9 People Dead After Biker Gang Brawl in Waco, Texas

ABC News' Phillip Mena and contributor Steve Gomez report on the deadly biker brawl in Waco, Texas, that left nine people dead and 18 injured. At least 170 gang members have been arrested and face engaging in organized crime charges.
12:59 | 05/18/15

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Transcript for 9 People Dead After Biker Gang Brawl in Waco, Texas
This is a criminal element that came in here yesterday and kill people. They're not here to drink beer and eat bar BQ. They came with the violence in mind. And now we're ready for I think you can see all the number of weapons that we have recovered from here today they didn't come here he didn't have a good time with your family. They came here for a reason we think part of that reason it's a criminal activity. Raking right now nailing people dead it eighteen wounded a 170. People arrested new security fears now in Waco Texas following a deadly biker gang brawl. As other gang members threatened revenge. The shoot out between five rival motorcycle things happening at a twin peaks restaurant that shopping center or nearly deserted and today. The twin peaks corporate office shutting down that franchise hi everyone I'm Caroline Costello. In New York following this breaking news force ABC's Philip manna in Waco Texas Philip. What's the latest. Wolf the latest isn't just moments ago we were told by local authorities here in Waco that a 172. People. Have been arrested in connection to. Yesterday's deadly shootout among five rival biker gangs and this scene is still very much developing they're still. At least. In the parking lot of twin peaks and just as many low mortar cycles out in front. As investigators continue to process the scene and just to reset what happened in yesterday around noon five. Gang's all convened here at the twin peaks here in Waco. And it started as a scuffle in the bathroom. It then spilled over into the patio and then into the parking lot there were guns used knives. Chains. Clubs. The number of weapons just carnage here and again police were were here they were fully aware of of this this meeting. They were standing by just in case something like this happen which it. Obviously did and they opened fire is well officers opening fire just an exchange of gunfire and when it was all settled nine. Gang members were killed eighteen others injured as I mentioned a 172. People were arrested so just hundreds and hundreds. Of a bike. Gang rival gang members were here convening and the most astonishing thing that everybody still just can't wrap their heads around. Is that no innocent bystanders were hurt a lot and all of this there were found Lee skiing hear at that restaurant and it sits in the middle of a parking lot surrounded by. Shopping center it's just your average suburban town suburban shopping senator at for something like this play out. Is just shocking the entire community but again the most everybody thankful. That there were there were no innocent by standards that were hurt in this now as far as the establishment. The twin peaks the state has temporarily shut them down. So the big what for one so that couldn't be investigation. Can continue without interference from anybody coming in bucks as I mentioned there's still still processing the scene here. And at nobody has been identified but we do know is that no one. Outside of that the criminal element really were injured or hurt. In this the 172 people that I mentioned charged with engaging in organized criminal activity. And we're gonna have much more on this coming up tonight on world news tonight with David new York and later on on Nightline. Philip. Understand that there have been according to police attempts at intimidation amongst members of the community also threats against members of the police department by other. Biker gang members can tell us a little bit about that. Well the local authorities here really trying to downplay any threats to to any community members what they did openly talk about were threats. That were made to specifically to officers here in fact there were three arrests made in connection to those threats on officers. ABC's Phillip Manning in Waco Texas forest Philip thank you. Let's bring in our ABC news contributor and former FBI agent Steve Gomez Steve. First let's start up give her little bit of a sense of your experience investigating biker gangs like these. Well Carol in. When it comes a biker gangs they're treated by the FBI. The law enforcement agencies as similar to other gangs within the crypts and the bloods. Or the a Mexican Mafia eighteenth street and then you have biker gangs that are committing criminal activity. And they're using the gang war the club. As a conduit to facilitate their criminal activity within its drug's with its violent crime extortion. Weapons trafficking. And that money laundry so it's it's very similar to some of the other games that you see. That are investigated throughout law enforcement in the United States. Two gangs that we've heard specifically mentioned nearby police all nine people who were killed members of either the band vetoes or the cossacks. What can tell us about. These two gangs as well as on the others involved here. Well the Ben dieters have been around for a very long time this year have been on the radar for the law enforcement agencies. Local state and federal. And then also four some of the other on foreign government agencies that are dealing with these these biker games. The a the other gang is is is also considerable. Presents. In the biking community but at the Ben dieters are clearly one that it has a name and that has been creating trouble throughout the communities. For sometime now so there's a question as to yield whether. You have an established gang in and maybe there's another game that's trying to either form an alliance or compete. And these meetings may have been. In facilitating some type of activity. Surrounding that type of aligns our competition. When it comes to the group the band leaders for example. How do they operate what kinds of criminal activities are they involved in are they located in one particular. Area. Or do they just really ride. Up and down and across the country. Well they tend to be opportunist. They're looking for ways to facilitate their activities. And and make money that which is what a lot of these gangs and criminal enterprises tend to do there are all about making money they did definitely wanna ride their motorcycles and and and flashed their leather paraphernalia and and showcase there are there again. But at the same time they're also interested in making money. And then they'll do whatever they can to to facilitate that whether whether again it's gonna be involved