Private Tour of Gallery With Artist Shepard Fairey

The man behind the iconic Obama "Hope" poster shows off his latest work.
14:38 | 09/16/15

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Transcript for Private Tour of Gallery With Artist Shepard Fairey
I'm oblivious that the ET news that we carry it she completely gallery in New York eat for artist Shepard fairy it. The look exhibition titled on our hands. Forgetting to eat today show doesn't open until tomorrow. It's gonna rent through most of October now theory it's well known for iconic Obama hope poster from the 2008 presidential election. But he thinks creating art and they eat heaping cult street artist. A graphic designer and an activist. Now I'm going to bring Maine now welcome that RE DB extreme. And the heat so much for that day. Though we're getting a package where immediately ahead after air the general like yet behind. The arc everything here right now. Well in general my art it's about. Lying to you use concepts I think are important to communicate on ways. Visual center. Powerful. May be beautiful but. Provocative. Lure people land media is sugar that helps people decide. They'll they'll try to medicine is well. And then in. I've been really into you. Finding a way to make things that it. You wouldn't topics that are not always easy to roach says the show's title on our hands really came because. It was doing a lot of images where people would were holding things in their hands to relax hands in the images and I thought about now. The idea on your hands you have a a riot on your hands a crisis in your hands you're sitting on your hands I frequently have pain on my hands some people have blood on their hands it was a very angry com. Title open to interpretation. Exactly it is not enhancing hey how. She's finished in the room today community so this is really look how well he now take it on its alert and in the camera around. Sure. Inner heat and heat and. Says it is here. This is callable water is the new black. It is this. About being. This is an oil spill and the Griese is I didn't Juarez apparently universe. And easy name visually waves are. Well well warranties. The opportunity. Celebrates the natural environment but also it was our hand. Talked about threats. It's it's great. For me explore. And uses oranges C he's an issue and Z and we'll hear back here are well platform. Marie and that was actually inspired by what you see often seen Barbara California which is harp program and Alan. Creek will he tell a little bit about the technique behind my daughter and be here had to put it together I loved how sure there's several techniques on. Background drawn it easy. Screen T cents. Collage so I am and I've. All of us tendencies were cities are culmination tradition C suite printing some good patterns and were each held. He's. History yes Oltmanns. And there were people who need words. Mr. York which requires. A client needs quickly and efficiently and Salina techniques that I. Choose a New Year's worth an outcropping of the niece is that contacts. Developed a style that everything works both on how overalls and into on hand this is and I look I'm a big fan of graphic art and pop artists were all consigned Robert Ralph murder. Jasper Johns I also love a lot of poster art throughout the years ski board graphics album art. So I'm real gorilla. I guess Clare take. Some way. Much of influences I I I I wouldn't say it is not. Propaganda posters have been the influence for me. I think that mixes with my work because this propagandist really about having. A point of view and being influential with how you present it artistically. And that's something I tried. On a regular basis I think with. Poor Al truly sick. Stand on the concept of propaganda wrath or sisters said any. And eating and grooming and eat it hit let at and T park street here Schumer. He's all yeah smaller study. And things they didn't need workers hold hands and steel reinforced the Narragansett. East pieces here are my average. Illustrations there are cut out. Exact and I found atrial. Ruby lips then I didn't use as a first step to making the peace in how to allot more layers. I. Tolerance. These beauties is as simple graphics apps. We're about poor me. Do you piece. First. By hand illustrated and been working on opposition peace in the computer anti poverty computer and I were on hand this is a again my hands. He's schools fail me pretty. Horror. Here are. The Sears all credit. The really I. The Americans were reviewed men crying my sister's validity IOC and more problem. Rush yeah fingers are all things considered a loose bulls that on the rap. He's yeah. How homework they arms. His. We're or you leave me. Grabs. And absolutely greeted you see a more or less policies in the or worse. Here. It is oh. Strength. Tennessee is it is. My fish little movie. Is wrong. The morning. Are well. And it is. It was equal numbers hey. My view generations. I have. I want this and so you know case. I think at all that's. This. More than an exclusive CR is great because bears last week for interpretation. He knew anything he did not happy either he can that and created the painting of each one became your favorite. But he had pretax me department targeted the team. Politically. Motivated people back here ask in the corner com to be green hat he a look at how well. Why can't sing before our. Exciting. Are obviously people who wouldn't be predispose you taking any interest in. Things let. Campaign finance reform and DC. DC he's pretty. And I think in some ways crops democracy where the average person they wouldn't leave this he's brought I am now. You make compelling enough picture it's nice for her and so these diseases