Jussie Smollett initially didn't want to report attack: Police report

The alleged assailants used their hands, feet and teeth during their attack on the "Empire" star, according to police.
2:34 | 02/05/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jussie Smollett initially didn't want to report attack: Police report
Now we're going to go to Chicago Alex Perez who has been. Doing everything in the case Jesse it's my ends. Police have now issued a new report might what's and it. Yes a lot of you know this is that police report that was a recently released she did see some of it. Has been redacted but we are a few new details. About the night just see smaller reported being attacked two authorities we now know that he initially did not want to report the incident it was his creative director who convinced them. To notify authorities now in this report he also. Told investigators and that he was walking home from a nearby subway sandwich shop to his high rise apartment building when. Two masked man attacked him yelling racial and homophobic slurs. He says they threw a noose around his neck he also. As a says they battered him in the face according to the police report. It says the weapons that were used. Hand beats in teeth and doesn't really explain but it just goes to show you. Give you an idea of what kind of injuries. He may have been dealing with. That evening now the bush or were also reveals that small it was sober when investigators were talking to have it says that. He walked and took them to the area where he was attacked he told them that he was not able to see which way those suspects fled. Company was able to talk to investigators at this point you know it's a one week ago today. Authorities say they're still working on this case was so far no arrests Lana. Alex you know this is such a high profile case the entire nation and things like has been talking about it means it. It is strange so there are no arrests said police don't seem to have more leads. You know it is a very high profile case when that a lot of you were talking about that's a good question we posed that to authorities here and all they would tell us is that they are continuing to work on this case they released that when surveillance image. Where it's a grainy surveillance imagery you see two people. That they would like to speak who have spent those people have not been identified authorities say they are now expanding the area they're reviewing video from so they have hours of video that they're downloading looking at at this point they say they have not been able to track down any video of the attack but they're going through. Off all that surveillance video frame by frame looking for any clues anything that might help them piece this together find. These alleged suspects but authorities say right now all they can tell us publicly is that they're working on this. They're working on and I know you're working on recording an out thank you so much Alex.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"The alleged assailants used their hands, feet and teeth during their attack on the \"Empire\" star, according to police.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60859426","title":"Jussie Smollett initially didn't want to report attack: Police report","url":"/US/video/police-report-jussie-smollett-initially-report-attack-60859426"}