleep doesn't work. That's the finding of a new study and it's break at hearts everywhere researchers say getting extra rest. To make up for a sleep deprived work week you may actually hurt you physically. Changing your sleep pattern for two days changes your metabolism and that can lead to weight gain many chronic illnesses like diabetes researchers say you should try your best to get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep. Each night. We've got so much more to talk about coming your way stay out. Because it's more in America. Good morning everyone I swear I'm going to ignore that study. A 100% I would feel yes I'm gonna get up I'm gonna sleep and then get it'll work out so bluntly said. I mean there are other things in science that we didn't choose to accept or not IE climate change we get hot hot hot that the fifth died at the apple. There eyes goodness a lot to get you go on this Friday as we head into the weekend it let's get right into it because he did some breaking news at this hour Washington governor Jay in his late has announced he will run for president in 20/20 in Italy hoping to set himself apart. From an already crowded field emphasizing the Texas central threat of climate change. In his announcement video. We're the first generation to feel the sting of climate change there were the last that can do something about it. We went to the moon he created technologies and change the world. Our country's next mission must be to rise up to the most urgent challenge of our time defeating climate change. This crisis isn't just the charter grafting war. He impacts are being felt everywhere. We have an opportunity to transform our economy run around 100% clean energy. There will bring millions of good paying jobs every community across America. Cricket board trust future for every work. I'm. So. Ends Lee is in. This is the crowd if you are we yet they really want it seemed GOP members yet when they had seriously seventy any artist that I of them. Better or work are still waiting on him he said he's made the decision. Oh Joseph Biden oh yeah says his family things that he showed run. Flew here from him now the field taking shape and it's. People have stormed the field might fit wanna game shop our store. VMware's as everybody there got the good tournament goalposts down on the and pilot got this opportunity actually Kenneth Brody would like to make his announcement. I may. Well be. But somewhere and point 18. But it will not be there it's regret that there will not that other big story president trump sought in line is that the center of an explosive new report about how he obtained his top secret security clearance. The New York Times reports that president trump ordered his chief of staff to grand jury commissioner that clearance that contradicts what the president's have previously when he denied any involved. Man the clearance was granted despite concerns among national security officials ABC Zachary quiche is hearkening. Yes good morning Kempton to me these clearances mean axes to the most sensitive information in this country. Last Niger Christie's attorney telling Fox News he got clearance through the regular process with no pressure from anybody. This morning a stunning report in New York Times outlining how the president ordered his former chief of staff John Kelly. To get his seven Maher Jared Kushner a top secret security clearance. According to the times both as CIA in former White House counsel. Don McGann recommended that Kushner be denied top secret clearance but the paper suggest that last year trumps former chief of staff John Kelly. Wrote a memo saying the president had quote. Ordered him to clear Christmas path that contradicts comments the president made of the times' just last month. Turning. We're no I don't think I have the authority to do that I'm not sure did. But I would I would I wouldn't I wouldn't do it guarantee good I was I was never involved with the security. The president's daughter eve vodka trump recently told the views Abby Huntsman. There were no favors done for her or her husband. There are a lot of people to question whether. You are given special treatment by the president's overriding other absolutely endless. Elijah comics chairman of the house oversight committee is threatening to subpoena the White House if they don't cooperate. Sitting in a statement the security clearance process is supposed to function in an even handed in neutral manner based on the national security interest. Of the United States rise Jon Cohen is a former counterterrorism coordinator. At the Department of Homeland Security. Just because he can do it doesn't mean it's in the best interest of our national security. White house Press Secretary series standards issued a statement saying. We don't comment on security clearances can we will see exactly how the White House responds that day if and wills what they say anything at all and when it comes to cushion her course as senior by the after the president's got a lot on his plate. Including working on a peace plan for the middle you so what's the latest Labatt. Well obviously he's traveling throughout the Middle East rate now he's met with the regime from the Saudi Arabia from Saudi Arabia he's also connecting with the president of Turkey. In this all part of pushing this message in pushing this overall. Peace plan but this could be. Certainly a distraction. You're right about that Ari well thank you Zachary and have a great weekend my friend and still sticking with the president. Yep it's facing new pressure from senate Republicans to withdraw his border emergency declaration Lamar Alexander of Tennessee is the latest to voice opposition calling the emergency declaration and consistent with the constitution. But Alexander stopped short of revealing whether he would support a resolution to block Jan the president has promised to veto that already house approved resolution. If it passes the senate. Eight years after the raid that killed Osama bin Laden the US government now has a price on his son's head. State Department is offering one million dollars for help finding harm hums a bin Laden. Officials say the younger bin Laden has become one of the leaders of al-Qaeda he's been considered a specially designated global terrorist since 2017. Now to the other big story this morning the historic flooding on the west coat. Northern Californians bracing for. Three more storms as several towns already underwater for record rainfall. This morning a state of emergency wine country that mess everywhere the Russian river in northern California has turned towns