Olympic COVID-19 cases surge 155% in one week as opening ceremony nears

Cases are rising as the action begins. The U.S. women’s soccer team snapped its 44-game win streak with a loss to Sweden.
5:51 | 07/21/21

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Transcript for Olympic COVID-19 cases surge 155% in one week as opening ceremony nears
The future the Olympics is now in question after the CEO announced he's not ruling out canceling the summer games the last minute. So far seven. This morning officials in Tokyo revealing that Kobe cases have increased 155%. In the past seven days there are now 1832. New positive cases of covic. In the city as the Olympics are set to begin. This as the CEO of the games refusing to rule out canceling them last minute. As Kobe cases are on the rise 79 accredited individuals including athletes now testing positive comments from Monica them and with just days to go until the games officially open. The head of the Tokyo games now saying. They could convene five party talks to decide an action plan if there is a spike in cases in sight Olympic village the stress of testing positive. Or being deemed ineligible due to close contact with infected individuals. Weighing on athletes team USA swim captain Ryan Murphy speaking to us earlier this morning about life inside the Olympic field. Which we have been hearing talk about the gains potentially being canceled what are your. Ox on dot possibility. That's I'm yes television series scenario. Sorry Rudy tried not to go to combat. Accredited officials undergoing a slew of high security safety measures. This is one of the few limited places we've been able to travel to hear in Tokyo just outside of national stadium. Where the opening and closing ceremonies will take place and normally in any other Olympics this would be a place of celebration enthusiasm. That's not the case right now with math mandates and place. Would they very under vaccinated population here and rising cope in nineteen numbers by the day. With Kobe looming over the games some Olympic sponsors like one of the biggest Toyota says it's pulling Olympic related ads in Japan. But will reportedly keep its US marketing plans in place and some senior business leaders including Toyota's president and Panasonic CEO. Plan on skipping the opening ceremony altogether. With billions of dollars at stake if the Olympics are canceled outright. Big game soaring to fifteen point four billion with some experts saying the actual cost could be more than twenty billion. Another Olympic news. Earlier the US women's national soccer team lost their first match to Sweden three to nothing Sweden famously knocked teen USA out of the Olympics back in 2016 so this was seen by many. As a chance at redemption they are down but they are not out they play again on Saturday against New Zealand Diane. Diet Amy wrote back thanks for that let's go to our Kenneth voter named Tokyo for more on this Kenneth. Good morning or good evening to you lies since day I'm curious what is the reaction been there. This huge announcement by the CEO that he's still considering canceling the Olympic Games. I know Diane it was a stunner for media bus and for many who've been covering these Olympic Games. Yes it was a stunning revelation. When they heard him say those words that he's not ruling out. Canceling this games consider we're just two days away from opening ceremony considering that. Tens of thousands of people including eleven valve and athletes have started to make their way into this country. But Diane there are others who also pointed out that this Tokyo between 23 Euro has said this before but he's been very cost is saying. He would take a look at the cobra numbers if he's also urge you keep an eye on it. I get all that the BI delegations together to talk about there's all the stakeholders together to talk about. A possible. What to do with these games if there's a surge it's over some. Yes it was a surprise for others they say that they've seen this cautious talk before but I will say that even with the uptick in Kobe cases. And the negative opinion of these games by the Japanese people will be tough to see a cancellation here that athletes are here the infrastructure is here fifteen did. Twenty billion dollars have been spent on these Olympic Games so they are expected to kick off. This Friday without opening ceremony. And got a lot has gone in to try to putting these games on. That case is there have increased 155%. In the past seven days so how are they trying to reverse that trend. Or at least stop it from getting worse. Well they say they're got to do what they've been doing which is. To be vigilant and to remind athletes and the delegations who were coming into this country could be vigilant. To follow the playbook to follow the strict Covert protocols where your math. Social deaths since. All of those things. But Diana will say the director of the World Health Organization spoke today here in Tokyo and he said this that there is zero risk their lives that the choices governments and organizations. Make regarding this pandemic. Who either increase risk or deep crease said but they never eliminate risk and he said that the mark of success is making sure they cases are identified. Isolate it tracing care for as quickly as possible. And Tenet says Amy alluded to in the meantime there are still some games already happening is our house team USA looking so far. Well you heard our friendly robot bears say Sweden knocked out. Teen USA women's soccer. We all know they're champions. Getting this ended their 44 game winning streak but down. But they're not out they're still and they still have a chance here is gonna be tough though to win gold but they are still and that's also the US Olympic softball team claimed 20 shut out. Win over Italy and the opening round so some very good news there for team USA grant will take it came out in Tokyo thank you my friend. Thank. You.

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"Cases are rising as the action begins. The U.S. women’s soccer team snapped its 44-game win streak with a loss to Sweden.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78968823","title":"Olympic COVID-19 cases surge 155% in one week as opening ceremony nears","url":"/US/video/olympic-covid-19-cases-surge-155-week-opening-78968823"}