are both really about. Campaign finance reform and in need to you. May cases it. Legalized bribery it is not legal anymore that when you have polish. Things are happening is huge amount campaign. Heating fuel and look theaters this. Corporation where you're welcome to honor them is is how its air campaign. Said. All those marches. This he's. All are easy money can buy. With the past. Years ago saying today corporate and Asia's. Werder. Corporate C shaking it pretty committed some people how much bigger megaphone and undersea. Meet Plainfield colossal. And so these cases I. Love. Won't learn simple but I parents and my homeland my stylist for. That's balance and trying to find my heart CNN excess. Which reasonable people feel they can relate to but it end it presenting my my twists and or hope that there you see the violent gun owners in movies I've never claimed to. Z. Creating something new ones received the war and civil thing and I'm doing something fumes various features. In my voice like Scott my signature on it and how will the election. Bring he had. You did have a hand in the 2000 election the Obama organic content Obama poster only people recognize today. How what do you want nothing upcoming election and he talked about people eat here and you that. Well I've learned a lot since 2008 and I am I need that hope posters thinking it acts. It was a great way to get people to look out glare on a student complex way. Unlike some propaganda it's designing into the conversation. This is how you should thing and that's it was really about just encouraging people to look at Obama's policy. Positions and T you make something that treated him as an icon. And I was amazed that it became such such of pervasive. Com viral phenomenon. But what I've learned also since. Observing Obama's presidency as well as the dysfunction congress is an act. When you have. People who are both. Couldn TUN special interest. Even if you like candidate of their ability to you. Preceded in an ideal way is much more women would limited with the way things are current structure I like Bernie Sanders I think he's been consistent southeast. He's on Saddam Hussein dwindling. I am about all these issues and talking about and sell you know I like you know I'm really glad that you know he's. He received absolutely he's an older guy he's not especially. Magnetic link Obama but he's. He's saying something this I think is is very authentic and so like Bernie Sanders I'm I'm happy he's getting some traction. The feeling they're people learn guns and nothing inspire you and for all the artists out there who look at TU went. It being beaten when you know Clinton partner who inspire him. A lot of things siren. Music is one of my big inspirations because. Music is growth visceral and intellectual. Sue when I don't listen to Bob Marley Bob Dylan Neil Young the class. Public entity. MIA. Danish an easy number of groups do make music that really gets my blood pumping but also something to say. I look at bats balls follow my visual art. If you think he's in Houston uber with the visual Melanie individual B and minute attention to the lyrics. That sent. And hope for LC a lot of Reading and I love you know I loved could boost its storytelling. Into. You know I'm from high cultures in very low culture. I'm diverse and what I what I consider him not us on the war. Sooner or he confidently into eternity only one question for you live when Britain and that you want to tell people the following year. I'd like W look follower. Every action mix different. Us. Sometimes. It's easy to feel like spectator. In in our democracy tennis. We're all overall just one person but every action makes a difference and you know I don't learn that even if I felt like failed many times. On projects. Goals that eventually. Something. See god Clancy we've bear fruit and never give up just never give opt. Create an atmosphere seeking. My pleasure thanks. And again embrace your itchy eluded gallery in New York City and healthy and we're going to be speaking out at the gallery Eleanor. Mr. Jacobs limit themselves they keep so much for joining at and speaking today there you mostly you still lingering. Let me you want half of expedition here Gary. Courtly love I started collecting shepherds whose lives call. And just from the inspiration entity you know through college and this to the attraction of the word them. The moral stories that I find work and some compelling and actually just fortunate enough that we get to be part of his vision and help resolve the. Jet black teen age is the most important. He's back here telling people who come visit us. It's not so much weight. His told us just as much as he's talking about the entire everything from audiences it reminds we need to treat her arm around you treat ourselves power needs to trees. So all parts. Is inspiring Osce keeps an idea how to keep the world's fair at this time around at all. Can be more rare trip. Greeted very healthy like to ask. None justices agreed to show broadcast and threats to the important thing you tell my sainted. Okay that the show what again he had to sneak peek today that it and it opens marks the public and it's spreading through October 24. If you wanna check it out it's healthy York city at it she completely gallery I'm malignant neck and for more than Thinks they're watching.

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{"duration":"14:38","description":"The man behind the iconic Obama \"Hope\" poster shows off his latest work.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"33811375","title":"Private Tour of Gallery With Artist Shepard Fairey","url":"/US/video/private-tour-gallery-artist-shepard-fairey-33811375"}