into islands after more than twenty inches of rain pounded the area in just three days you ever seen a water this high. No there are some residents forced to use Palo boards and broke boost through steep their neighborhoods at any supplies house but. Once our water went out we felt it. This is what the town of Guerneville looked like before and now drenched in water oh my god. I didn't think that starts it would get it over. An estimated 2000 homes are damage with the river cresting thirteen feet above flood stage ABC's world car isn't Sonoma County. There are two communities that are still islands completely surrounded by water. These floodwaters have started to go down but the bad news is there's more rain in the forecast heading into the weekend. The floods also turning deadly the water swept away a father who drowned trying to reach his children trapped or barn surrounded by water. Rescuers eventually reached his kids by boat. First responders have rescued dozens of people trapped in cars among those saved a woman who ignored signs warning about impassable roads. She was saying to onto a tree. I don't believe we'll be moving water swift water do you drivel walked into her hero she just went around a barricade this road closed. The Russian rivers finally receding but more rain is on the way for that region. And sports right harper is now baseball's 330 million dollar man and some analysts say backs up bar again. The former rookie of the year in BP has signed a thirteen year deal with Philadelphia. This record contract works out to a little more than 25. Ten dollars per season baseball observers predicted he might get thirty million a season meaning the Phillies saved about five million boxy gotta. Savings and meanwhile harpers from new teammate Jake Arianna. Posted this special welcome video breaking out instituted 25. Dollar Versailles teammate Katie saying he was getting the house ready. For harper wins they don't completely give it we've seen way too much of that yes. Could this majority really understand widows or why he did it OK with it for the publicity. That there really say hey you little brotherly love. We want it why. Why are you read asset why here is veto. Sweeping and expensive. The TV man TV. Sleeping may have been inside joke or is all of cleanup may be lost the bet maybe maybe and he's got a 75 million our contract apparently is that a lot of money. Newspaper that speed of. Coming up their minds of the Michael Cohen hearings going viral but it wasn't part of the testimony it without in the hallway. More when we come back. Come back let's go across the I'm delighted hero doing his Farley attracting a lot of international news this morning Julia what's going on Friday. Happy Friday morning guys that the heart TG IF went about speeders sweeping guy I can't get him out of my hand and it lets me a lot and I thought for a news. Big news a drop yesterday that world catching up with today is ready prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. May be indicted says. The the attorney general yesterday mate announcement that he was recommending indictment on several charges. That the prime minister faces is with us time assessing president and Ezra has faced criminal charges. Charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust. One of the cases in bold. Prime minister Netanyahu accepting a quarter million dollars of gifts of the sag caused champagne. From wealthy businessmen in exchange with Davis. And then the other two charges relate to political favor some sort of easing of regulations on a couple of media outlets in exchange for positive news stories. Now of course there is ready elections are an April say there's a lot of has a lot of some of the speculation that's how this is gonna cut his thomas'. And yulia let me ask you this because it's so if she's there because we look at Netanyahu and we know. When it comes to Americans mostly what we see is obviously the friendship between he and president trump. But when it comes to I'm sure that the headlines over there is probably similar to our Russian investigation headlines the so a lot of real price do you about it curious. Out what happens when you've got strong ally of president trump who's in some legal trouble like this. ICI doesn't apply not cricket the president from speaking in hunt on he has defended Netanyahu said I don't know about this story but he's a good prime minister but I just want to say that Netanyahu in his responded by attacking these investigations. They left wing witch hunt. Not investigation but politically motivated. To have him in the upcoming elections how we have that one before say I think that's pretty interesting. Other important news that the India pucks on escalation even putting this week the pakistanis have announced that bale went into release that Indian pilot. Who they captured Alley this week in a show good faith. The Indian what have responded very positively they say they're extremely happy that the pilot as can be released we're expecting not hound David to be latent today at some point. And so it's a very well received sort of looks like a possible. This week of flour ops weather has been some cross border exchanges Indian strikes. In Pakistani territory in exchange for. A militants type this month that killed at least forty Indian troops. That is the ongoing long running conflict that's spanned decades but this week really still a very very dangerous. Escalation. I Jilin there's one more story that you'll watch over their fourth. Yeah has so this is it. Bombed his story can let me just let's try sum this up a case say the business story that's been getting in fashion attention it's a town in Japanese made headlines. Because the authorities seize a family dog. Up hog. Because they were trying to claim. And body of unpaid tax cut taxes and then selling it on eBay. Right say. I sold the holiday is so all of the family dog on eBay are made yap. So basically. This woman she I was being chased down for not paying their taxes are debating that show up at her door. And they found that the biggest thing that the most valuable thing that's the end. Let the dog cook as a and they so there are nowhere. They don't. They think that at and saw the dog. That I think means anyone would have to fight meat itself might have a good knowing you think Israel should not be laughing at but it is just a little bit here their well Julie while we have a great weekend and no one steals your dog. Defend itself if they would have had a vitality to this. I have let you make you my friend. Thanks guys in our well the Golden Globes had the