National Spelling Bee Has Co-Champions

Ansun Sujoe and Sriram Hathwar are the first co-winners of the Scripps National Spelling Bee since 1962.
2:05 | 05/30/14

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Transcript for National Spelling Bee Has Co-Champions
Rising only emotional and exhilarating night at the Scripps national spelling -- -- all came out of a riveting final round showdown that made history. Correct its. Law emotion and -- this year's Scripps national spelling B fifteen year old eight grader Jacob Williamson keep -- Florida. Captured worldwide attention on social media as the most and -- contestant. Came to a disappointing and last night -- -- But the tension kicked into high gear was down to just two young men standing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And there apparently weren't any words fourteen year old Sri -- half toward didn't know round after round squaring off against his formidable opponent thirteen year old and sons soon -- -- -- Jane cull PD. A -- -- OL. -- if you. And it's C. -- -- -- -- that the two boys to get right down to the wire exhausting the 25 championship word spelling them all correctly down to the last war that if -- -- whatever it. However say it to -- and EU. Though. Though it. ET eleventh correct. In the end and son -- three -- both undefeated named co champions of the Scripps national spelling. It's the first time there's been a tie since 1962. That is the news story. I'm so happy for them you know life sentence where you really have kids everybody. And you get him yeah. Yeah they really do deserve it -- -- -- they both said that all the money that they got it going towards college of the right decision boy they've both nearly got 33000 dollars in cash prizes and of course each got their own little trophy. Yeah I suspect they're gonna -- fine institutions forgot I think you might be right there just. -- kids.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"Ansun Sujoe and Sriram Hathwar are the first co-winners of the Scripps National Spelling Bee since 1962.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23924901","title":"National Spelling Bee Has Co-Champions","url":"/US/video/national-spelling-bee-champions-23924901"}