in drug trafficking. You know prostitution. A human trafficking and they're trying to make money. And one of the ways that law enforcement is Italy combat their activities as look at the money and see where the money's flowing. And that money tends to not be reported just like most other organized crime groups and so that gives law enforcement tools to tracked him down and to develop charges. Progress. And we know that hundreds of alleged gang members work. At this restaurant bar. Hundreds were involved in a brawl and and the shoot out. 170 people at least arrested how investigators go through the scene here and process all of this evidence and information. So they're gonna go through and there and they're gonna pick up all the different pieces when it comes to the contraband. There's going to be a pocket litter as we call it which are papers. Pieces of information in their wallets they're gonna look through their phones. And that's just what they're doing for the crime scene there they're gonna talk to witnesses well of course. Now they're also gonna look back at all of these individuals associations. The criminal histories they're gonna look at any information that they have. On these individual biker gangs and they're gonna chase that bag going back. Months and years to try to see what were the connections between these various games. And the individuals that are part of these games than they can develop a profile and a clear picture as to what they think may have been occurring. At the specific event. Police tell us that they do know that these people were coming to this bar for months weeks ahead of time there was a warning here they had. Intelligence they say that let them know yesterday was going to be a particularly. Violent day. They had warning ahead of time yet they only had eighteen police officers stationed outside in uniform they said they wanted to let the gangs and other presents. Was this enough of a response. Well we have to give the the police the benefit of the doubt we don't know exactly what that information was. Which was indicating that there was going to be a meeting de he it could have been a meeting of just a few high level leaders. Of the individual gains it you know and included it could've it evolved into a larger group from each game that were attending. And we we just don't know what the intelligence was that was received by the police department. However the fact is that he had bank biker gangs are known for when they do come together. No matter what it is that they're coming together for. That there may be some friction that occurs tempers can you know become high and next thing you know you have a violent incident which is what we had here. So it's hard to to look back and day and a question with the police department did. They did have a presence there they it appears that they were in good position to where they were able to take action. But that that is definitely something that's going to be analyzed over the next days and weeks to come. As to what the information was leading up to the event how it was dealt with. And I think they're gonna take all the information from the crime scene and they're gonna work with all the federal state and local partners that are involved in. Biker gang investigations and see what they can do with the case. And no civilians hurt even in that strip mall which is incredible. Police just hang out though that there have been attempts at intimidation amongst members of the community and direct threats made against uniformed police officers. Be gangs issuing a green light on law enforcement serious is this threat now. Oh I'd I think this threat is very real it needs to be taken seriously and that this is not uncommon. From the biker gangs you're talking about a group of people that have. Pledged themselves basically. Two to being an outlaw group being a 1% or as they've been referred to. There there embracing dad dead that that image that they're outlaws that they're GNU you know not be held by the law and and part of that. Is going to involve putting pressure on law enforcement couldn't pressure on the community to allow them to operate. Wit without any restrictions without following the laws and without any arrests or intervention by the authorities so this isn't any surprise. The fact that there are threats to the police and two the community members. What we have to do is make sure that there is sufficient resources to deal with this kind of problem. That there's a lot of sharing of information amongst won't force and agencies. And that the people in the community are reporting this of that we action could be taken. So at this point we know at least a 170 people have been arrested they're being charged with engaging in organized crime. In reference to a capital murder crime can you explain this charge stores how serious is it and we see specific people be charged with. Something more serious like murder. Well I think what they're doing is there their they're going down the road of a Rico case there they're looking at those 170 people. And if they can. At least prove. With some. You know decently. You know there's strong evidence that they were members these biker gangs and depending on which one they were members but you know the evidence is going to be something due to look at that they can show that they were part of these gangs. And two were there in support of this type of activity. Then they have the potential for pulling together a Rico case that would be able to show that they were all there in support of the gang and support of what. Was potentially some type of racketeering activity which led to these murders so it it could be a potentially. Very powerful case that has brought against these 170 people that are arrested. Again the evidence is going to be key what they gather at the crime scene with they have before the event that Urquhart. Okay ABC news contributor Steve Gomez with us Steve thank you so much we appreciate it. More on the story tonight on ABC's world news with Dave ignore. That is going to be on your local ABC station and you can keep up with the story in real time my gallon the ABC news app and storing the story for exclusive updates. On the go. I'm Caroline Costello in New York.

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{"id":31130382,"title":"9 People Dead After Biker Gang Brawl in Waco, Texas","duration":"12:59","description":"ABC News' Phillip Mena and contributor Steve Gomez report on the deadly biker brawl in Waco, Texas, that left nine people dead and 18 injured. At least 170 gang members have been arrested and face engaging in organized crime charges.","url":"/US/video/people-dead-biker-gang-brawl-waco-texas-31130382","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}