Police confirm all suspects arrested in Baltimore County police shooting

Today's primary elections are underway as gun issues take center stage.
20:28 | 05/22/18

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Transcript for Police confirm all suspects arrested in Baltimore County police shooting
Dead money the pilgrim hear it from New York from ABC news headquarters with ABC news live we are filing your top stories of the day while the latest. On the volcano in Hawaii as well as we'll check in with Karen Travers who's in DC the president expected to meet. With the president of South Korea today but first we will start. In Baltimore where a police officer was killed we now have arrest David currently there with the latest David. Morning Eva we have now learned that all the suspects are in custody actually these residents woke up this morning to find out. That the sixteen year old of a driver of the vehicle which allegedly struck this police officer. Leading to or death was actually taken into custody yesterday. But we were told about it until this morning and three other suspects arrested. Later in the actually earlier today announced just a little while ago three other teenagers have been arrests of let's talk about what happened. This is north of Baltimore a quiet area as you can see very suburban. And there is a call little before 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Of a suspicious vehicle on this street. So a police officer was dispatched first female officer actually here Baltimore County to lose her life in the line of duty and she arrived as. According to police. Three teenagers were in one of these houses burglarizing the fourth team in the one who has been charged with attempted with murder. Was actually in a black Jeep on the street when the police officer arrived. Now according to police and in the charging documents as soon as the officer arrived the suspect in that car started heading down this way. On the street. But this is a cul-de-sac and he was trapped at the end of the street. The police officer parked her vehicle in the middle of the street and got out and started. Ordering the suspect to get out of the vehicle and according to charging documents he opened the door the Jeep. Then closed it and then drove forward and struck the officer and she died of those injuries at the hospital less than an hour later as you said Eva. At this point all four suspects the three who were allegedly burglarizing the home and the suspect in the car who is now charged with murder are in custody. David these are teenagers. Little shocking to learn their ages have they said anything about that if these teens hadn't ever prior wrecker and they were. If they were burglarizing the town. So we know that the team that has been charged with murder is a sixteen year old. We don't have the ages other than the police telling us that the other three. Word teen agers and they apparently this is not the only burglar that may have been involved in yesterday there's an indication in the information from the police so far. That they had burglarized other homes as well in fact we saw police officers canvassing this area earlier this morning checking some homes that they believe. We're actually. Burglarized by these teenagers deceive what may have been missing from those homes but it appears that this. This murder the first killing of a Baltimore county police officer has been solved. According to police without a rest we expect the sixteen year old who is the driver that chief to be in court later today. Thanks currently turning now to the White House let's check in with care and Travers. An important meeting happening today with president Donald Trump. And the president of South Korea Karen we can imagine that these two have a lot to talk about up. Have illegally even you can see the military band behind me getting ready for what is grated me pretty grand arrival ceremony for the South Korean president. This really high stakes meeting comes three weeks before president trump is scheduled to sit down in Singapore. With the North Korea's Kim Jong it and of course the South Korean president has played in very critical role in getting the US and North Korea to this point in the negotiations. But even in the last couple of days there have been a lot of questions. About just how serious North Korea and Kim Jong-un are about making a deal to give up its nuclear weapons. And today this meeting with president and its books for several weeks so the idea would have been a couple weeks ago that. This was hammering out the final agenda items really laying out the last. Instead. South Korea's president could be here today to really trying heat these negotiations on track certainly a lot of concerns about. Whether or not they're going to be able to get to the negotiating team. And hammer out a deal. Any indication. What we can expect as far as if they are going to get through that negotiation table the South Korean president. Has been very much about talking and has been facilitator of a lot of that. To you think that they are going to be willing to. To give up some things in order to get them off the table again. Then why doesn't make it clear that the president wants to see a complete denuclearization of North Korea North Korea has stirred dissent signal that it's ready. To move down that not inviting international journalist comment that blows up its nuclear test site. I but exactly what. Denuclearization. Looks like is still not clear and what the White House thinks of it vs Kim Jung and things that it might not be the same thing down South Korea's president has been in contact with North Korea. And has actually recently met with Kim Jung said today can expect that president trump will be trying to get a sense of winner thinks Kim Jung and stands and what he will be willing to do. And whether all of these recent threats to pull out of the meeting are just bluster or if he's actually really trying to play hardball here. Countdown is on the C at that meeting actually happens. Next let's head to Jordan Justine lessons on me is there is Election Day in Georgia voters heading to the polls. And they have seven elections but the big one that everyone's talking obviously is the governor's race they've. That's writing there is potentially history to be made all on one side of the governor's race. On the democratic side there to women not running for the democratic nomination both of them by the name of Stacy one named Stacy Abramson was African American. And another woman named Stacey Evans both. Our longtime state lawmakers. Stacey Abrams the black candidate is also state