What motivates billionaire Jeff Bezos on his historic space journey?

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with the author of “Bezonomics,” Brian Dumaine, about what drives Amazon founder Jeff Bezos ahead of his historic Blue Origin space flight.
5:54 | 07/20/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What motivates billionaire Jeff Bezos on his historic space journey?
Deeper dive into the mind of the founder of Amazon and blue origin Jeff baze those joining us now is contributor and fortune and the author of Bay's own onyx. How Amazon is changing our lives. Brian humane thank you so much for joining us tonight. Well Lindsay is my pleasure to be here. So a lot of time talking to sources inside and outside of Amazon to really get inside bays as his mind and how he created Amazon blue origin and why he's become so successful. So I'm really drives and. Well. Outer space insurer. Basis says that exploring outer space is the most important thing he's doing in this life. After being a water research comic book I can conclusion that. Bid based us might have means a bit of an exaggeration but you can almost argued that. He founded Amazon city you do have enough money. Two sun and blue origin is rocket company he sells about a billion dollars of Amazon stock every year in order to fund blue origin. And based us has been an assessment doubters base since he was a cheered music tricky. When he gave the valedictorian speeches high school he talked about space exploration who used. Been very obsessed with outer space. And so it sounds like Amazon was just a means to an end and essentially why do you think that the richest man in the world. Has this preoccupation. Maybe if you will to go to space. Who Lindsay that's a great question. He has said that he wants to save human card he believes there with our population expanding. You're just isn't going to happen up resources to let us all live the very. Rich life so the answer and businesses Maher and his two colonize outer space. Now the problem with that. Is said it's very expensive. To you operated an outer space. And what are the reasons he founded blue origin is to make space travel more affordable way to make space travel more affordable. The ideas said in future generations. Entrepreneurs will be able to. Use space to. My main minerals from asked to relays to do heavy manufacturing. It's a lot like. When the US government in bed and the Internet. It allowed a whole generation. Entrepreneurs to build businesses on the Internet and it ended in phase a screen starting Amazon had to build his own Internet system. He would have never gotten knee. Company off the ground and sense out he says sees parallels to space travel make. Rockets cheap and in fifty you're a hundred years will have all these entrepreneurs out the air. Figuring out what kind of businesses. They can create to make the world a better and more are habitable. And how practical is this and we talking about just to kind of get some some minerals and bring them back here at this is really ultimately a few generations from now for people look go in lives. On another planet or in space and in some form. Yeah well I think in the long term that's basis is vision I mean east thanks in. Huge amounts of time he looks out fifty a 10200 years. That's really what is based program it's all about but in the near term there are some practical applications there's space tourism of course. The winning. Bitter for a seat on the first flight 848 million dollars or that at all though. He goes around his flight because of a scheduling. And I wanted to know what kind of scheduling conflict could do have after you pay 28 million de Beers. And they better be a pretty good one that's got to sit at the no it does actually what happened that. Maybe get calls seed I don't know Betty he's not going up when the first ladies. It you know it's reported that it'll go up and subsequent flights to us one applications based tourism. Another is that Amazon itself has a plan. To launch more than 3000 communication satellites. To provide Internet. Service. In areas of the world that don't yet have a especially in the developing world. Now that's going to be good business for blue origin. But it's its Allston be good business for Amazon as more or more people. Have access to the Internet and then can surprise. By prime memberships in view a lot of shopping on Amazon. Seems that you've learned about Jeff these doses you've been doing all here are your studying and researching interviews that that you found. Surprise saying particularly of interest. Well one thing Lindsay is key. Is learn the most. Mono maniacal human beings I've ever come across and might decades of being a business journalist he is just so focused. And once he gets an idea and once he thinks it's viable. He will just push it lay. Nothing you've ever seen. All right well we thank you we look forward to watching tomorrow as he becomes part of the the 62 mile high club along with that the young as Austin and oldest people aren't going to face Bryant remain. Fortune contributor and author of bays a nominee to thank you so much for joining us tonight it you can watch a basis and blue origins first crew launch tomorrow morning at 8 AM eastern. Right here on ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with the author of “Bezonomics,” Brian Dumaine, about what drives Amazon founder Jeff Bezos ahead of his historic Blue Origin space flight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78936856","title":"What motivates billionaire Jeff Bezos on his historic space journey?","url":"/US/video/motivates-billionaire-jeff-bezos-historic-space-journey-78936856"}