Mystery at Dominican Republic resort continues

Preliminary autopsies show that a couple and another woman at Bahia Principe La Romana died of respiratory failure and pulmonary edema.
3:07 | 06/07/19

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Transcript for Mystery at Dominican Republic resort continues
We begin with the mystery in the Dominican Republic officials still trying to determine. How three Americans died. Days apart. Last month at the same resort a Colorado couple now claiming they also got sick at the same hotel in 2018 so I want to bring in Stephanie wash in lot of room on the Dominican Republic. I'm Stephanie can you just give us an idea of what's the latest in this ongoing investigation. Kimberly officials say they are working digit. Officials say they are working around the clock to figure out the facts around what happened. These three Americans that were found dead at the scene resort here in La Romano at the by he had principi resort. Now it all started back on May 25 when all three victims checked into the resort. Miranda Warner Stanley said the 41 year old checked into her hotel went to the wrong to be drink from the mini bar and within two hours of checking in. Die and just five days later another couple Cynthia Dana thing your homes were also found dead in their run. Now yesterday the ministry of tourism here gave a press conference suggesting that all three deaths could actually just be a coincidence. OK and there was an autopsy that was done and I I know that there's also a toxicology. Report. Where results have come in are having come in what do we know there. So the preliminary autopsy report that was released yesterday showed that Miranda Warner actually. Died of cardiac arrest which led to rest for Terry failure. And that couple. Actually both died of organ failure. And as you mentioned we're still waiting for the toxicology results to come in fed officials can read a release official report of what actually led to the cause of death. That could take about a month. And then with this new Colorado couple coming forward. Does that help in trying to solve this mystery. Kimberly that only adds to the mystery here Kelyn Nell and her boyfriend are suing the hotel group. They say that last year they actually had to leave the resort because their run reeks of chemicals. They did an interview with ABC news and here's what Kaelin had to say. It is a team back to the room we noticed it's not like somebody had dumped paint everywhere we word drooling excessively my eyes would not solve water Ream that denying it. We both woke up soaked in sweat. I like for in the morning. And kind of terrified we booked a flight home before the sun came. Kelyn says they suffered abdominal cramps dizziness shortness of breath. Now there's no comment on that specific case from. But he apron to pay resorts and hotels. But in a statement released just moments ago the hotel group says. That they are working with authorities on these cases they are committed to get safety and that the whole tell group has suffered great image too it's. Reputation. And that due to the falls in for that's been put out by the media they say. All right definitely a bit bizarre Stephanie wash right there in Dominican Republic thanks so much for joining us.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Preliminary autopsies show that a couple and another woman at Bahia Principe La Romana died of respiratory failure and pulmonary edema.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63559548","title":"Mystery at Dominican Republic resort continues","url":"/US/video/mystery-dominican-republic-resort-continues-63559548"}