democratic leader and right now she is winning in the polls. Either way eve either of these two candidates win it will be history for Georgia and especially if Stacey Abrams win we could potentially by the end of this evening. Have a black woman running for governor in the state of Georgia which throws all sorts of conventional notions. Opt out the window and I'll get back to that the second. On the Republican side it's just as dramatic. There are a handful of candidates running on the Republican side for governor including the current lieutenant governor Casey Cagle. Who people may know as being the elected officials whose sort of stomped on. Delta Airlines is tax breaks because Delta's decision to and discounts for members of the NRA. Also running on the right is another Republican the current secretary of state Bryant camp. His commercials have gotten him a bit of attention recently. He's the guy who has begun in the sitting next to his daughter's prom date who basically. Tells them doesn't treat his daughter write that they'll have to answer to him in his gun. He had had he put out another ad where he blew up. You know things is that this is how he plans to blow up big government. And also shows a picture of him in his pickup truck where he promises to round up all criminal illegals. And send them back two to the countries were from. Even. And those ads getting a lot of attention that's idea of people trying to be more trump and trump seeing that really play Hulk in Georgia it feels like. Yeah UEU they're tried out trump each other you put it putter that are real well there. On the right every candidate is trying to sort of where their truck bonafide on there on there on their on their sleeves. But but at the same time they're also trying to align themselves with the current governor who is a little bit more progressive and all these other candidates. But I want to get back to this other point on the left. You know we are looking at potentially. Seeing and in my opinion having lived here for a bit. Seeing black voters come out in record numbers and what that could do to the selects will be interesting to see. It is interesting that very few black candidates have ever tried to run for state office in Georgia for a reason. John Lewis for example is a civil rights icon he is. A man who's been elected to congress over and over again and he has not run for statewide elected office in Georgia probably because he didn't think he could win. So what Stacey Abrams if she wins tonight which is expected what she will be tried to pull off here. Will be monument. And speaking of those local races the more regional ones in the state. How well are those candidates knowing it's so much attention is given to the governor's race there are people really well aware of who's actually. Running in there I'm districts who. You know my opinion is I would answer to that I would answer that question now. And I said hey pat because I had to look it up. I had to look didn't sort of do my research to sort of see who was running and some of these smaller races and and actually go to the different web sites in and sort of read and get my opinions and but I mean I've been inundated with flyers so you know there's little voice there's one candidate who's running for. State representative. For example expect the ethics I must've gotten like seven rate fliers from Becky Evans who's trying to. Unseat a Republican but in general it's hard to sort of keep up on some of these smaller races. The bigger race course get your attention and they're the ones who can afford and who are spending money on advertising. Are you saying they excitement amongst voters and you live there say you see people talking about. The election does it seem like they're going to turn out today. I think so so why this particular poll we're right now two decades church in Brookhaven Georgia which is actually in the sixth congressional district which is so famous. We stopped in earlier and they had about a hundred or so voters already. Where they said that by it in November by 7 o'clock they had 300 so. We're seeing a steady trickle of of people coming in the vote but it is the summer. It's hot outside it's a beautiful day right now. So you know it it is it's it's it's a primary. And the numbers just aren't ours large in the primary I think of course come November. You know we're talking about a mid term election. Which again. Gives the blue candidate in this instance just a little bit bigger managed then Sheen. Would have had otherwise. I think from my seat I was planning we of course we'll be following those races. Let's head now to Texas for the latest from that and at a school shooting and Marcus Moore who has been there since the very beginning market they're bidding war threats. To other schools since the shooting happened. Even good morning to you there have been yesterday there were a number of of threats that affected students and schools across the state. I hear in this area and I can tell you that it's another very somber day here in Santa Fe were just in front of the high school. Where that that that shooting Rampage happened last Friday and I want to show you. Just behind me there though the process that have been set up. And what his has become a growing memorial and you see the flowers and the balloons there. Each cross has the name of a person who passed away in the includes. Sadly. Eight students and two teachers and this is where we have seen people. I'm all walks of life Eva coming in today to pay their respects. It is highly emotional what I've seen people who have. Already there crying and there walking up to this and then there are others who. Are obviously very emotional as they are leaving. But people feel like they should they have to come here and and pay their respects and one of the things we've also seen if I can show you as well just behind me. Is there was a group they just finished up praying we've seen evil a lot of players here that's how. So many people have tried to rely on their faith in the midst of all of this and you were mentioning. The threats that happened at that some of the other schools there Reeve and some arrests. In the related to those cases there was one student who allegedly. Texted a friend. And told that friend to bring a gun to the school for him and that is win. That was reported to authorities and that that student was taken into custody there were also. Threats. Violence at some of those of schools as well so. All that we've seen this wave of threats all coming after this shooting. That has really. Torn up this community here they're still Eva. Working to recover. He