Fiji Water girl all the Michael Cohen Harry has his own viral star. Pizza guy. The capital Saturday and social media fame Wednesday for caring into his lunch union background of a live report with someone. Can't in the box that box for anyone unfamiliar with the DMV is and pizza and if you know and pizza then you understand. When you get that box you go to town yes the kid members of the water so he goes he didn't back to get a bottled water it's lunch time also it looks up. Realizes he's our mind TV challenge them. More than a million need. The more than a million views when you have a limited amount of time your young intern I would an internal Capitol Hill and I know that what is once signed you get that you get it right past. And what is AMP it's you letting them well. Already sharing stories. Because of course we booked on Kenneth still lives in DC I lived there we're talking about which. DC locations we would go to I would get in the car not wait here and do errands area when it piping hot. Who and they would bring the root for my mouth out that way. Coach Qaeda. Yeah why about two. The southern thing but it rarely Claudette high. Paying. All right so what Texas grandma who says she needed this now a self via her on the I heard she wanted to experience to Syria of Iceland. But she almost became a permanent fixture. If stray son's picture ever lounging on the big block of ice with a caption iceberg queen. But moments later the ice burg broke off from the strain was floating around to see if she says it was her idea to have a seat out what her into her ice thrown. It was Shea. Like an easy place to see it you can tell by looking at the shape Babbitt. Looks like you and I started to step off but everybody that don't don't step all yet because. It was getting deeper and they thinking that they would wait until the water receded. Beat like that you. Equally numbing. My chance. You know this man I was there was video of this record orders in grandma's react said. A man who happen to be a life boat captain was actually nearby hope ms. strange. Get back to shore yet this thing they'd get strained got back is sure how strange the strange that the. Later. Police still celebrating hitting a true daily double this week the Lesnar as being tram lined up to pick and a bank of half court shot. For a 100000. Dollar would give them during LA's. Game against the Rollins not a with a fifty footer rattles and and trim breaks into its own version of LeBron James. Press the floors celebration. Fans happy dance caught LBJ died. The chosen one show strand and celebrated along with him. Creating cool that again impress the floor. Also basket ball. College basketball it was senior night for the NC CUE. Equals. Yes actually sit out little boy right near six year old who is being. Son of the basketball coach for the Eagles he found out lies with senior and I want to know what singer and I wasn't as soon as he was found I had to think of vitamin C especially its payroll and Leary McKnight. Junior. She went that is good byes he's crying and come out I think he's known this team and on this guy's. Two years so for a young guy like that. How many Kosier Lavelle both men who is not a cousin of mine that I ask our guys. Behave cuts. It is that some. That is he the good sport. Good sports about it neck and a health scare for actor Luke Perry. That's right happening today that NATO's 210 remake was announced. More. Kids Friday. We over the weekend were just a few minutes away. I'm Brett Favre thing that we are gonna fire but some barbecue ribs are made it fairly those are Quito they are Quito friendly. Experiment try that see what happens. I'm going to. Try to prove this study rock and get some sleep this weekend and hope we won't affect whether tablet isn't anything out. You know that's the Smart I don't care about the study I'm sleeping give me those cities all of them. Before coming out later there on ABC news' live Washington governor and now president of Kennedy usually kicks off its campaign with an event in Seattle. And its solar energy facility. Will be there and it's carnival scene then the royals and that's a hotel in New Orleans is hosting the 49 annual. For easing of the polls in preparation for Mardi Gras. And Rio will crown its carnival king for the trees begin but don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on all of our top stories in the briefing room. A breakdown of the latest headlines. In politics and they're locked up. We'll get well wishes are pouring in for actor Luke Perry amid reports that he suffered a massive stroke Perry shot to fame in the nineties and recently made a comeback. Now his age 52 weeks raising questions this morning about strokes and who's at risk. Peace let me tell you something just say no in advance. I'm not good news today you may know bombast as a ninety's teen heartthrob Dylan McKay from Beverly Hills 9010. Now this morning actor Luke Perry is hospitalized. After reportedly suffering a stroke and his home in Los Angeles. Los Angeles fire department responded to the actor's home wincing morning with dispatch audio referring to a stroke patient. Ought to let him. 78 children. A rep preparing tells ABC Luke Perry is currently under observation at the hospital. Strokes are a leading cause of disability in the US they occur when there is a sudden interruption in the blood supply to the brain. But can also happen when a blood vessel ruptures. According to CDC roughly 13 of Americans who suffer from a stroke are younger than 65. The 52 year old hospitalization comes on the same day a 90210. Regroup. It was announced starring most of the original cast but not Perry who's busy shooting Riverdale. This morning there is an outpouring of support on social media including Perry's former 90210 co stars Shannen Doherty shared this sold flowed at. Doctors warned strokes can strike at any age the American Heart Association says they are on the rise in younger people likely because of certain health factors like high blood pressure which is a major risk factor for stroke. Doctors say your risk increases with age in nearly doubles every ten years after each 55. It's crazy were just talking out that nine do. Beverly Hills 90210 reboot and how much Luke period where I know you area and then this happened and so we are praying for his recovery and a speedy recovery or have it. What a week it has had has a long one. And along when folks in the short week for they're closing about Oscar's feels like forever and ever. That's it for today have a great weekend. Gibson sleeps.

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