NASA InSight spacecraft set to touch down on Mars on Monday

This will be the first Mars landing attempted by NASA in six years.
3:44 | 11/26/18

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Transcript for NASA InSight spacecraft set to touch down on Mars on Monday
Including blamed the bottom so excited to idea I have been waiting for this all morning that we are bow window bars live friend than a day like on the Leonard have been waiting for. It is a big day for Mars gates Maggie myself included and right here behind me is a mock up of the Mars insight Lander will push into it and give me a look at it here it's kind of but in. About the size of like a large SUV with all the scientific instruments. On board in we've been talking to the mission scientists that folks running this mission they are optimistic but they are also. A little bit nervous because most in fact only 40%. Of the missions to Mars historically have actually made it. Most of them fail and that's a failing this. Yeah. It is now now that is a lot of those are a lot of Russian. And missions NASA JP Ellis is a pretty good track records I think of anybody can do it. These guys can but one of the big problems are things that this. Lander has to go through is this seven minutes of terror that we've been hearing about it has to come in at just the right angle. Hits the Mars atmosphere between 121013. Thousand miles per hour. And it's all automated at this point it's basically on auto pilot because. Communications takes so long about eight minutes to get from Mars to earth so there's no real time control. Of this crap they have to just kind of let it go and do its thing and thousands of calculations have to happen just right the heat shield has to work. The Paris shoot has to work right the retro rockets have to fire the radars have to work everything has to work. So well and so precisely. For the salt to work and slow to about. Five miles an hour from landing so a lot they can go wrong but but they're confident and then if Mel happens. They can begin the science mission the thing that is actually here for so if you take a look earlier this a couple of the science instruments that are on the ground that sort of heck sentinel shaped. Metal box thing there that the size moment that's. Going to measure Mars quake sickened even since the impacts of meteorites and things like that. This basically tracking and sensing and listening to all these waves as they move around the interior of Mars. And then the other probe here on the ground that Starr has the tall piece to it counselor to. Shoe box there darker that is the heat sensor and that. Will be able to tell how much heat is coming out of the center of the planet. There's another experiment to tell how Mars is wobbling so. What all of this does is hopefully we'll unlock some mysteries about. How Mars was formed how earth was formed because they were very similar planet's back in the day. And hopefully gives some clues about the formation of the solar system. Clay and that's also exciting I cannot way although I'm terrified for those seven minutes of terror because up a whole lot of science you just mentioned that has to go on. And don't want accurately. Were taught you more of later on today US are going to hold a live in the event of the surrounds the 45 eastern time so. All my follow up questions and an offending you then sit. But quickly before you go as we mentioned it very asking us what's the deal. Yes OK so back in the 1960s there were the ranger missions to the moon there were six missions they all failed the seventh mission. Worked and main thing else these superstitions get want somebody said that there were peanuts in the mission control room at that time for that seventh mission. So ever since then. Peanuts in mission control there in their today. Luckily not ready to go to my peanuts for 245 when I tune in watch it be that they haven't be snacking on peanuts as well. Everybody go to therapy that's very clean did thanks so much Caylee to Sadler is there.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"This will be the first Mars landing attempted by NASA in six years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59422350","title":"NASA InSight spacecraft set to touch down on Mars on Monday","url":"/US/video/nasa-insight-spacecraft-set-touch-mars-monday-59422350"}