talked about the community and it's been the reaction they've had the threats into the shooting. Looking at the people standing behind you not all of them looked like they are of the age to have children that would attend school currently has the reaction been sort of across the board it. From the entire community leaders at mostly from people who have children school. You know that that's really the question because. I think it it know the answer is it's it's it's all walks of life. People who have come out here oh there are people who do not have kids here. And yet they still. Want to be here and it speaks to this idea that this is something that. It happened this time in Santa Fe but it's happened so many other times into the communities and because of that. It affects all of us and people feel like they need to. To pay their respects and and and and be here so. That's what we have seen but certainly even this small community so what about thirteen thousand people live here and the school itself is 14100 students. So a lot of the people who live and work in this community know someone. Was either a student at the school they have children who attend school here. The governor is starting has roundtable discussions about. Gun violence and school. So many times in these types of stories we hear people on the communities today. I just never thought it would happen here need here is happening repeatedly. Has there been any sense of of what they can do going forward to help he owlen. Maybe prevent this from happening again. Yeah. There is there is some sense. I think. Overall you talk to anyone whether they're young or their old. They also that something has to be done everyone not a single person I've I've spoken with has said that they don't want some type of change they all recognize that. That this is something the keeps happening. Something these to be done about it so. There is. Some anticipation. About the governor's roundtable today as the first day of a series of roundtable discussions to talk specifically. About protecting schools and a number of the ideas I've heard from people is about arming. Teachers are adding more trained security to the schools but also Eva. Limiting the number of entrances and exits to the school. That that's another idea that we have have heard so. Every one here seems to agree. That there's an issue and that something needs to be done and as I tell you that. They had a drill they've done active shooter drills at this very schooled and in fact back in February. There was a perceived threat and the school went on lockdown they thought that was an active shooter situation turned out not to be. But that was just a month ago. Some months ago a couple of months ago and here we are and it actually. We've seen outpouring of support from all over the country all walks of life including about football player JJ watt he. He's been very active in that area what is the response been. That his out reads. I mean very appreciative get a lot is is a well known NFL player he plays for the Houston Texas of course. People who follow up professional sports they know him but. People in Texas they they adore him specifically. In Houston and so for him to. Offer up to pay for the funerals it was just just suggested that really warms the hearts here and and Eva speaks to. The idea and the reality. That what happened here in Santa Fe lots of small town then. These children are strangers. To the rest of the country in the world. There's still that connection and so you have people like JJ lot of you have others like a mattress Mac was a well known. Furniture salesman in the Houston area both types of people stepping up to do something to help these families find some bit of comfort. That deadly thing that sense of community there in Texas thank you so much markets. Let's head now to Hawaii the latest on that volcano. Still as you concede bubbling a molten lava. Matt Gutman and there. A bout we're staying at Fisher 22 and you can see it absolutely pumping out an enormous amount of lob a right now behind me I mean I can see it glow wing in the camera reflected in the ambulance behind me. You can also see days haze of smoke that is sulfur dioxide. Multiple times more sulfur dioxide are being kicked up right now than they had been in recent days that is causing a major health hazard and warnings by the National Weather Service. Another major concern caused by this particular flow is that. It has pierced a local geothermal plan we saw just a few minutes ago on. They have multiple wells they are one of them is not yet capped they have removed the most flammable liquids there but. That is causing jitters in this community now what you're seeing behind me this cold there off the one over there and multiple other fissures are spewing many. Multiples. Of swimming pools worth of lava every single second and that is creating these rivers of lava which we saw from the air yesterday flowing down. Few the ocean. That's creating that massive plume of steam that you're seeing him in that steam there aren't these fine glassy particles. Bit occur when. The lob a interacts we have. The salt water so that is also hazardous debris so this is becoming a dicier and dicier situation here. You can hear the rain right now I could Robbie CL my shirt which is actually. Welcome because it is so hot from the lava behind me even though we're couple hundred yards away on me to get close he can actually theory sizzle. Wonder if he can hear it literally evaporating and boiling is it hits a law that here. I'm where I'm standing is is cooler in the hottest stuff up right here is 200 degrees right there is about. About a hundred degree summit kicked off a piece of it and I want to show you something I mean. This stuff is sharp it's brutal. A dangerous. It is different from any other natural disaster it is not like a flood or hurricane or tornado. Because. He came clean this up into the people who lost their homes who lost their pastors their farms they can't just rebuild on this land because. It has been completely reshape the entire topography. Of this part of the I'm and is different than it ever was and wherever be. So for most of the people who have lost. Livelihoods and homes here they're just gonna have to move elsewhere and that is very very. Tough pill for them to swallow one worth being thankfully nobody yet has been hurt. From this incredible steam behind me and the multiple eruptions that we senior. Eva. Just an apocalyptic scene there we'll have more on abcnews.com. Those latest stories if you like to check out how to contain.

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